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We hear rumors are circulating about the status of the shop. 
Let us put your mind to rest:

We Aren't Going Anywhere !
Have we had some rough times lately?
Yes, as have most gun stores.  The current political agenda has alleviated the fear that we experienced during the Obama years and thus gun sales have dropped off dramatically (not just for us, but across the country). 

The store seems a little empty, what's going on?
Because of the above mentioned drop in sales, it has been necessary for us pare down our purchasing.  Late last year, we opened an  online store, where you can shop 24 hours per day.  

If the item you are looking for is out of stock, check back in the next few days -- you are looking at real-time inventories of our vendors.  Once you place your order, the m erchandise will arrive in our store in 5-6 days.

Examples of merchandise that customers have purchased from our online store:  Glock 17, 22 and 43, Marlin 1895,  S&W M&P15 Sport II, Savage A17, SigSauer P320, Taurus 605, Walther 1911 and PPQ, lower receivers, knives, ammo and cleaning kits.  
Are we making changes and reducing our costs?
Yes.  Many people have noticed some of the changes that we have made, which I'm sure has fueled the rumors.  
Let's start with the Yellow "For Rent" sign on the front of the building.  
This is  NOT for our store.  

It is for our old warehouse/office and Training Center.

As gun sales have decreased, the need for a warehouse has also decreased.  We found that it was becoming more of a dumping ground of unneeded items and not serving its original purpose.  The office, we loved, and now miss.  However, the space was a package deal, so if we gave up the warehouse, we also gave up the office. 
So, we've cleared out the warehouse and moved the office to where it was originally, years ago.  The bonus of moving out front is that we get to see more of what is happening in the store and can go out and help when necessary.

The Training Center never really took off as we had hoped.  We spent quite a bit of money training our employees (and renting the space), but didn't see a great return on our investment.  The Conceal Carry classes taught by Bill Walters ( ) were well received and people enjoyed the class.  We strongly encourage anyone seeking to obtain their CCDW certificate to contact Bill and attend one of his classes. 
Social Media
As you may have noticed, Facebook and our web site have taken a bit of a backseat to all of the changes that we have been going through recently.  We hope to begin posting articles and updates on a regular basis, starting next week.
Personnel Changes
We have also had some personnel changes:  Werner and TJ are no longer employed at X-Ring.  We wish them the best in their future endeavors. 
Chelsea will be assuming the Store Manager role and Seth has been promoted to Assistant Manager.  Many of you already know Chelsea - she has managed the behind the scenes activities of the store for the last six years (as well as helped out up front when needed).  We ask for your patience as they adjust to their new roles. 
Bob and Don will continue in their part-time roles.
Consignment Special

Our Consignment Special ends on August 31st:   

You have until the end of the month to bring in firearms to receive the reduced consignment fee of 18%* (our usual fee is 20%).  

Note: Our minimum consignment fee is 18% or $50, whichever is higher.
Firearm & Sword Appraisals Are Back!

Rich will be resuming his firearm and sword appraisals on Saturday, August 26 from 10-2.  Future dates include: September 9 and 23rd.
Free appraisals are available for:
Antique Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, Muskets and Swords
(Limit: 2 appraisals per person/day)
Larger collections can be appraised, for a fee, at a pre-arranged date.

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