Update: Sasha and Maria Silvia
Urban Youth and College Missionaries to Cordoba Argentina June 2017

It has been a while since our last update, and a lot has happened!  We hope this report will be an encouragement to you as you see how your generosity and prayers have played a crucial role in the advancement of the kingdom of God in Argentina!

Un Abrazo (A Hug),
Family News:
  • Chiara is 3 now!  She loves doing anything artistic (sculpting with play-dough, painting, drawing, etc.).  Her favorite food is spaghetti.  She is taking swimming and dance lessons with her sister twice a week.
  • Isabella is 4.  She started school this year (in Argentina pre-school at 4 years-old is obligatory).  She was accepted into the singing children's school through an audition process.  She loves her school and is making lots of new friends.  Her favorite food is "carne"...meat, just like her dad.
  • Maria Silvia is loving being a stay-at-home mom for the moment, and she excels in her role (proud husband writing). She enjoys running and is training for a 21K in November with some friends from our church.
  • Sasha is completely recovered from his knee surgery.  He enjoys wood working when he can get it in.  He has also been challenged by having to preach on Sundays more often now, but also has greatly enjoyed the opportunity.
Matias (far right), pictured with his fiance and the rest of the team.

Faithful Men:

As a missionary my goal has always been, in a sense, to work myself out of a job.  The idea behind this is that my primary role is to raise up, train, encourage, and loose leaders to effectively minister the gospel in their culture.  That is the pattern Paul gives us in 2 Timothy 2:2 when he says:

" what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses  entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also."
- 2 Tim 2:2 ESV

Through team ministry we have the opportunity to help shape and encourage gospel ministry in many young leaders.  Many of those leaders have moved on to become leaders or collaborators in other ministries within the church or elsewhere, wherever God has moved them.  But recently as I felt God transitioning me out of youth ministry it was time to install a new leader in my place.  At the end of February, the beginning of our ministry cycle for youth ministry here in Argentina, I stepped down as the primary leader for our youth ministry and handed the baton over to Matias Peletay (far right), one of the lay leaders on our team who feels a calling to ministry and who has a passion for ministering the gospel to teenagers.  It is a joy to see God accomplishing the goal we have worked years to obtain, that of raising up leadership to take over and thrive and flourish.  In his short time as leader the group is already growing and flourishing under his leadership.  I couldn't be happier for how God is using him and the rest of the team that accompanies him!
Coram Deo:  College Spiritual Retreat

We wrapped up our annual Spiritual Retreat for our College group on Resurrection Sunday. These are always great times for us as a ministry but this year seemed to be especially good. We ended up having 65 total in attendance (55 students 10 staff). The retreats' theme for this year was "Coram Deo - Living in the presence of, under the authority of, and for the glory of God." Our speaker was Jason Wright, a missionary who recently began language school here in Cordoba with his family, and who is attending our church during this process. God blessed our camp with much spiritual fruit, but the most rewarding was one student, Andres, a guy from Columbia, who has come to Cordoba looking for work. He had very little money, and so we were able to sponsor him to come to the retreat. He was first impacted by how open and receiving the group was with him. He had never experienced a community so kind and loving before, and especially with outsiders. He listened to the gospel soaked messages throughout the 3 days, and on the very last night began asking a group of our students and counselors more about how he could know God through Jesus Christ. Through that conversation he decided to repent of his sins and believe in Jesus as his Lord and Savior! We also had a girl who came as a visitor to camp, who afterwards has begun to go through and evangelistic Bible study on the book of Mark with another visitor and a couple of our female leaders. Thank you for your prayers!
Youth Camp

This year we had our summer youth camp from January 11th - 15th.  For the first time we had students from almost all of our satellite campuses, and missions work come and take part.  We had 64 in attendance overall.  It was an absolute success!  This year's theme was "Rooted in Christ".  Esteban, one of the leaders from our college ministry was the camp speaker, and our game leader was also one of our students from our college ministry.  Apart from the main speaking times we had workshops which dealt with prayer, with how to read/study the Bible, and one session on abuse.  There were at least 2 students professing faith in Christ for the first time, and many others who expressed that God used the camp to deepen and strengthen their walk with Christ, and to heal in some areas of hurt in their life.  

This was my last camp as the leader of the youth ministry and it was a great way to end.  We actually held our camp this year at the same place where I participated helping in the ministry of our first camp 12 years ago!  Fabian and Marcela and Cesar were at that first camp as a part of the team, and this year the came with their own youth groups.  Cesar (third from left) is now the youth director at one of our satellite congregations in Malvinas Argentinas.  Fabian and Marcela (far right, and third from right) lead one of our churches missions works in La Rinconada where have a small church plant which is the only gospel witness in that very small community out in the bush.  The others, Leonardo and Dulce, were students at that first camp, and are now lay leaders in our current youth ministry!

Matias and Gisela just married, exiting the church as a new family!
New Families in Christ
This last year and a half there have been a slew of new families formed in holy matrimony out of our college ministry.  Lucas and Noel, Jeremias and Lucia, Vanina and Alberto, and Matias and Gisela have all covenanted together and with God to be living representations of Christ and the Church, and love one another till "death do them part".  It has been my privilege to marry some of them, and be a part of the pre-marital counseling of others.  One of the great joys of having been a youth and college pastor for so long is to begin to marry some of the students who have grown up in our ministries.  Pray for these new couples as they seek to serve the Lord and glorify him with their new families!
Prayer Requests:
Grateful : We are thankful that Isabella was able to get into the school she is in!  It is not an easy school to get into and God definitely  opened up a place for her. We are all healthy!

College Ministry:  We have a great team in place and they are doing an excellent job.  Please pray that We would be able to help prepare for them when we transition out of ministry with the college students.  Please pray for the new believers Andres , Yasmin , and Ivanna, that they would grow in their faith and would that we could disciple them faithfully.


 Our next update will come to you through Mail Chimp.  Just a heads up!
College Ministry Team

This year the College ministry is growing both spiritually and in number, and that is direct result of the great work that the team is accomplishing together.  I am so thankful for the godly men women and couples God has raised up to help shepherd our college students.  Please pray for us (from left to right)  Matias, me, David, Tomas, Esteban, Balbina, Matias, Gisela, and Lucas (not pictured).  They are doing a great job!
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