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Hello Girl Scouts, Donors and Friends,

G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, Leaders)™ across our council want the BIGGEST and BOLDEST outdoor experiences they dream about. We are committed to bringing these exciting experiences to them today and into the future! More information is forthcoming on enhancements coming to Camps Prairie Schooner and Tongawood.

In order to move at the speed of today's G.I.R.L. and use resources wisely, we must make data-driven decisions that are best for the future of our council. These decisions don't come without much discussion, review of data and planning. Certainly these decisions are not easy but necessary to move our council forward. Our promise is to always to be transparent and communicate timely changes with you. Today, we bring forward two changes in our Outdoor Program and property portfolio.

Our council-run resident camp program will be discontinued. However, we will continue to encourage resident camp programming by partnering with sister councils whose camp facilities and experiences drive what today's G.I.R.L.s want. Cookie Dough will continued to be earned for resident camp, and we will initiate the transfer of funds to the sister council(s) we are partnering with.

All activities at Camp Daisy Hindman will be discontinued by November 30, 2017. We will honor all reservations and accept additional as space allows through the end of November. At this time, Camp Daisy will be permanently closed with future intent to sell.

Leading to our decision included an extensive review of the significant downward trend in Camp Daisy resident camp utilization as well as overall underutilization of the camp for all other activities.

A steady 30% decline starting in 2014 in resident camp program utilization and annual camp operating losses of nearly $200,000 drove our fiscally responsible decision. In addition, only 2% of our more than 23,000 girl members pursued the resident camp pathway.

We know this decision is emotional. We acknowledge and respect all of those individuals who made our resident camp program and Camp Daisy great. This difficult decision is no reflection of their hard work and dedication. We celebrate the leaders developed through resident camp and at Camp Daisy.

We remain steadfast and fully committed to ensure our Girl Scouts have the opportunity to build their leadership skills in the outdoors. Philanthropy efforts for outdoor experiences will increase and be focused on prioritized projects at Camps Prairie Schooner and Tongawood.

It is critical we continue our work together in providing girls these BIG and  BOLD  outdoor experiences. We look forward to working with our girls, families, volunteers, alumnae and donors to move our Outdoor Program & Property Plan forward to support G.I.R.L.s today and into the future!

This will not be the last communication. We will keep you informed every step of the way as we develop next steps on our new projects and partnerships.

Thank you for your support!

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Joy Wheeler
G.I.R.L. & CEO

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