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Urban Dictionary?

Those of you who are internet savvy, or even if you've just had the odd occasion to require interpretation of the modern lingo, will be familiar with the  Urban Dictionary website .  It is a veritable cornucopia of slang, street talk and laugh your guts out words and phrases (and I wrote that before I even saw how they described themselves).


Well, in the Sajen way, we want to be part of the action and add to the modern lexicon.  We have made application for the word 'Sajenise' to be added to the Urban Dictionary. Somewhat astoundingly, we've been rejected at first instance.  So, not to be perturbed, we've embarked upon a campaign to change the world. We will not take this lying down.  But, we need your help.  


You will see below the application for 'Sajenise' as submitted to the all powerful (but anonymous) editors of this mighty tome.  We encourage you to use the word (not in vane of course). Spread the love and use the word whenever appropriate - Sajenise - to improve or generally make better, usually in the context of a business, but not necessarily so.


Help us change the word.




Kyle Kimball
Sajen legal

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