Used Calciners For Sale

Ideal for Carbon Regeneration or High Temperature Processing

Rotary Calciner, 48" diameter X 29' long, Inconel 600 tube with temperature rating of 910 degree Celsius. Indirect fired, 22' long refractory lined Hot Zone, 3 Zone temperature controls. Gas fired with 12 burners. Also included: (12) spare unused Maxon burners, Model Number Kinemax 1-1/2". New control panel for 4 zones and new gas valves. New tube installed, 48" ID X 40' long, 3/4" thick shell with internal lifters, used very little. Gas tight seals at both ends. 5 HP drive motor through chain & sprocket. Includes 6" diameter X 6' long stainless steel screw feeder. All I-Beam skid mounted. Control panel and MCC Switch Gear included. Part of complete process system.

Calciner, 10" diameter X 20' long manufactured by Harper Intl., model number NE-10D90-RT-WC-20-F. Tube constructed of HT (High Temperature) Alloy. Unit is a three-zone design with 90" long hot zone and 60" long cooling zone. Heating/cooling zones driven by 480V, 3/60hz power supply. Maximum temperature rating of 650 Deg C., operating temperature of 450 Deg C. Includes 3-1/2" flanged discharge on each end of tube. Includes gas-tight bellow seals. Calciner complete with Schenk Accurate bulk solids metering feeder. Tube driven by 3/4 HP, 1725 RPM, 90V motor through gear reducer. Serial number FJ69. Mounted on frame with casters. Previously used in glass crushing/cooking operation.

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