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Happy May! I love May because it is the month of Mary, Our Blessed Mother! 

This time last year I had the once in a lifetime opportunity pay tribute to Our Blessed Mother in a special way when I was invited to the United Nations to deliver a talk about Our Lady of Fatima and her urgent message in light of the dignity and vocation of women. 

It was truly an honor to  present this message to the women of the world, perhaps introducing some to the true nobility of their femininity for the first time. It was a moment I was determined to seize. 

Please permit me to share a couple of excerpts from my presentation: 

"If woman is to be effective in the enterprise of life, no matter the position she holds, the profession she occupies, or the duty to which she is called, this fundamental reality of her essential nature must be expressed, realized, and actualized in her every endeavor. It must flow from her like a stream of living water that quenches the thirst of a dry and parched humanity. Woman must be person-centered, person-oriented, and person-motivated. Her focus, by virtue of who she is, must be other-centered."

However, when the woman abdicates the genius that is uniquely her own, the human race is left wanting.

"Like Adam without Eve, it finds itself adrift, the victim of an identity crisis. Human life in all of its aspects - physical, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual - ceases to flourish and may even die. Humanity is not aided and the technology of man becomes inhuman. Man's North Star cannot be found. The feminine void is felt and the world becomes an unsafe, worrisome, and corrupt place."

"Woman's contribution to the promotion of a culture of dialogue, mediation, peacemaking, and peace building, must be infused with this feminine character, her true authority and power. It must find its genesis in the tender and sometimes tedious development of the human person attentive to the totality of his or her personhood. Perhaps more than ever what we need are opportunities to bring the women of the world into a deeper knowledge of their feminine genius, so that the female mind can be renewed, restored and calibrated to the deep and true understanding of who she is and what her glorious potential can be on behalf of all of mankind.
And so to whom do women turn for guidance
and direction? Who witnesses to them the way in which they should go so that balance and well-being might be realized in the world? I think we turn to the woman who is at the heart of our coming together today. Mary is the quintessential icon for all women, not just Christian women. Biological mother to her son Jesus Christ, she has become a spiritual mother for the world..."

The aggressive attack against the dignity and vocation of women and girls continues.  In January there was a "Women's March" promoting abortion and the "nasty girl" movement which sets the bar for womanhood to its basest levels. 

Recently, at the White House Correspondence dinner, a representative of the current administration was brazenly insulted for her looks and conservative values. Nary an eye was batted until a tidal wave of complaints were filed by the public with the group.

Here at Women of Grace®, we continue to elevate Our Blessed Mother Mary as the exemplar of woman's dignity and vocation. We empower women through spiritual formation and leadership training to become all that God created them to be and to spark the counter-cultural revolution that will bring our world back to God. Every day hearts are being healed, lives are being transformed, and souls are being saved.

We need your help to reach the entire world with this saving message through our outreaches. Already, over 50,000 women have joined our ranks. Please help us to reach at least 50,000 more.   

In honor of the month in which we honor Mary, Our Mother, as well as mothers and spiritual mothers around the world, I ask that you prayerfully consider making a gift that will truly transform lives.

With your gift of $50 or more, I will gladly send you a copy of my United Nations Speech entitled, "Mary, the Dignity of Woman and Women's Role in the Promotion of a Culture of Dialogue, Mediation, Peacemaking and Peacebuilding."

For your sacrifice of $100 or more, I'll send you both the United Nations speech and the collection of talks given by me and Fr. Philip last year during the Women of Grace® Pilgrimage to the Marian Shrines of Fatima, Lourdes and several other holy sites. 

Please send your sacrificial gift right away.  I thank you for your kind generosity. May the abundant life of Jesus Christ be yours.

  We are grateful for your continued partnership with 
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these important,  life-changing opportunities.  
In His service and with gratitude,

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