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                Weekly Updates in Pediatrics         June 20, 2012 

EDITOR:  Jack Wolfsdorf, MD


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Overeating, Binge eating & Depressive symptoms

A group of 4,798 female adolescents were prospectively studied over 1 year and followed for 4 years. Females with a history of episodic eating of a large amount of food over a short period of time were labeled "overeaters" (no loss of control) or "binge" eaters (those with loss of control over eating), and depressive symptoms assessed.


Adolescent girls with depressive symptoms at baseline are twice as likely to start "over/binge" eating. Similarly those who episodically "over-eat/ binge" are twice as likely to develop depressive symptoms over time.


Source: Journal of Adolescent Health, May 2012

Beyond age of first sex

Approximately 50% of 12,194 adolescents/early adulthood respondents to a Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health, reported initiating vaginal sex at average age 16 years and spent more than 1 year before having sex again. One third reported an oral-genital experience first, prior to vaginal sex. Initiation of anal sex was less common.


While a small number of typical and atypical adolescent sexual patterns of behavior occur, a variety of complex associations appear to play a role.


Source:  Journal of Adolescent Health, May 2012

Aspiration in Neurodisabled children (ND)

ND children aspirate "from above" (direct aspiration) and "from below" (reflux aspiration)


Reflux pulmonary aspiration is common but difficult to diagnose, particularly in children with ND. Results of present treatment protocols reveal inconsistent outcomes. A pulmonary biomarker of aspiration would be helpful but is presently unavailable.


HIV testing in sexually active High School Students


Only 22.6% of 7,591 high school students who report having ever had sexual intercourse, have been tested for HIV infection. Testing is most likely to have been done in those who have injected an illegal drug (41.3%), were physically forced to have sexual intercourse (36.2%), had not used a condom at last contact (28.7%) or had more than 4 sexual partners in the past year (34.7%).  

Few sexually active high school students, even those at highrisk for HIV infection are being HIV tested.

Source: Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine


Talking to Children About HIV 
Talking to Children About HIV


Source:  Community Health Charities via YouTube

N-acetylcysteine ( NAC ) in the prevention of Necrotising enterocolitis ( NEC).


An experimental rat model was utilized to evaluate by a variety of studies the preventive ability of NAC on the development of post ischemic NEC.

NAC given at the onset of the risk situation designed to produce NEC, significantly reduces in rat pups, the severity of the intestinal damage.

Source:  Journal of Pediatric Surgery, March 2012

Risk factors in Perinatal Stroke


Risk factors of 60 mother-child pairs whose infants had had a perinatal stroke were evaluated.


Perinatal arterial stroke is a result of multifactorial mother and baby factors of which a prothrombotic state in mother and/or baby appears significant.


Source:  Pediatric Neurology, August 2007

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