Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges

We wanted to share an update on SEBAC. 

Before Spring Break, I told you that the Governor requested a meeting with the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) to re-open the SEBAC Agreement and ask for concessions on healthcare and pension benefits (read it  here, along with SEBAC's response which stated that we are willing to meet but were not authorized by the members to re-open SEBAC).
SEBAC met again on Monday, March 28 and leaders were notified that SEBAC received a brief letter in response from the Governor's office that they "are agreeable to a meeting" (read it here). 

The meeting has not yet been scheduled. 

While the meeting with the Governor's office is NOT re-opening SEBAC, the 4Cs wants to ensure that this is a democratic process and therefore we are asking your opinion. SEBAC is not going to agree to re-open our healthcare and pension agreement just because the state asked us to; in the past, SEBAC has agreed to re-open this contract to save jobs and extend benefits. However, the state employees have been asked to share in the sacrifice many times over the last fifteen years, and there are many who are starting to question why state employees are always being asked to give. Where is the shared sacrifice? 

Your point of view is important in this process and we will be coming to you many more times in the coming months to ask for input. This informal poll is to give 4Cs leadership a sense of how the membership feels today about re-opening the SEBAC agreement and why. Please share your thoughts, especially your reasons for supporting or opposing opening the SEBAC agreement. 


There are many ways to get involved to help protect your job, benefits, and our students and colleges!  Join us on Thursday (March 31) for our 4Cs Lobby Day. We'll be at the Capitol in Room 310 (the Old Judiciary Room) at 10am. Find out more information by signing up here

In solidarity!