2 Years in Review
CelebrateMercy's Global Work

The past two years have been among CelebrateMercy's busiest years. Below is an overview of the work we have done in our 4 departments: Webcasts, Campaigns, Events, and Social Media.

' Hope after Hardship' Webcast

CelebrateMercy prepared for its exciting and fast-past Ramadan season with several online global volunteer meetings. Many different guest speakers from scholars to performers joined us to make the meetings even more special.

The 2014 webcast 'Hope after Hardship' became one of the longest running webcasts to date in order to meet the demands of viewers all over the world. With over 30 shows, thousands registered to join the global experience and watch this webcast which focused on the end stages of the Meccan era and the Hijrah journey of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the companions.

We also received incredible feedback from a Catholic webcast viewer who told CelebrateMercy how learning about the Prophet, peace be upon him, through the program was helping her on her journey to Islam.  

Watch the short video 
here  or click the image on the right.

Viral Webcast Trailer
Each year, CelebrateMercy also releases trailer videos to promote our webcasts. We strive to take our trailers to a higher level of production. Last year, we released a game-changing trailer for the 'Hope after Hardship' webcast. For the first time, we recorded original, casted footage re-enacting scenes from the Prophet's life. Since then, the trailer has been viewed over 134,000 times! To see the trailer, click  here  or the image below (captions available in Arabic, French, and Spanish; also available on Vimeo).

Legacies of Jesus and Muhammad Webinar

In December 2015, CelebrateMercy hosted Light Upon Light: The Legacies of Jesus and Muhammad - a historic 10-speaker educational webinar which explored the lives of the Prophets Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them. With the Islamic Month of Rabi' al-Awwal and the month of December coinciding, this was the perfect occasion to bring Muslims and Christians together at a time when both Prophets were being remembered. Special guest, Jer Swigart, a world-renowned Evangelical Christian leader joined CelebrateMercy's founder Tarek El-Messidi and esteemed Muslim scholars and speakers including Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, Mohammad Mendes, and Tamara Gray for the free online event.

Interfaith Webinar:  Muslim-Jewish-Christian Friendship

Over the past months, skin tones, nationalities, and perceived religious affiliations have been the reasons cites for the increase in hate crimes. In the midst of this political climate, CelebrateMercy took the opportunity to address misunderstandings and misinformation to build interfaith relationships rather than walls. This free webinar, aired on December 18, 2016, focused on the personal stories of faith and friendship of Tarek El-Messidi, CelebrateMercy's Founder, Jer Swigart, renounced Christian pastor and peace advocate, and Rabbi David Jaffe, founding director of Kirva Institute. As global audiences of all religious listened to stories laden with fear, insecurity, missteps, grace, trust, and dependency, they found themselves equipped with practical tools to take a similar journey.


Feed Their Legacy: National Charity Food Drive

In the days following a heartbreaking hate crime against three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, CelebrateMercy got together with the families of the victims and American Muslim activists to respond to this tragedy in a Prophetic manner. Inspired by Deah, Yusor, and Razan we create the FeedTheirLegacy campaign which aimed to organize local food drives to feed the hungry across America (Learn More Here). CelebrateMercy took the lead on managing the campaign. Nearly 300 groups signed up their food drive in what became a nationwide competition to collect the most food items. We also created an amazing interactive website that allowed groups to update their can count, submit photos, and see live updated results!
The FeedTheirLegacy National Charity Food Drive came to an very exciting end in April. Groups across the country who had worked hard since the campaign began in February waited to see if they would be the winners of the grand prize: Extra cans and money for the food drive recipient of their choice! The top 10 states and group were announced by various guest speakers, including scholars, activists, and others at a live celebration webinar. By the end of the campaign, we far exceeded our 100,000 goal by 20,000+ cans! The campaign also gained press coverage from prestigious organizations. Click on images below to read or view a few of the featured stories:

ABC News Florida
Muslims United for San Bernardino Families

President Obama speaks at the Islamic Society of Baltimore about the contributions of American Muslims.

Click here to watch this 1-minute clip

After at least 14 people were killed and 17 more wounded in a shooting rampage in San Bernardino, California, a collective of American Muslim leaders and groups came together to raise funds for the families who lost their loved ones in this deplorable act of violence. Fulfilling the Prophet Muhammad's legacy of responding to evil with good, CelebrateMercy was a national partner for this campaign which saw financial support from over 2000 people and raised more than $215,000 - that exceeded the original goal of $175,000. Prominent media organizations like CNN, Time, and The Wall Street Journal covered the story, while President Barack Obama praised the effort during his famous visit to the historic Baltimore mosque. Learn more about the campaign  here.

'Dawn of Mercy' Weekend Seerah Course in Knoxville

In November 2014, we headed to Knoxville, Tennessee to roll out a brand new CelebrateMercy weekend course: 'Dawn of Mercy - The Messenger in Mecca'. This is a full weekend Seerah course taught by Mufti Hussain Kamani with 100 illustrated slides, covering in detail the early life of the Prophet, the first 13 years of Prophethood, and the lives of the early converts. See the complete photos album for this event here.

Weekend of Events in Southern California

In the winter month of December, CelebrateMercy brought its life-changing 'Portrait of a Prophet' weekend class to warm Southern California. The main teacher Shaykh Hassan Lachheb was joined by 5 other speakers and performers in teaching the famous book of Shama'il by Imam Tirmidhi. If the course was not beautiful enough, we hosted an incredible evening of love and praise for the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Hundreds joined us for the 'To Know Him is to Love Him' Benefit Dinner. The keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Sherman Jackson.

Weekend of Events in Lexington

Dawn of Mercy [Lexington]
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Celebration Banquet Dinner [Lexington]
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In January, CelebrateMercy traveled to one of its favorite cities, Lexington, Kentucky. Though we have been here in the past, the community spirit here is always very strong and this time was no different. Our newly unveiled 'Dawn of Mercy' class and Celebration Banquet were very successful and received amazing support. To see full photo albums for both events, click on the respective photos above.
' Dawn of Mercy' Seerah Course in Atlanta

February was another very energetic month for CelebrateMercy. Our popular 'Dawn of Mercy' weekend Seerah course made its way to Atlanta, Georgia, with Mufti Hussain Kamani as the main teacher. We were honored to have a surprise visit by Shaykh Muhammad Mendes who not only spoke to the students, but sang a beautiful nasheed as well. Click here or the photo collage on the left to view the full album.

'Dawn of Mercy' in Dayton & 'Portrait of a Prophet' Weekend Courses in New Jersey

Dawn of Mercy [Dayton]
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Portrait of a Prophet
[New Jersey]
In April, we were kept busy with a CelebrateMercy first: TWO weekend courses in the same month! The first course, 'Dawn of Mercy', was held in CelebrateMercy's home state of Ohio and the second was 'Portrait of a Prophet' hosted in New Jersey. You can see the full photo album for the Dayton course  here  or by clicking the photo album above.
'Dawn of Mercy' Course in Arizona

Dawn of Mercy [Arizona]
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CelebrateMercy flew west to Arizona with its much requested 'Dawn of Mercy' weekend Seerah course and 'To Know Him is to Love Him' Banquet. This time the course was taught by our respected teacher Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans. 11 mosques and Muslim organizations came together to make this incredible class possible. We had 100 students attend the course and 200 people attend the banquet. Before arriving, we also issues a press release about the Dinner, in which we invited members of the media to attend and learn about the true message of the Prophet, especially in the wake of the Texas shooting. Click  here  to read the full press release.
'Portrait of a Prophet' Course in New Jersey
CelebrateMercy made its way back to New Jersey for a very special 'Portrait of a Prophet' class held on the last weekend before Ramadan. Spending those days learning about the Prophet and loving him provided the perfect spiritual boost to help prepare students for the blessed month ahead. We were also honored by surprise guest speaker Shaykh Yahya Rhodus. Photos for this event are coming soon. See photos from a previous 'Portrait of a Prophet' class  here .
'Content of Character' Class in Knoxville

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In October 2015, CelebrateMercy returned to its second hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee with a brand new class. Taught by Ustadh Usama Canon, the weekend was hosted at Tayseer Seminary, the Islamic theological institution founded by Shaykh Hassan Lachheb. Friday began with Jummah prayers followed by the official launch and tour of the Seminary, and finally the opening night session of the class. On Saturday, attendees were engaged in the full-day, 'Content of Character' immersion program which focused on the Prophet's mission to perfect inner beauty and ten hadith that should shape the character of every Muslim.
'Portrait of a Prophet' Course in Vermont

Vermont's 'Portrait' class was a stunning autumn celebration of the Prophet's beauty. With over 150 people in attendance during this November weekend-long class, CelebrateMercy could feel the love of the Messenger coming from this community. Shaykh Hassan and Ustadh Hisham Mahmoud captivated the audience as they covered an entire book of 400 hadiths detailing the inner and outer description of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Click here to see photos from this event.

DC Area 'Portrait of a Prophet' Course

This may have been CelebrateMercy's most breathtaking course location to date. In February 2016, we were honored to have the 'Portrait of a Prophet' weekend hosted at the newly opened Diyanet Center of America in Maryland. People from all over the DC area attended the course taught by Shaykh Hassan Lachheb, with special guest speaker Dalia Mogahed. Over 300 people listened attentively has Imam Tirmidhi's Shama'il was explained. Students enjoyed songs and poetry about the Prophet, peace be upon him, between lessons. Click here or the images above to see the full course album. 
'Content of Character' in New Jersey

In a special one-evening session, Shaykh Ubaydullah Evans taught the engaging Content of Character course in New Jersey. What is usually a weekend program, was condensed into an interactive and informative class open to local and online audiences of all faiths, free of charge. Shaykh Ubaydullah covered 4 Prophetic hadiths that should shape every Muslim's character. The event was attended by hundreds of eager participants in November, 2016.

'Portrait of a Prophet' in Kentucky

The beloved Portrait of a Prophet class found a captive audience in Kentucky this December. Taught by main teacher Shaykh Hassan Lachheb, and guest teachers Shaykh Ubaydullah Evans and Ustadha Zaynab Ansari, this class took students on a spiritual journey as they became acquainted with the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Renowned poet, Baraka Blue, used his creative talent to move the hearts of all those in attendance. At the end of the weekend-long course, Shaykh Hassan signed a formal certificate of completion. Photos from this event will be posted soon.


One Million YouTube Video Views
September was a month of exciting milestones for CelebrateMercy. We hit 1 MILLION video views on our YouTube channel. Our channel has dozens of inspirational videos, including many from our past webcasts. Many more videos are scheduled to be released over time.  Subscribe  to CelebrateMercy on YouTube and never miss out on new releases.
Peshwar School Attack

In December 2014, a horrific attack took place at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. CelebrateMercy took to social media with this gem as a reminder that the Prophet was always gentle, especially toward children.  To see the full-size gem, click  here  or on the image to the right.  Multiple versions of this gem reached thousands of people. One was even shared by internationally renowned singer Maher Zain to his over 24 million Facebook fans! Click here to see his post with our gem.

Paris Attack

Sadly 2015 started off with another act of senseless violence - this time in Paris, France. In an effort to covey the true teachings of Islam, we created and shared this gem over our various social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. Social media users felt very strongly about the hadith in this gem and shared it in their personal networks. Within one week, it reached over a million people! (See full-size gem here or click on image) Additionally, we drafted a press release with our response to the Paris Attack. To read the press release, click  here .

ISIS Attack on Coptic Christians in Libya

In a brutal attack on the Coptic Christian community in Libya, 21 men were murdered by ISIS. Knowing that such actions were a complete betrayal of the Islamic command to honor all life, CelebrateMercy decided to respond by sharing the true teachings of our Prophet, peace be upon him. People around the world were outraged by what had happened and used this gem as a way to protest against the manipulation of Islam to justify such heinous acts; within just 24 hours, it reached a million people, making it our fasted shared gem to date. Click  here  to see the full-size gem.

Islamophobic Protests Outside Arizona Mosque

The Muslim community in Arizona was amazing and made us feel truly at home. When armed bikers rallied outside a local mosque a few weeks later chanting slogan of hate, we knew we had to show them our support. We created a gem that not only reminded Muslims that the Prophet, peace be upon him, never responded with insults when others insulted him (See the full-size gem here). While he understood his right to defend himself, he always maintained his gentleness. 

Alhamdulillah, the Arizona community exemplified this Sunnah and were inspired to do so after learning about the Prophet's character at the 'Dawn of Mercy course. Treating the hostile protesters in the beautiful and dignified manner encouraged by the Prophet is what led many of them to recognize the injustice of their actions and actually apologize. Watch this amazing interview with two protesters who were invited inside the Phoenix Mosque during the rally. This video along with the gem above reached hundreds of thousands of people globally.
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