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July, 2017
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Strategies for Implementing Big Ideas

"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them,
and pretty soon you have a dozen."
~ John Steinbeck
This summer, there have been lots of bunnies in my yard. Luckily, over the years, I've learned not to plant flowers which the rabbits like to eat, so I can enjoy them scampering about. And as the summer goes on, it seems like there are more and more of them.
Just like with rabbits, it's easy to get overwhelmed with ideas, especially when developing a Strategic Plan. We come up with so many great ideas, it's overwhelming.
There's so much opportunity, so much need in our communities. Just like rabbits, the ideas are multiplying, running around, this way and that; running so quickly you can't catch them. Where do we start? How do we implement these ideas?
Here are a few suggestions:
  • Focus on your mission and strengths to build strategies that will impact the community you serve. Focus on lives improved; engaged volunteers; board and staff who are giving, advocating, and volunteering; donor satisfaction and confidence; and long-term sustained financial growth.
  • Connect your donors' aspirations with the need or opportunity. Recognize donors as investors in your organization and your community.
  • Frame your strategies as products that your donors can invest in. Turn outward and engage your community in decision making that is committed to community success.
  • Segment and understand your markets to create accountability and transparency. Recognize that each segment of the community you serve will have different needs and goals, and different paths to success.
  • Strive for continuous improvement and innovation.
As Steinbeck suggests, just like rabbits, ideas multiply quickly, and sometimes can get out of control. Yet, when we can harness their abundant growth, we can move our organizations to achieving our missions.
This month's download is a Strategic Planning template which provides guidance in developing a workable, actionable plan.

Happily chasing rabbits and ideas,
Bea Northcott
IRNR Training Associate  
Farewell and Welcome!
"How lucky I am to have something
that makes saying goodbye so hard."
~  Winnie the Pooh

Central Region Director Beth Clark's last day was June 16. Stephanie Eft is the new INRN Central Region Director. Below is a message from Beth about her departure and welcoming Stephanie.

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Indiana, the place that has been my home for the last five years, a job that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and the strong connections that I've made along the way. My family is moving to the Kansas City area, where I lived for 11 years prior to moving to Indy. My spouse has completed medical residency and accepted a position at the children's hospital. We are looking forward to being welcomed back by friends and family.
Friday, June 16 was my last day and my successor, Stephanie Eft, joined our team on Monday, June 5.
Stephanie is a recent graduate of Christian Theological Seminary with studies focused on advocacy, asset-based community development, and community leadership. She has served as a women's lacrosse coach at the club, high school, and NCAA levels. After finishing her B.A. at Eastern University on the northwest side of Philadelphia, she served churches for seven years as a Director of Christian Education and Associate Director of Youth Ministry.
Stephanie has a passion for helping people discover and develop their talents, helping people find and support teammates who make them more balanced and effective leaders, and celebrating the fullness of worth and value in all persons. She looks forward to using her experience in education, leadership, and coaching to work with non-profit organizations in Central Indiana.
Stephanie grew up on the north side of Indianapolis and is excited to work in her home community. Her favorite role is playing "Super Aunt" to her 3 nephews in Fishers.
Please join me in welcoming Stephanie as the Central Region Director for INRN. She can be reached at or (317) 921-1317.
It was a pleasure serving Central Indiana nonprofits, I know you will welcome Stephanie with open arms. Thank you for all that you do to make lives better for all. 
Map of Indiana with Northern Region Highlighted
Northern Region
The Northern Region of INRN, headquartered out of United Way of Elkhart County, serves more than 700 nonprofit professionals annually across 17 counties in northern Indiana.  Our mission is to create dynamic learning experiences to help nonprofits achieve their missions. James Cramer, Northern Regional Director, has been spending his first few weeks getting to know the people and programs of the nonprofits in the region. He will continue scheduling calls and visits to get to know the region and is interested in hearing about workshop topic requests, organizations wishing to host a public workshop, or nonprofits needing custom services. 

INRN Core Services
  • Workshops - Designed just for nonprofits, hosted at locations around northern Indiana. We'll be announcing Fall, 2017 workshops soon.
  • Consulting and Custom Training Services - Through private consultations we create custom designed trainings, facilitation, and services for your board, including board retreats and strategic planning.
  • Executive Coaching and Technical Assistance - Call for quick advice or guidance through a sticky situation. Receive essential tools for new executives.
  • Library - Access a collection of nonprofit leadership and management materials.
F or more information, contact James Cramer, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Northern Region or call (574) 295-1650. 
Southern Region

2017 Lunch and Leadership Series
Fundraising...A Closer Look
Get ready to take a closer look at what it takes to raise money for your nonprofit. In this fast paced, interactive workshop we will take a closer look at factors that exist in nearly every successful fundraising effort, along with fundraising tools and resources. You may be reminded of some old favorites...and we will introduce new ideas that you hadn't considered. Included, of course, will be a closer look at getting members of your Board of Directors willingly involved in effective fundraising. Come prepared to ask questions, to learn and to enjoy yourself.
When: Friday, July 14, 11:30 am - 2:00 pm EDT
Falls of the Ohio State Park-Interpretive Center, 201 W. Riverside Drive, Clarksville, IN
Presenter: June Miller, INRN Regional Director
Sponsors: Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network and Fund Raising Executives of Southern Indiana (FRESI)
Cost: $25, includes lunch and materials  

Fundraising...Donor Communications That Engage and Retain Donors
If you're a fundraiser or nonprofit development professional, you've likely heard the term "donor retention." It's one of the hottest topics of discussion in the nonprofit sector. But what is donor retention? Why is it important? And most importantly, how do you achieve it?
This workshop will focus on how to effectively communicate with your donors in order to increase your retention rates. We will also focus on what can be done about retaining donors and building donor loyalty based on the principles of Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Tom Ahern, two of the foremost authorities on donor communications! We will show examples of their principles in action via various kinds of written and digital communications. The results of improved donor communications can be astounding when put into daily use. After all: it's not about you. It's about the donor.
When: Thursday, July 20, 11:15 am - 2:00 pm CDT
Where: United Way of Southwestern Indiana, 501 NW 4th Street, Evansville, IN
Presenter: Steve Shattuck, Chief Engagement Officer, Bloomerang
Sponsors: United Way of Southwestern Indiana and the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network
Cost: $20, includes lunch and materials  
Legal Update 2017:  Nonprofit Issues in the Trump Era
Attendees will review legal changes, both implemented and proposed, that most affect the nonprofit sector. These will include potential changes to tax law that may limit charitable deductions, immigration rules, and the loss of funding programs that support social service efforts. The program will also include a brief primer on basic governance and compliance issues.

When: Thursday, September 21, 11:15 am - 2:00 pm CDT
Where: United Way of Southwestern Indiana, 501 NW 4th Street, Evansville, IN
Presenter: Scott Wylie, Executive Director, Volunteer Lawyer Program
Sponsors: United Way of Southwestern Indiana and the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network 
Cost: $20, includes lunch and materials  

Seven Steps to Successful Strategic Planning
The phrase "Strategic Planning" strikes fear in the hearts of nonprofit boards and staff members alike.  Even if you have successfully developed a plan, how often is it actually implemented? Participants will leave this workshop understanding the framework of successful planning, whether it is for the next 3 months or the next 3 years. Plans created from this framework will be more likely to be successfully implemented.
When: Tuesday, August 8, 11:15 am - 1:30 pm EDT
Where: Community Foundation of Jackson County, 107 Community Way, Seymour, IN
Presenter: June Miller, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network
Sponsors: Jackson County United Way, Community Foundation of Jackson County, the Greater Seymour Chamber of Commerce, the Jackson County Visitor Center, and Brownstown Chamber of Commerce
Cost: $20,  includes lunch and materials

Future Workshop:
  • November 9 - Crucial Conversations: Learn to Successfully Navigate the   Conversations You are Avoiding
We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This! The Secrets to
Effective Meetings
Are you attending too many meetings, with too few results? All meetings, including those held by the board of directors, should be well run, productive, and a positive experience. This workshop provides the information and tools to help you plan and participate in meetings that show results without frustrating those in attendance.  Leave prepared to make your very next meeting productive and worthwhile for everyone involved.
When: Thursday, September 7, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EDT
Where: Lifelong Learning Center, 1092 W. Community Way, Scottsburg, IN
Presenter: June Miller, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network
Sponsor: Scott County Community Foundation
Cost: $10,  includes lunch and materials
Register: Jaime Toppe at
For more information, contact June Miller, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Region.
Eastern Region State of Indiana with Eastern Region Hightlighted
Creating a Realistic Development Plan for Your Nonprofit Organization (Session 2 of a Two-part Series) 
With a multitude of media and information available to nonprofits on fundraising advice, organizations can be more overwhelmed than ever on deciding where to begin. Whether you are new to fundraising or have experience in the field and are seeking a fresh approach to planning for your resource development endeavors, this workshop will focus on practical strategies and tactical steps for creating a viable fundraising plan. Learn about:
  • Setting monetary and donor engagement goals
  • Planning various fundraising approaches
  • Incorporating annual appeals, major gifts, and planned gift opportunities
When: Wednesday, July 19, 9:00 am-12:00 pm EDT
Where: Ball State University Alumni Center, Meeting Room 1, 2800 West Bethel Avenue, Muncie, IN 47306  
Presenter: Laura Macknick, Macknick Philanthropy Advisors
Sponsor: United Way of Delaware County
Cost: $35  

Generational Giving
There is a great generational shift occurring in the US affecting jobs, families, and philanthropy. Today, there are five generations of donors. How do you cater to all of their unique wants and needs?
Organizations find it difficult to find ways to approach each generation of donors; they either apply one-size-fits-all tactics or only focus on one or two generations. Despite what you may have heard, donors from all generations have many things in common.
There are no silver bullets, but in this session you will learn:
  • Giving characteristics and preferences for each generation,
  • Tactics for approaching each generation,
  • The giving approaches common to all generations of donors.
When: Tuesday, September 19, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT 
Where: To be determined  
Presenter: Adam Clevenger, CFRE, Senior Associate, Loring, Sternberg & Associates
Sponsor: Decatur County United Fund
Cost: Free for Decatur County Staff and Volunteers, $35 for other counties   

Richmond Series (final session) 

Board's Role and Responsibilities
When: Wednesday, September 27, 8:00 am - 11:00 am EDT 
Where: Reid Hospital, 1100 Reid Parkway, Richmond, IN 47374
Presenter: Nick Parkevich, CFE, Loring, Sternberg and Associates
Sponsor: Wayne County Foundation
Cost: TBD
For more information, contact Lesley Devine, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Eastern Region. 
Western Region State of Indiana with Western Region Highlighted
The Douglas W. Eberle Not-for-Profit Board Governance Series 
This series, named after the late Douglas W. Eberle, is especially designed for the volunteer leaders on nonprofit boards. The series is open to any Indiana nonprofit, though preference is given to Tippecanoe and surrounding counties, and limited to 75 attendees per session.

The Lafayette Country Club, 1500 S. 9th Street, Lafayette, IN  47905  
Sponsors: The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette, North Central Health Services, United Way of Greater Lafayette, and Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network.
Cost: $20 per person. Includes lunch.   
  • August 2 - The Leadership YOU Bring: A Boomers Guide to Greater Impact
  • September 13 - Minimizing Risk and Preventing Fraud
  • October 4 - Evaluating Your Board & Recruiting New Talent
  • November 1 - Engaging Millennials to Serve and Give
August 2, please contact Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network Western Regional Director Tonja Stokes. 

The Putnam & Montgomery Nonprofit Learning Series 
Sponsors: Putnam County Community Foundation and the Montgomery County Community Foundation in conjunction with the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network. Crawfordsville-based workshops also receive support from the Hoosier Heartland State Bank.
Cost: $15 per person per workshop (in advance) / $25 (on site registration); includes lunch 
Questions: Tanis Monday, Putnam County Community Foundation, 765-653-4978, Cheryl Keim , Montgomery County Community Foundation, 765-362-1267 

Strategic Planning -
Anchor Strategy: Preparing for the Unexpected
The purpose of this workshop is to help nonpro fi ts become better able to cope with continual change and uncertainty by equipping them with an "anchor strategy", comprised of three core elements of nonprof i t strategy.
  • The Core, which defines what we do, for whom, and why
  • The Strategy Driver, which determines what business we are in
  • The Strategy Boundaries, which determines what we will not do
When: Tuesday, August 8, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm (EDT)
Where: The Inn at DePauw University, 2 W. Seminary Street, Greencastle, IN
Presenter: Mike Stone, Impact Strategies, Inc.

Future Workshops:  
September 12
Financial Best Practices and Essential Policies
Melanie Lockwood Herman, Nonprofit Risk Management Center
October 10

Telling your Story and Evaluating Impact

Jennifer Pendleton, Aly Sterling Philanthropy

November 14
How to Make the Ask and Be Held Accountable for Success: Boards in Fundraising
Aly Sterling, Aly Sterling Philanthropy

For more information, contact Tonya Stokes, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Western Region.
Central Region State of Indiana with Central Region Highlighted
Strategic Planning
In this unique strategic planning workshop, Hedges & Associates will cover the fundamental elements of a strategic plan to ensure sustainability for your organization. With more than 20 years of combined experience, nonprofit professionals Marla Taylor and Jodi O'Connell will guide you through an interactive session focused on planning for a sustainable future through the pillars of organizational health. Hands-on workshop activities will help you develop actionable steps that you can implement immediately to strengthen your organization while planning ahead to create more meaningful impact.

When: Wednesday, August 30, 9:00 am - Noon EDT
Where: United Way of Central Indiana, 2955 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Presenters: Marla Taylor, Director of Strategy and Community Development, and Jodi O'Connell, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Hedges and Associates
Cost: $30, United Way agencies; $35, others
Grant Writing for Beginners
Preparing well-written grant proposals is an essential element in the fundraising effort and sustainability of every nonprofit. This workshop outlines the most important elements of getting started in writing grant proposals that will result in additional funding. The benefit of this workshop will be a greater understanding of what is involved in grant proposal writing and more funding for your nonprofit.  This workshop is designed for both nonprofit staff and board members.

When: Wednesday, October 18, 2:00 pm -5:00 pm EDT 
Where: United Way of Central Indiana, 2955 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Presenter:  Marci Price, Director of Grants and Foundations, United Way of Central Indiana
Cost: $30, United Way agencies; $35, others

How Your Communications Toolkit Can Key Operational Success
Bohlsen Group, the Indianapolis agency creating Unified Marketing for Good, hosts a single-day workshop that will help your organization develop its marketing toolkit so that you can raise more funds, recruit more volunteers, and more effectively share your impact story. To create the workshop's program, Bohlsen Group and the United Way of Central Indiana will let local nonprofits vote on the communications tactics they most want to explore in practical application.
When: Wednesday, November 1, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT
Where: United Way of Central Indiana, 2955 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Presenters:  The team from Bohlsen Group, including President Vicki Bohlsen
Cost: $50, United Way agencies; $60, others

Board 101
This workshop is designed for nonprofit board members and staff, new and old, to learn more about best practices in board roles and responsibilities and highly effective board leadership.
When: Wednesday, November 15, 9:00 am - Noon EST
Where: United Way of Central Indiana, 2955 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Presenter: Rebecca Kirby, President and Lead Change Agent, Metamorphosis Change Agents
Cost: $30, United Way agencies; $35, others

For more information, contact Stephanie Eft , Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Central Region.