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African immigrants make up a small share of the nation's immigrant population, but their overall numbers are growing - roughly doubling every decade since 1970, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.
Patient Profile
"Cristina" recently came to St. Louis from El Salvador with her child. She originally reached out to us via email through our website requesting a gynecology appointment for a lump in her breast that doctors in El Salvador said she had.

When we were creating a profile for her, she revealed to us that she endured traumatic physical and emotional abuse in El Salvador. Karla received a full work up and medical exam from a Casa provider, we scheduled an appointment for her with an ALIVE counselor, enrolled her in GUIA for needed referrals, scheduled a dentist appointment for her son, and provide her with additional resources for non-medical issues.  
Volunteer Spotlight
This month our Spotlight shines on Carol Marshall who volunteers at Casa as part of an ongoing partnership with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC). 

Carol comes to the work naturally. Having been a Spanish teacher for 42 years, she is accustomed to being surrounded by conversation and trying to figure out ways to help people accomplish tasks and understand each other in a different language.


Carol Marshall
The partnership with IVC that brought Carol to Casa has been particularly fulfilling, Carol stated. "We are all retired folks who volunteer 14 to 16 hours per week in places that serve people who are materially poor. We meet once a month to share our experiences, and each person also meets with a spiritual reflector to explore more deeply the meaning of what is going on. I love having this community."

Through IVC, Carol has been a volunteer interpreter with Casa since January 2016. In addition to those duties, she helped to redesign our bilingual proficiency assessment and assisted with interpreter training labs. In all, Carol has accumulated a total of over 500 volunteer hours!

"Volunteering as an interpreter this past year at Casa de Salud has been a true joy for me," Carol said. "Unlike teaching, interpreting at Casa is nothing that I can plan; we never know what a patient or a doctor might say! We simply approach each situation with professionalism and respect for the participants and then think on our feet. Especially these days, it's so important for all of us to decide what and whom we value and to stand next to them. Here at Casa de Salud, that is exactly what we do every single day."

Casa expresses its sincerest gratitude to Carol for empowering us to serve our patients, and we thank the Ignatian Volunteer Corps for enabling people like Carol to be women and men for others.
Support for Casa
We are very grateful to the Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital for awarding Casa a $50,000 grant for general operating support.

We also thank Express Scripts for its $25,000 grant in support of our work for the uninsured. 

Please consider a donation to Casa today. It's easy! You
can click here to make a gift on-line, or you call us at 314-977-1200.

Your generosity makes Casa de Salud the premier resource for affordable and quality care for the foreign-born community in the Saint Louis region!
Casa at a Glance

147 Referrals
(922 in FY 17)
102 Navigations  
(687 in FY 17)

45 Financial assistance appointments    
(375 in FY 17) 

saved by patients  
($496,562 total in FY 17)

466 Visits
(3,474 in FY 17

378 Unique patients   
(2,528 in FY 17)      
287 Volunteer provider hours
(2,624 total hours for FY 17) 
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Casa de Salud - Compassionate Path to Wellness 
Quiñones Selected for Leadership Program

After being selected to present at the national conference of the  National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine ,  Jesús Quiñones, GUIA Program Coordinator, has now been invited to participate in the  National Council for Behavioral Health's 2017 "Addressing Health Disparities Leadership Program."

The Program fosters emerging mid-level managers to gain the awareness, knowledge, and skills to achieve health equity within their communities and organizations. This program focuses on reaching health equity in multiple ways, including overcoming barriers to diversity within organizations and eliminating health disparities among behavioral health populations.

Jesús Quiñones 
"I am incredibly grateful for the National Council's recognition and acceptance into its Leadership Program," Jesus said. "Over the past two years, the GUIA Program and its case managers have been working non-stop to enhance and expand referral pathways to culturally-competent mental health services for our patients in the region. This national recognition is helping Casa to be better equipped in attempting to address and eliminate health disparities in our communities."
Casa is proud of Jesús' achievements and to have him represent our organization at the national level.
¡Zocaloco! 2017


Casa thanks the newest sponsors of ¡Zocaloco!


Build-A-Bear Foundation
Kathy Merlo


Brown School of Social Work
Gonzalez Companies

Missouri Foundation for Health
People's Health Centers

A special mention of thanks to Anheuser-Busch for providing its products for the gala, and to Luxco for contributing its fine spirits.

The party gets started in Saturday, May 6! Sponsorships are still available and individual tickets are now on sale.  To purchase or for more information, please call 314-977-1200, or email at

Casa thanks the following providers who celebrate their anniversaries with us this month:
Kathleen Dawson, NP - 1 Year
Christine Edwards, PA - 1 Year

Laura Huff, MD - 1 Year
Sr. Maggie Jackson, LCSW - 1 Year
Enrique Toro, MD - 7 Years 
Letter from the President
I'd like to devote this space today to ask for your support of our annual gala, ¡Zocaloco!, which takes place on May 6.
As you probably know, Casa does not receive any government funding. All of our work is financed by the contributions of the corporate citizens, foundations, and private individuals residing in the region.
And that work is more important than ever. Immigrants and refugees are being cast as criminals, even terrorists, despite all evidence to the contrary . The undocumented are said to be overwhelming us, even though a report from the New American Economy shows there are only about 56,000 undocumented people in the entire state of Missouri. In the meantime, plans move ahead to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the result of which, according to the Urban Institute, is that over 500,000 Missourians will lose insurance coverage .
Casa de Salud stands against these headwinds. This past month, despite its shortness, we provided over 100 navigations for patients who needed our help as advocates to make their way through our healthcare system. We referred 127 people into specialty care, delivered almost 500 services in our clinic, and our case managers worked 444 cases. Simultaneously, we collaborated with the New American Alliance to connect the foreign born in our region with myriad services, and raised capital funds to launch a mental health collaborative for those who are dealing with trauma but cannot afford to get help.
I am incredibly proud of the work we have done and humbled by the number of people who have expressed their gratitude for our assistance. So I am asking you, our supporters and allies, to make an extra effort to support ¡Zocaloco! All of us know what it's like to be sick and what that means for our work and our families. Help us do what is right, to be a welcoming St. Louis, and serve those who need our help when illness or injury strike.

Jorge Riopedre
President, Casa de Salud

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