Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges
June 24, 2016
Update: Promotion Funding and Contract Accounts
While the coalition unions (4Cs, AFT, and AFSCME) and the CSCU System Office continue to discuss the unexpected and unilateral funding balance adjustments made to contract accounts last fall, a mutual interim agreement has been reached by the respective parties.

Despite questions still remaining, the coalition Presidents have agreed to a general understanding on how to proceed with contract funding requirements. In particular, and of highest priority, we are able to report implementation of promotion increases will proceed as scheduled. We will continue to communicate with the System Office to seek a clearer understanding of the issues surrounding this important matter. We will be providing future updates as new information becomes available.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Hartford office or your campus representative. Thank you.

SEIU Higher Ed Wins! 
There have been an amazing number of milestones for the faculty movement across the country this Spring Semester. Read about these wins on our 4Cs blog!

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4Cs Calendar
July 30
4Cs at the Yard Goats CANCELLED
Thank you for the interest in the Yard Goats Organized Labor Night! However, the stadium is not expected to be ready by July 30, so the event is being cancelled for this year.