Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges

The 4Cs have spent close to a year preparing for our ongoing contract negotiations, but if legislators vote NO on the first contract before them - an agreement between our sisters and brothers at the UConn Professional Employees Association (UCPEA) and UConn - then all of our preparation may be for naught.
The House and Senate leadership are currently deciding if they will hold a floor vote on the UCPEA/UConn contract. Only one chamber has to vote NO to reject it.
That is why we are asking you, , to contact Representative Caroline Simmons (Stamford) and ask her to NOT SUPPORT bringing this contract to a floor vote, but if it does come to the floor, PLEASE VOTE IN FAVOR and honor the work that these parties did to reach mutual agreement.
  • The UCPEA/UConn agreement does exactly what Governor Malloy and Republicans have asked - it makes structural changes in the way UConn operates.  Workers are moving from a 35 to 40 hour work week and there are NO layoff protections. 
  • Rejecting a negotiated agreement sends the message to the other state employee bargaining units that they are better off taking their chances in arbitration. Arbitrated agreements can only be rejected by a 2/3 vote whereas a simple majority is needed to overturn a negotiated agreement. Having over thirty bargaining units choosing to go into arbitration is not only a more expensive proposition for the state, but it also sends a strong message to all labor union members that the General Assembly does not honor collective bargaining - a sacred tenet of the Labor Movement.
Please help us by calling Rep. Simmons - a legislator in the college's service area who has been identified as a potential swing voter on this issue - at 860.240.8585 (Capitol) and ask her to tell House leadership to NOT bring this contract to the floor for a vote. If it is brought to the floor over her objections, please ask her to SUPPORT the negotiated agreement between UCPEA and UConn.