This version contains updated dates for the Data and Assessment events. 
Improving teaching and learning for all students.  Summer 2017
Ready for Summer Learning

We know the end of the school year is a packed time for administrators and educators. 

Add assessments, the California School Dashboard, and your LCAP work to the mix, and it's tough to make time to find quality professional learning events to attend over the summer months. 

The Learning and Leadership Services (LLS) division at the San Diego County Office of Education has you covered with about five dozen different opportunities to learn, grow, and expand your knowledge and skills. 

Click the topic to learn more and register for the different events. The LLS website is always updated with new events, resources, and more or call 858-292-3530 for more information.

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For district and site leaders, teachers, and school counselors: Uncover the specific barriers preventing students from the supports and opportunities they need for success at this year's symposium and through ongoing learning for counselors.
  • Equity Symposium (Sept. 7 and 8)
  • Counselors and Curriculum series (March 14 or May 19)
For district and site leaders, administrators, and teachers: Grow your leadership skills through learning opportunities designed to help you connect with and support teachers; build your district and school culture on equity for all students.
  • Targeted Feedback Institute (March 30, July 13, or Aug. 30)
  • Excellence in Equity Leadership (ExEL) Institute (April 5 and 6)
  • Habits of Highly Successful Leaders (June 20)
  • Principal Leadership Institute (June 21)
For district and school leaders and leadership teams: Find out what your colleagues are talking about at the popular LIFT Institute and take the next step in continuous improvement for your school district.
  • LIFT Institute (March 14, May 17, or July 25)
  • Leading for LIFT (June 23 or Aug. 9)
  • Improvement Science in Practice (Aug. 2)
For charter school leaders and teachers: Gain the tools, knowledge, and resources your charter school needs to support high-quality teaching and learning.
  • Curriculum and Instruction Network for Public Charter Schools Mini-Conference (Aug. 11)
For site and district leaders: Continue to support your LCAP work with targeted support and networking; learn to utilize the California Monitoring Tool and gain resources.
  • Writing the LCAP (March 22)
  • LCAP Draft work sessions (March 29, April 4, 18, May 2, or 16)
  • Putting It All Together (May 11)
  • Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) workshop (May 16)
For district, site, and teacher leaders: Explore how to use data to tell compelling stories and communicate effectively with your stakeholders; dive deeper into advanced methods and tools for data collection.
  • Data Storytelling workshop (July 27)
  • Data Collection Tools and Methods (Aug. 29)
For district and site administrators and teacher leaders: Build your understanding of assessments and data through networking and professional learning designed to grow leaders' capacity.
  • Data Visualization Network (May 12)
  • Data and Assessment Network (May 25)
  • Getting Smarter about California Assessments and Accountability (Aug. 8)
For ELA and English language development (ELD) teachers and administrators, and site and district leaders: Network with your peers and learn how reading and writing rhetorically promotes college readiness.
  • Expository Reading and Writing Course , high school (May 3)
  • ELA/Literacy Leaders Network (April 4 and May 11)
  • Targeted Reading Instruction for Grades 3 to 6 (April 5)
For teachers, administrators, English learner coordinators, and ELD-integrated teachers: Improve teaching of writing and gain strategies to support all learners in building literacy skills.
  • WRITE Literacy Institute , grades K-5 (June 21 and 22)
  • WRITE Literacy Institute grades 6-12 (May 9 and 10)
For district and site leaders, teachers, English learner coordinators, parent engagement staff, and parents: Learn about great resources to engage your school families over the summer, build understanding on the new English learner language proficiency state assessment, and connect with colleagues across the county.
  • Getting to Know the ELPAC (June 8, Aug. 3, or Sept. 14)
  • Long Term English Learner Network (March 22, April 26, and May 24)
  • Parent Liaison Network (May 19)
  • Engaging Families During the Summer (May 9, 16, or 18)
For After School Education and Safety (ASES) grantees: Grow your understanding of the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in order to create or support your plan for improvement. 
  • Moving Toward Quality (Aug. 30)
For administrators, physical education teachers, elementary, middle and high school teachers: Learn how to implement best practices and develop teacher leaders; review state law on sexual health education requirements.
  • Health and Physical Education Advisory (April 4)
  • California Healthy Youth Act: How to Implement Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (April 19)
For history-social science teachers: Unpack the new framework, experience aligned lessons, and grow your understanding of its focus on content, literacy, inquiry, and civic learning.
  • Introduction to the History-Social Science Framework (April 27, June 8, Aug. 2, or 3)
  • Planning with the History-Social Science Framework (July 11, Aug. 2, or 15)
For district and site leaders, and dual language teachers: Get support to grow your dual language school program, learn more about world languages, and build teacher expertise in language development instruction.
  • Dual Language Network Meeting and Site Visits (March 21 and April 27)
  • Leadership in Biliteracy Symposium (May 11)
  • Dual Language Orientation (July 22 or Aug. 19)
  • Dual Language 101: New Program Design (July 31)
  • World Language (Aug. 8)
  • Scaffold 4 Success ¬°en dos idiomas! (Aug. 12)
For administrators and library media staff: Explore personalized learning at this year's conference; explore how to support the California Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards in school libraries.
  • School Library Leadership Conference (March 23)
  • CCSS for School Libraries (July 14)
  • NGSS for School Libraries (April 5, May 23, or July 17)
For administrators, elementary mathematics teachers, math teachers on special assignment, math coaches, and district and site math leaders: Learn and build on effective instructional strategies that support and develop students' mathematical understanding and success.
  • Getting Smarter about Tasks and Talk , grades K-5  (July 19 and 20 or Aug. 1 and 2)
  • Teach Fractions for Meaning and Application , grades 3-5 (Aug. 9)
  • Advanced Getting Smarter about Tasks and Talk , grades K-5  (Aug. 10)
For administrators, secondary mathematics teachers, math teachers on special assignment, math coaches, and district and site math leaders: Explore three new paths designed to support new and experienced teachers and develop students' mathematical understanding and success.
  • Creating Math Professional Learning for Change (April 28)
  • Standards and Beyond , a Math Teacher's Path (July 11)
  • Tasks Worth Teaching , a Math Teacher's Path (July 12 or Aug. 10)
  • Technology that Transforms Learning , a Master Math Teacher's Path (July 18 or Aug. 7)
  • Collaborative Work , a Math Leader's Path (July 26)
  • Growing an Online Professional Learning Network , a Master Math Teacher's Path (Aug. 1)
For elementary and secondary career pathways teachers: Work together in teams to identify areas where courses and state standards overlap to integrate pathways and core subjects.
  • Curriculum Integration workshop (April 25 or May 17)
For district and site administrators, science teachers, and elementary and secondary teachers: Deepen your understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), collaborate with colleagues, and learn what implementation of the standards looks like in the classroom.
  • Elementary Science Academy, cohort 4  (begins July 10)
  • NGSS for Administrators: What You Need to Know (Sept. 19)
  • Secondary NGSS Three-Day Academy (begins May 9)
  • Elementary NGSS Three-Day Academy (begins May 16)
For administrators and VAPA teachers: Administrators come together with community arts organizations to create robust arts learning environments in schools; learn about arts integration as an approach to teaching and vehicle for learning.
  • Kickstart the Arts in (Y)our Schools (May 5)
  • Introduction to Arts Integration (June 13)
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