Minerals Processing Equipment

Used Mills, Crushers, Separators, Filters, & more... 

Allis Chalmers Svedala ball mill, 13' diameter x 21' long, rubber-lined mill, with Siemens-Allis 2,000 HP, 4000 volt, 200 RPM synchronous motor, Eaton airflex clutch. Includes trommel discharge, ball mill rejects conveyor, lube system, etc. Offered complete with controls. New in 1979. Completely rebuilt in 1998, serial number C-2485. Previously used at phosphate minerals processing facility. Also available pumps, spare parts, drives, controls to comprise of complete mill system. Equipment was dismantled and is now being stored at crane yard for easy loading.

Minerals Processing Equipment In Stock:


C741138 Calciner, 48 X 29', Bartlett Snow, Gas-fired, Rotary,
S302170 Calciner, 10 X 7', Gas, S/st, 1800 Deg F,
S741074 Calciner, 10 X 20', Harper, Electric, 3-Zone, 650 Deg C.,
S733023 Calciner, 6 X 5', Custom, S/st, Gas-fired,


C740404 Crusher, Cone, Allis Chalmers, 36, Hydrocone, Mdl 7-36,
S243798 Crusher, Cone, Braun, Lab, coffee Mill, 6 Diameter,
S738948 Crusher, Impact, Horizontal, Penn, Mdl CAL11-44,
S738844 Crusher, Impact, Vertical, Cemco, Mdl MDEV80, 400 HP,
S741070 Crusher, Jaw, 12 X 24, C/st, Pennsylvania, 30 HP,
C740414 Crusher, Jaw, 5 X 8, Morse Brothers, 5 HP
S741072 Crusher, Jaw, 4 X 6, C/St, Sturtevant, 2 HP,
S738503 Crusher, Roll, 78 X 60, 2-Roll, Fam, (2) 350 HP, Primary
S741167 Crusher, Roll, 9 X 18, 4-Roll, Roskamp


S738504 Feeder, Apron, 55 X 45', FAM, Hydraulic, Heavy Duty,
S738502 Feeder, Belt, 80 X 45', C/st, Hydraulic, Grizzly
C740546 Feeder, Belt, 24 x 18', C/st, Rubber Belt, 3 HP,
S740392 Feeder, Vibratory, 4' X 16', 5 HP, Scalping


Z386602 Filter, Belt, Vac, 8' X 24', 316 S/st, Eimco, 25 HP,
C737175 Filter, Belt, Vac, 3-1/2' X 30', 316L S/st, Eimco, 
C739148 Filter, Belt, Vac, 2' X 23-1/2' Komline Sanderson, 10 HP,
S732256 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 160 SF, 316L S/st, Funda, VTHL
S740473 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 120 SF, Jkt, 316L S/st, Schenk, VTHL
C738975 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Ionics, Nanofiltration, 300 GPM,(4)
C737185 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, 24 Tubes, 670 SF (2)
S738667 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, US Filter, S/st,
C740495 Filter, UltraFiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Complete System,


C736095 Mill, Attritor, Union Process, Mdl Q-100, Jkt,
C740223 Mill, Ball, 22' X 38', Metso, 10,000 KW, Unused (2)
S738509 Mill, Ball, 13' X 21', Allis Chalmers, 2000 HP, R/L,
C741335 Mill, Ball, 12 X 5, Denver, Lab Type
S484980 Mill, Ball, 8' X 6', Marcy, 250 HP,
C740611 Mill, Ball, 7' x 5 1/2', 100 HP, Skid Mounted, Steel Liners
C740224 Mill, SAG, 36' X 20.5', Metso, 20,000 HP, Unused
S738506 Mill, Sag, 18' X 10-1/2', Fuller, 1500 HP, R/L,
S740540 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 42 X 36, Swinging Hammers,
C732538 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 36 X 36,Type B-3, Slag,
S740537 Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 24 X 8, 40 HP, Swinging Hammers
C739914 Mill, Hammer, Polysius, 51 X 43, Steel Plate A-36, 36 Hammers
S516500 Mill, Impact, TAS, C/st, 350 HP, Mdl 42B, (2)
C479996 Mill, Jet, 24, C/st, Fluid Energy, 1500 CFM, (2)
C736747 Mill, Rod, 32 x 30, C/st, 25 HP,
D739663 Mill, Rod, 13' X 18'8, Nordberg, 1,500 HP,
S738745 Mill, Roller, Raymond, 5448, Dbl Whizzer
S741287 Mill, Vibratory, Palla, Mdl 20U, 7.5 HP
S741288 Mill, Vibratory, Palla, Mdl 20U, Unused


S740686 Press, Briquetting, Bepex, Mdl 25CS, 16 X 2.5, S/St, 30 HP
S738200 Press, Briquetting, KR Komarek, Mdl B300, 30 HP


S736073 Separator, Air Classifier, 12, Donaldson, A12,
S670612 Separator, Air Classifier, 12, Donaldson, Sub-micron,
S740705 Separator, Hydrocyclone (3), Krebs, D15, Ceramic,
S738512 Separator, Hydrocyclone, Krebs, 15, DS15LB, Pod of 4, (2)
S734159 Separator, Hydrocyclone, Krebs, 10, R/L, D-10B
S737555 Separator, Magnetic, 36 X 36, Eriez Drum, S/st
S738514 Separator, Magnetic, 36 X 96, S/st, Eriez, Drum, (3)
S737554 Separator, Magnetic, 36 X 120, S/st, Eriez, Drum (2)
S741073 Separator, Magnetic, 15 X 36, C/st, Eriez, Drum,
C741328 Separator, Magnetic, Belt, Lab, 6 X 15, Rare Earth
C741160 Separator, Magnetic, Eriez, Drum, 12 x 7, Mdl L-8,
C741325 Separator, Magnetic, Eriez Tube Tester, Mdl EDT
C741336 Separator, Magnetic, Tube Type, Whims, Lab


S708000 Thickener, 90' Dia, Dorr-Oliver, Mechanism Only,
S734199 Thickener, 80' Dia, Eimco, Type-B, Complete System
S708251 Thickener, 35' Dia, Eimco, Bridge,

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