New Moon, 25 May 2017 


I hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying Spring.

Unfortunately, due to my diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma this past winter and my ongoing treatments, I have been out of touch for the last several months.

I am participating in a clinical trial at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York and am pleased to report that my healing journey continues, and I am a bit stronger each day. Due to my condition, I must wear a body brace, but I am able to take frequent walks with the aid of a walker. I do have my moments when I realize the full magnitude of my condition, since I cannot care for myself without assistance.  However, I remain optimistic that I will regain my full health.

I am deeply grateful for the devotion and care that I have received from Heather, my family, students, neighbors and friends during this challenging time. They are providing loving round-the-clock support, preparing and delivering nutritious meals, shopping, assisting with paperwork, and helping in so many other ways.

Friends have created a fundraising link to help with the many expenses that are not covered by my insurance, and we are so grateful for the generous support we've received to get us through this difficult time.

We are so very grateful for all the "Magic + Miracles" that we are blessed with each and every day. We sincerely thank you for all your generous contributions, calls, visits, cards and prayers. Heather and I are deeply touched by your love and care.

Warm blessings, RD + Heather

RD in park