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5,000 Mercy Mailings
Send Condolences to Ambassador Stevens' Family

"A Kind Word is Charity."
- The Prophet Muhammad 
(peace be upon him)
What is the MercyMail Campaign?


For the past week, angry protests have been held against an obscure film which aims to insult the Prophet Muhammad's character. While such a film is certainly upsetting, these protests have gone too far, causing vandalism and bloodshed. One such occurrence took place on September 11 when Ambassador Chris Stevens, as well as other Americans and Libyans, were killed during such protests. By killing an innocent man who had nothing to do with this film, these extremists did more to offend the Prophet Muhammad's legacy than this film could have ever done. Their actions go against the mercy, patience, and justice that he embodied on a daily basis. (VIDEO: Learn more about Stevens here)
CelebrateMercy is responding to an evil deed with a good one. The goal of our 10-day MercyMail campaign is for 5,000 people to send online condolences to the family of Ambassador Stevens. It takes a few seconds to submit your message online (instructions below). After sending it, you will be emailed an address if you would also like to mail cards or flowers. 
In less than 48 hours, we've had 3,000 messages sent from 83 countries: one every minute! So we increased our goal from 1,000 to 5,000. We also began receiving media coverage. Yesterday, Maher Zain posted the campaign on his Facebook page to nearly 5 million fans. Just today, someone in Cairo sent us this image below from CNN International TV News! Let us know if you can help us reach other media outlets with this story. Any help would be much appreciated and we are more than willing to conduct media interviews via phone or video (contact info below).  
CelebrateMercy on CNN TV
CelebrateMercy on CNN TV
 How is this Celebrating Mercy?
CelebrateMercy's work, supported by your volunteer time and donations, not only teaches the Prophet's life and character, but also clears misconceptions about him. Knowing him leads to loving him; loving him leads to emulating him.  The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that "A kind word is charity." And when the funeral of a Jewish man passed by him, he stood up out of respect. When asked by his Companions why he did this, he responded, "Is it not a human soul?" [Source: Bukhari]. We should stand firm and not allow violence and destruction to take place in his name. 


How to Participate
Go to www.CelebrateMercy.com/Stevens and write a message to Ambassador Stevens' family. When writing your message, it may be helpful to follow the following talking points: 
  1. Respectfully address his family (Example: "To the family of Ambassador Stevens:").
  2. Offer condolences by expressing your emotions towards the tragic event. 
  3. As a Muslim, explain why this act contradicts the Prophet's true message and character. 
  4. Offer a final expression of support (Example: "Our prayers are with you at this time.")
  5. Sign off on the message with your names: (Example: The Ahmad Family from the American-Muslim Community in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA). 
  How to Help


1. Change your Facebook cover photo to MercyMail campaign image. Download it at www.celebratemercy.com/cover  or by clicking the thumbnail image below. 


2. Post a Facebook status and Tweet that promotes the campaign. For example: "I just sent condolences to Ambassador Chris Stevens' family at CelebrateMercy.com/Stevens."


3. Join and invite friends to the campaign's Facebook Event: www.CelebrateMercy.com/FB 


4. Help CelebrateMercy to continue its projects by donating your time and money. Even $10 goes a long way to help. 

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Great Resources: Videos and Articles


As a former Catholic nun, a world-renowned author on world religions and a champion for peace worldwide, Karen Armstrong's video about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Compassion is great to view and share. We are also posting a link to our most recent trailer video which also provides a great overview of the Prophet's character in times of adversity. 


Every day on Facebook and Twitter, we are also posting videos and articles about the Prophet Muhammad. Yesterday we posted a powerful and emotional Spoken Word video which has been viewed 100,000 times in 1 day. Today we posted a great article in the Huffington Post (read it here). Please check them out and share them! 


Karen Armstrong: The Prophet Muhammad's Compassion
Karen Armstrong: The Prophet Muhammad's Compassion
CelebrateMercy.com Trailer:
Trailer: "The Dawn of Mercy"












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