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Did you know? And more to the point, do your realtor's know? 


  • VA Funding Fees are going down November 18th from 2.15% for first time use to 1.4%-see VA Circular 26-11-15
  • VA kept higher loan limits through 2011!
  • California has the most veterans of any state
  • We have over 2,000,000 veterans, more than the state of Texas.
  • Almost 1 in 10 Californians is a veteran and 1 in 5 males.  


New enhancements to our VA loan program:


  • Standard VA minimum credit score now down to 620! (IRRRL requires 640)
  • Jumbo VA minimum credit score now down to 640 (price exceptions apply) 660 for regular refi/cashout
  • Jumbo VA loan now 100% to 1 million (pricing exceptions apply)


Now it's time for us to serve...



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Pinnacle Capital Mortgage is a VA LAPP approved lender with on site VA underwriters that will get you squared away!


Book VA Training with us!


  • Call your PCM Account Executive to request on site VATraining Presentation for 5 LOs or more!
  • Check out all the helpful VA links (including VA's own underwriting guidelines here.

House Keys 


PCM is allowing LPC (lender paid comp) on VA loans!


A note on non-allowable fees: The seller can pay the non-allowables on a purchase transaction, but now the veteran can also pay the non-allowables (up to 1% of the loan amount). This is because in an LPC transaction the veteran is not being charged the 1% origination charge.


In an effort to keep VA loans available for our veterans, Pinnacle Capital Mortgage, will pay non-allowables over and above 1%, if needed. Prior approval required.


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