Erosion and Sediment Control Basics for Inspectors 
June 22 - Lincoln, NE LTAP Training Center

Register Online - go.unl.edu/erosion

This one-day course is required for anyone needing to inspect/install/maintain erosion and sediment control BMPs on NDOR projects. It is also recommended for employees and contractors of local public agencies involved in construction/maintenance projects where erosion is a concern. 

Participants must pass this course to obtain an inspector ID. Certification valid for five years.

Build a Better Mousetrap 
Enter Today!

Have you or one of your co-workers recently built an innovative gadget or developed an improved way to do a job? If either of these apply, you've built a better mousetrap, and now is the time to show off your creativity and help other agencies solve problems. The NE LTAP is participating in the Build a Better Mousetrap Competition sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration's Local Technical Assistance Program and Tribal Technical Assistance Program.

Your entry can be anything from the development of tools or gadgets to equipment modifications to processes that increase safety, improve efficiency, reduce costs, or improve the quality of transportation. The purpose of this competition is to collect and disseminate real world examples of best practices, tips from the field, and assist in the transfer of technology.

Entries will be judged by NE LTAP Advisory Board members using the criteria of cost savings, benefits to the community and/or agency, ingenuity, transferability to others, and effectiveness. Winners will be recognized in this newsletter and receive a prize.

NE LTAP staff members are also available to help with your write-up or take photos. We know that you and your crews are doing phenomenal things, on limited budgets, but with unlimited imagination and foresight. Help us share your challenges and solutions with other agencies! 

NCPA "Propex's Reflectex Concrete Interlayer Geotextile" Showcase 
June 29 - Blair, 2233 Civic Drive

The Nebraska Concrete Pavers Association is hosting a showcase of Propex's Reflectex Concrete Interlayer Geotextile in an application at the new Blair Library on June 29 from 10 AM to 3 PM.

The showcase will include technical information on the project and product as well as a site visit (be sure to bring a safety vest and hard hat). Lunch is provided.

RSVP with Bill Cook at 402.499.7105 or  bcook@nebrconc.org.

Save the Date! 
MINK - September 20-21 - St. Joseph, MO
Local Roads - October 18-19, Rapid City, SD

Registration information for both events will be posted when available.

Essential Road Construction Skills: Math and Plan Reading Course
August 1 - Lincoln, NE LTAP Training Center
September 6 - Ogallala, Quality Inn

Anybody interested in learning about managing Nebraska's highways, roads and streets.

These courses are required by NDOR for prospective County Highway and City Street Superintendent exam candidates to attend the September 2017 Pre-Exam Workshop.

Exam candidates planning to attend the September 2017 pre-exam workshop will receive priority registration.  

-Order of operations
-Performing basic math operations
-Converting units of measure
-Performing area and volume calculations
-Calculating ratios
-Calculating unit weight

-Parts of a Contract
-Legal Descriptions
-Definitions & Abbreviations
-Title Sheet 
-Summary of Quantities
-Drainage & Structures
-Traffic Control
-Right of Way

Superintendent 101 Basics & Test Prep Skills
August 1 - Lincoln, NE LTAP Training Center
September 6 - Ogallala, Quality Inn

This one-day course includes an overview of the work of a city street or county highway superintendent in Nebraska and test preparation skills for those planning to take the Nebraska City Street and County Highway Superintendents Licensure Exam.

Register online - go.unl.edu/supt101

Nebraska Roadway Classification & Standards
August 2 - Lincoln, NE LTAP Training Center
September 12 - Ogallala, Quality Inn

This course provides an overview of the Nebraska Roadway Minimum Design Standards including practice problems. It is recommended for those planning to take the Nebraska City Street and County Highway Superintendents Licensure Exam.

Register online - go.unl.edu/classstand

One- and Six-Year Plans and SSAR Reporting
August 3 - Lincoln, NE LTAP Training Center
September 13 - Ogallala, Quality Inn

This course provides an overview of annual reporting requirements of city street and county highway departments. The one- and six-year plans report focuses on planned construction and 3R projects while the SSAR report is a financial report.

This course is recommended for people planning to take the Nebraska City Street and County Highway Superintendents Licensure Exam.

Register online -  go.unl.edu/16ssar

NDOR Online Flagging Course
Certification/Recertification for Flaggers on NDOR Projects

Flaggers can now earn NDOR flagger certification through an online course hosted through NE LTAP. The course includes NDOR Flagger Guidelines, the NDOR Flagger Handbook, a 47-minute video, required questionnaire and certification exam. Learn more about the course and link to take it at  http://ltap.unl.edu/online-flagger-certification.
Managed 2 Manager Leadership Development Series 
Kearney Sessions - Fall 2017

Working in a Team Environment - November 14 - go.unl.edu/m2mteam
Strategic Planning and Change Management - December 19 - go.unl.edu/m2mplanning
Creative Problem Solving and Decision-Making - January 9, 2018 - go.unl.edu/m2mdecisions
Recruiting, Hiring & Retaining Employees - February 20-21, 2018 - go.unl.edu/m2mhr

The updated version will include a one-day introductory course (strongly recommended as a first-step) followed by four topic-specific courses participants can choose from as they/their departments need.
Workplace Safe Driver Policy & Training
From the Nebraska Safety Council

Motor vehicle crashes can occur anytime. In 2014, crashes represented 36% of all injury-related workplace deaths in the US. The type or job and company didn't matter 1. When they occur, employers face both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs of course might include medical care, worker compensation costs, disability payments, overtime to cover for absence, loss of knowledge or skills, reassigning and cross training employees to provide coverage and legal fees. Indirect costs might include loss of productivity, operational delays, decreased employee morale with increased stress, redesigning routes and schedules, training replacement, preparing insurance claims and managing and participating in litigation.
This even pertains to employers without a large fleet of vehicles. Among workers who died in motor vehicle crashes at work in 2014, 58% were not employed in motor vehicle operator jobs such as truck, bus and taxi drivers 2. They may have only been performing work in their personal vehicles, but on the clock. When these crashes do occur, they are expensive. The CDC Foundation reports an average cost per non-fatal, on-the-job crash injury as 3:
  • Not wearing a seat belt $79,229
  • Distractions $72,442
  • Speed $73,914
Employers face a higher level of risk and liability when their employees are involved in a motor vehicle crash. Through the process of disclosure, attorneys will request and obtain copies of cell phone and texting records. They will actually be able to see the physical content of the texts. They will request cell tower records to determine when an employee conversation began and when it ended. They will also review your current driver policy. If your policy is outdated or not thoroughly enforced you are at risk for a large judgement. For this reason, it is vital that employers have a current driver policy.

Snow Plow Simulator
Schedule classes today!

Entities can now schedule one-day L3 Snow Plow and/or John Deere Motor Grader simulator courses in t he Nebraska LTAP Mobile Simulator classroom  through Brian Jackson at bjackson17@unl.edu . Costs for Nebraska APWA members are $75 per person and non-APWA members are $100 per person in addition to the Workforce Development Funding.  Class size is limited to ten participants.

Loan Equipment Available!
RoadVista 922 Retroreflectometers and MetroCounts

We have both RoadVista 922 Retroreflectometers and MetroCounts available to lend to LPAs right now. Usually this time of year there is a wait list, but right now there isn't.  LPA's may borrow the pieces of equipment for two weeks free of charge.

Borrowers are responsible for completing a contract and arranging transportation to/from your location. If a NE LTAP staff member is headed in your direction, we can coordinate drop off/pick-up.

You can now request equipment online at ltap.unl.edu/equipment-loan. Contact Phyllis Schwab at pschwab@unl.edu with questions.


Online Computer Classes
Workforce Development Program

Thousands of self-paced online computer workshops and tutorials are available online through NE LTAP.  As a part of our Workforce Development Program, these resources are free to our LPA and state employees.  To see what classes are available and how to participate, visit   ltap.unl.edu/vtc-computer-classes.

Heavy Equipment Courses
Motor Grader
Excavators & Backhoes
Asphalt Distributor
Hand Power Tools & Chainsaws

Brian is scheduling heavy equipment courses for 2017.  Contact him soon to be added to the schedule at bjackson17@unl.edu.


Extra Course Materials

On occasion, we have extra binders left from courses offered by Nebraska LTAP. If any of the following would be of interest to you, please contact Phyllis Schwab at pschwab@unl.edu and a copy will be sent to you. Copies will be available until excess supply is exhausted. We will keep one copy at LTAP if you would like to borrow or review when you are here:

  • A Guide to Temporary Traffic Control in Work Zones, Version 06-15, (Traffic Control Technician)
  • FHWA Road Safety Audit Guidelines
  • Grave Roads (Construction & Maintenance Guide), August 2015
  • MUTCD Parts 1, 5 & 6
  • NHI-133114A Construction Zone Safety Inspection Participant Workbook
  • NHI-1350650 Introduction to Highway Hydraulics Participant Workbook
  • NHI-139011 Fundamentals of Freight Data Workshop
  • NHI-141050 Introduction to Federal-Aid Right-of-Way Requirements To Local Public Agencies Participant Workbook
  • NHI-142005 NEPA and the Transportation Decision Making Process
  • NHI-142055 Advanced Seminar on Transportation Project Development: Navigating the NEPA Maze
  • NHI-151042 Transportation Safety Planning
  • NHI-152069 Metropolitan Transportation Planning Participant Workbook
  • Roadside Safety
  • Traffic Control Supervisor

NE LTAP distributes program updates to clients who have registered for NE LTAP courses, workshops, conferences or other events.  This list is used solely for the purpose of notifying clients of upcoming training opportunities, resources available and updates about the Nebraska transportation  system. This list is not sold, shared or otherwise given to others for use.  Questions can be addressed to NE LTAP.