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December 17th Recall                                                                   

Kroger Shoppers are urged to watch for early warning signs

and take immediate action  Aflatoxin is often fatal. 

You can now search the FDA's web site for a current listing of contaminated pet foods.   You may be surprised to find the brands you thought were high-quality ... even those most often recommended by veterinarians, may be the most frequent offenders when it comes to contaminated pet foods.    

It is important to recognize that the marketing strategy of many pet food manufacturers is to cut production costs by compromising quality and instead spend millions of dollars on well-produced commercials that entertain us or tug at our heartstrings.  What they don't seem to care about is the health of our pets. 

We have been aware of this flawed industry for many years and have done all we could to spread the word about deficient and dangerous foods, but people really started to listen when untold thousands of animals were sickened or killed in 2007 by the foods produced by Hill's Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, Iams, Eukanuba, Hartz, Sargents, Doctors Foster & Smith, Diamond, Nutro, Pet Pride, Royal Canin, Special Kitty, Alpo, Gravy Train, Mighty Dog, Master Choice, Ol' Roy and a lot of store brands including Presidents Choice, Winn Dixie, Publix, Food Lion and Dollar General 

Even pet treats like Pounce and Jerky Treats are not always safe. 
Take a minute to check out the list.  The FDA has made it easy. You can now search by brand name. 

As the years have passed, more foods are recalled but with little media coverage.  Most people we speak with are unaware of the dangers of buying commercial pet foods without investigation.

shihtzuWe are especially sensitive to the problem because we see how it affects nearly every animal who comes to us for help.  Poor diet doesn't always kill.  More often it sickens and the cause is rarely associated with the diet.  Poor nutrional values are just a slower and more expensive way to kill our pets than euthanasia injections.
Poor nutrition often results in chronic skin conditions, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune deficiencies, poor liver and kidney function and a general breakdown of the animals' systems.   Low-quality foods affect their personailties and their ability to learn and even to control their bodily functions.  Inadequate diets cause dry, flaky skin (dander) and excessive shedding, both of which are major reasons people release their animals to pounds and rescue agencies.    

And the amazing truth is that it is actually less expensive to feed your pets a healthy diet than the "bargain" brands.  Now don't misunderstand.  We are not recommending that you base your decisions on price.  Some of the most expensive dog foods are worse than the cheaper ones because they contain Ethoxyquin, a toxic preservative.  This would include products manufactured by Hills Science Diet, Iams. Eukanuba and many more.

At PETS, Inc. the theory about manufacturers is that if they ended up on the recall list once, they are likely to be on it again ... and again, because they have demonstrated their desire to source the cheapest ingredients or employ the most cost efficient processes with no regard for the animals they harm.
Pet owners have to decide if they feel lucky when they purchase food from manufacturers who have marketed contaminated foods in the past ... because who knows when they will do it again.

Kroger's December 17, 2010 Recall


sick kitten
They have only you to depend on to make the right decisions ... and nothing affects them more than the quality of their food. 
Pet Pride Cat Food
Pet Pride Tasty Blend Poultry & Seafood
Pet Pride Kitten Formula
Kroger Value Cat Food
Kroger Value Chunk Dog Food
Old Yeller Chunk Dog Food

This most recent recall involves products sold to pet owners in 19 states including South Carolina.

The reason for the recall ... Aflatoxin.
Columbians may remember the many dogs who were killed by the aflatoxin in corn used by Diamond Foods in Gaston a few years ago.  Corn is a cheap filler that shouldn't even be in a bag of dog or cat food because it offers no nutritional benefits for the animals.  It is just a way to bulk up the bag so pet owners feel like they are getting a bargain

Aflatoxin causes severe liver damage, liver failure and death.  The volume of animals expected to be affected by this poisoning has prompted IDEXX Laboratories, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, to send a diagnostic update to veterinary clinics throughout the USA to help in urgent care treatment. 

Symptoms you should watch for:
Loss of appetite
Neurological abnormalities
Bleeding tendencies

Many of these products have been on previous recalls.  The number of animals who have suffered because of this  "profits at any cost" mentality is mindnumbing.  So we have to ask, why would anyone who loves their pet take such a chance ... and why would anyone who cares about animals even a little bit want to endorse this market and finance the abuse of our animals with their purchasing dollars. 

Kroger is no worse than other retail chains.  In fact, they are probably better about reporting their poisonous products than many.  The problem is that many (if not most) manufacturers and retailers simply don't care about your pets and will continue this devastating practice of using the cheapest possible ingredients as long as pet owners continue to buy their products.  

If you are a regular shopper at Kroger, you may want to review their July 9, 2010 Recall
DDS Dental Breath Control Tabs
Excel Gas Preventative Digestive Aid Chew Tabs
Pro-Pet Puppy Time Multi-vitamin Chew Tabs
Pro-Pet & Small Breed Daily Vitamin Chew Tabs
Pro-Pet Brewers Yeast Daily Supplement Chew Tabs
Pro-Pet Senior Daily Vitamin Supplement

The reason for this recall ... Salmonella.

Doesn't it seem ironic that all of these products are marketed to people who care enough about their pets to provide supplements to their diets?  And yet they unwittingly end up (spending their money) making their companions ill ... perhaps even killing them.  We think this is outrageous.

You have the power to change this by being selective.  Send the message to the pet food industry that you will no longer be fooled by their slick commercials.   Take a stand.  It has to start with you. 
PETS, Inc. cares about your pets ... Their welfare is our mission. 

PETS, Inc has been alerting pet owners and adopters to the dangers of manufactured pet foods for over 17 years.  We have tested and researched more pet foods than we can count in an effort to find the best and most affordable foods for our shelter pets.  We have special ordered our foods to give our animals the nutritional support they needed to recover from their illnesses and injuries quickly so they could be adopted.  We now are offering these foods and other products that have proven beneficial through our non-profit discount Pet Supply Store at our Adoption Center.  

Take advantage of our research and testing.  Most people don't have time to fully investigate the quality of ingredients and manufactures' claims before purchasing pet food or supplies.  We've done the work.  We know their tricks ... well at least some of them, and we have made a special point of stocking only products that meet our standards for safety. 
So until pet supply retailers develop a conscience, PETS, Inc. is here for you.  And with your help, we will be here for the animals that have no one to care for them.

All profits are used to provide care for our shelter animals ... so everyone wins!

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