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Start or Grow Your Small Business In 2011


Registration is now open for the Women Entrepreneurs' Development Alliance (WEDA)'s first AMI-Distance Learning course series of the year!


AMI is a comprehensive, 9-week series of classes that teaches emerging entrepreneurs how to start and manage a successful business. Topics covered throughout the series include business licensing and regulation, marketing, tax laws and credits, and bookkeeping. There will also be modules on sales/business development, operations, contracts, among other topics.

WEDA, in our partnership with the Small Business Administration, takes the best of our in-person AMI course series and offers it online through AMI-Distance Learning (DL), allowing prospective and developing entrepreneurs from across the country to participate in the valuable program. Participants can expect to complete AMI-DL with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to start and stay in business!


All interested are welcome to join us for a free online information session on Jan. 25 at 6PM to learn more about the AMI curriculum, scholarships, and installment options. Click here to register.

Important info:  

AMI-Distance Leaning

Info session: Jan. 25, 2011. Click here to register

Start date: Feb. 15, 2011

Registration closes Feb 4, 2011

Live via webinar

Tuesdays and Thurdays, 7-9PM

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