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Despite 18 years of dedicated service to the Mequon-Thiensville School District, administrators have recommended the termination of highly-respected Homestead math teacher Krista Lesiecki.  Shockingly, this action was taken in response to a single communication involving a student and the students' parents. 
While the District sent a misleading letter home to the parents of Krista's students referring to the alleged behavior as "egregious," we are confident that when the details emerge, no rational person would use the word "egregious" to describe the allegations.  The administration has damaged Krista's reputation by leading parents to believe Krista is accused of serious misconduct.  Meanwhile, the District has directed Krista that she is not to discuss this matter with parents, students, or her colleagues, leaving her in a position where she risks discipline if she defends her reputation. 
Our union will not sit by silently as dedicated educators are fired at the whim of the administration.  Neither will the parents and students in the Mequon community.  They have already banded together to form a Facebook page supporting Krista with more than 1,000 followers.  They have also contacted local media to share this story.  Check out the media coverage here:

These parents and students know, like we do, that terminating teachers for flimsy reasons is not just bad for educators, it's bad for students and the community as a whole.  Luckily, the administrators leading the charge do not have the final say about whether Krista's employment is terminated.  The elected school board members will make the final decision.  We will keep you informed of when the school board hearing is scheduled and how you can show your support.
Act now in two easy ways:

1) Vote "YES" right away in your local's recertification election which is the best way to ensure your right to be represented by a union is secured.

2) Let these administrators know their efforts to intimidate have failed.  They cannot silence the collective voice of teachers! 

Show your support for Krista by following this Facebook page:

If you are a resident of Mequon-Thiensville, contact your board members