Mobilehome Park
July 11, 2017
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Dear Mobilehome Park Stakeholder,
I am writing to provide an update on the Mobilehome (MHP) Opt-In/Stay-In-Business process.
As you may recall i n late 2015, a group of MHP Owners/Operators proposed the Opt-In/Stay-In-Business concept to incentivize owners to preserve MHPs in San José. The concept included financial incentives for MHP owners in exchange for a binding agreement to "stay in business," continuing to operate existing MHPs for a defined period of time. Separate from the Mobilehome Rent Control Ordinance, this proposal would allow certain limited capital improvement costs to be passed through to residents without filing a fair return petition and without a hearing process. This concept would also allow limited vacancy decontrol upon the sale of a mobilehome to a new owner.  Again, this would not change the current Mobilehome Rent Ordinance, rather it would provide a new alternative ordinance that mobilehome parks could utilize for a set period.
The  City Council directed the Housing Department to explore the Opt-In/Stay-In-Business proposal to determine if the concept was a viable option.  In late 2015, the Department conducted three public meetings to obtain feedback on the general concept and to identify specific modifications from MHP residents to ensure that the proposal included resident needs.  Few modifications or new ideas were generated, and MHP residents raised serious concerns. On February 23, 2016, the City Council directed the Housing Department to continue to work with both owners and residents to see if a compromise solution was possible.
With this direction, the Housing Department formed an Opt-In/Stay-In-Business Advisory Committee comprised of six MHP residents and six MHP owner representatives. Two Commissioners from the Housing and Community Development Commission were consulted as part of the selection process. Advisory Committee meetings were held in private to facilitate in-depth discussion of issues and ideas in a neutral and safe environment.
Housing Department staff held three meetings with park owner representatives, and three with MHP resident representatives. These meetings were followed by three joint meetings held with both MHP residents and MHP owners. There will be one additional joint meeting in late July or early August.  The joint meetings were facilitated by Joshua Abrams, a professional facilitator from Baird Driskell Community Planning.
The Advisory Committee process has been constructive in identifying alternatives, but it is no substitute for robust community input. The Housing Department will host public and stakeholder meetings during Summer and Fall to share a revised concept and to gather input and concerns before providing a recommendation to the City Council's Community and Economic Development Committee meeting in November 2017 . I encourage you to participate in the upcoming meetings as we continue to modify this concept so that it addresses as many concerns as possible.  Please let us know if you would like to host a meeting in your community.
If you wish to send your comments to the Advisory Committee, please email Tina Vo at, or call 408-975-4459. Tina will forward your correspondence to Advisory Committee members.
Questions or comments? Please contact Rachel VanderVeen at or (408) 535-8231, or Adam Marcus at or (408) 975-4451.


Jacky Morales-Ferrand
Director, Department of Housing

City of San Jose - Housing Department