Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges

June 4, 2015
In less than 24 hours, we've already have over 400 responses to the contract negotiations survey! Thank you!

A few questions have also been raised that I want to address. 

  • Please be aware that for any "ranking" questions, the numbers to the left stay in ascending order while the text to the right moves. 
  • Also for the "ranking" questions, please make 1 your highest priority. If you already responded to the survey and made 1 your lowest priority, please log back in on the same computer you used originally and make 1 your highest priority. 
  • If you are a CCP (formerly known as ACL) and you feel your job title will identify you, you can make the answer more general (such as "Admissions" or "Library"). If there is no way to generalize, you can just write N/A for job title.  
Thank you again for participating in the contract negotiations survey! It will be open throughout the summer.