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  Weekly Update - June 21

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WeeklyMessageWeekly Message from Our Conference Minister
Living into Discipleship (Matthew 10: 24 - 39) 
GeneralSynodBaltimoreGeneral Synod - Baltimore!
  Bus Trip for General Synod Sunday Worship
Penn Central Conference General Synod Dinner
VitalityChurch Vitality
Vitality Workshops Start June 25!
Would You Like a Mystery Visitor to Come to Your Church?
LeadershipChurch Leadership Resources
 NEW - Recommended Reading
Events1Events, Training and Resources Available


NEW - Justice Advocates Devotional
NEW - 2017 Loss Control Webinars
NEW - 2017-2020 Strategic Plan
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NEW - Grant Opportunities through UCC
ChurchNewsChurch News
NEW - Toni Buffalo Meet and Greet at Solomon's UCC in Chambersburg
NEW - CRN Event "I Wish I Would Have Done Something"
Now Hiring...
Trinity, Mercersburg Celebrates 225 Years!
Northern UCC Cluster Pig Roast
OrdinationsClergy News
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HartmanCenterHartman Center
ONE More Camper Campaign
Hartman Center News and Resources
FaithConnectionStoriesFaith Connection Stories
Read and Share Our Faith Connection Stories!
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