Don't Let Tax Reform Devastate the  Work of Nonprofits. Take Action Now!

Your U.S. Senators need to hear from you TODAY, before debate begins on the Senate floor. The most effective way of advocating on a fast-moving bill is to pick up the phone. So, if you have time to do only one thing today, have that one action be making a phone call to each of your Senators.


Make the Call: Simply call the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121) and follow the prompts to be connected to Oregon Senator Jeff Merkey and Senator Ron Wyden's offices. Once connected, identify yourself as a constituent and relay these two important points:

  • "Do not use tax reform to weaken or repeal the Johnson Amendment, which keeps divisive partisan politics out of nonprofits, houses of worship, and foundations. I am concerned that efforts to repeal or weaken the Johnson Amendment would harm my community and damage the public's trust in my organization and many other groups doing good work in Oregon. Thank you!"
  • "Experts warn that the tax bill as written would reduce charitable giving to the work of nonprofits by more than $13 billion every year and limit the charitable deduction to only the wealthiest taxpayers. This policy change will wipe out more than 220,000 nonprofit jobs. A simple solution exists: Add a Universal Deduction for charitable giving to the tax reform bill during the floor debate."

If you have additional time, send a tweet to @SenJeffMerkley and @RonWyden. Make use of those 280 characters to let them know how these changes would affect your nonprofits' ability to serve the community.