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A Message from Vail Board of Realtors®
At the beginning of 2018, Real Estate broker licenses will be working to move to a calendar year. As a result of SB17-215 (Concerning the Continuation Under the Sunset Law of the Division of Real Estate), a real estate broker license will now be renewed on or before December 31 of every third (3 rd) year after issuance. All licensees will eventually be on a calendar year cycle for their license renewal. In order to accommodate this transition to a calendar year cycle, the Division of Real Estate has established a transition period for license renewals and reinstatements. Read more about this transition here...

Yesterday we sent out information about SentriConnect mobile app. Using this feature is now the easiest way to get contractors and out of area brokers into properties without using the 1-day code feature. Why is the feature better then a 1 day code? Because SentriConnect gives you information instantly when someone enters the property. Please start using the SentriConnect App. More information...

Please note that next week on Tuesday, December 5th the VBR office will be closed because we will be doing our leadership retreat with our new Board of Directors.

Erica Kirk 
Interim Association Executive 
Best of the Blogs
Home values nationwide to see sharp declines from GOP tax plan
NAR analysis predicts declines of $56K in Cali, and more than $40k in CT, MA and HI
7 repair requests buyers should never make
Repairs unrelated to a safety issue or the breakdown of an expensive system are better left alone
ShelterZoom: Blockchain-based real estate app changes everything
Brand new startup, ShelterZoom, a blockchain-based online offer management app, could mean big changes for how real estate business is done.
The marketing timeline every first-year real estate agent should live by
What to do and when for a successful career launch

December 6th:
CREC Annual Update
Instructor: Tod Franklin
4 CE Credits
$40 Investment 

December 6th:
2018 Contracts
Instructor: Tod Franklin
3 CE Credits
$30 Investment 

December 12th:
NAR Ethics
(Required training between Jan 2017 - Dec 31, 2018)
Instructor: Tod Franklin
4 CE Credits
$40 Investment 

December 12th:
Procuring Cause 
(Required for MB's & DR's from Jan 2017 until December 31, 2019) 
Instructor: Tod Franklin
3 CE Credits
$30 Investment 

REALFire® Program Video
Vail Pro Designation 
Instructors : Wildfire Expert Panel 
2 CE Credits
Please contact ekirk@vbr.net to schedule a time to come in and watch the video. 

CLICK HERE to register for more then one class or view all the classes for the year. 

H ow to get started?

1st: Review the education  tracking sheet  to determine which classes you would like to take.
2nd: Review the class schedule and get signed up for the classes you want to take. 
3rd: Once you complete 80% of total classes hours (46 hours) submit your Vail Pro Designation application.
Note: It is your responsibility to track your classes and submit the application to become a Vail Pro. 
Questions: Please contact 
Erica Kirk, Education & Marketing Director at 970-766-1029 or ekirk@vbr.net
More classes coming soon... 

Please email Patty at  (psandoval@vbr.net)   to register for the following MLS training classes. Please indicate the class(es) you would like to attend in the subject line.  All classes are held at the VBR Office.  

A Quick Review of Smart Home Technology

Agents and brokers need to stay on top of home tech as their customers expect them to be home experts.

Today, the Smart Home has become (almost) plug-and-play. That's a revolutionary development that real estate agents and brokers need to understand
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Tuesday, December 5th for the Leadership Retreat. 

December 14th:
Annual Holiday Party 

Vista Arrowhead, Edwards 

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Tired of giving out 1-day codes to out of area brokers & contractors?
Now there is an easier way to give access & track when they go into the property.......
The SentriConnect Mobile App allows the listing agent to grant temporary access to their lockboxes, that are assigned to a property, for those who don't already have access like contractors, out of area brokers or locked out of homeowners. SentriConnect allows the listing agent to grant access to a specific lockbox for a specific duration of time and receive instant notifications of when the SentriConnect user accesses the lockbox.

Revised Senate Plan Would Raise Taxes on at Least 29% of Americans and Cause 19 States to Pay More Overall

The tax bill reported out of the Senate Finance Committee on Nov. 16 would raise taxes on at least 29 percent of Americans and cause the populations of 19 states to pay more in federal taxes in 2027 than they do today. The lowest-earning three-fifths of Americans would pay more on average in federal taxes, while the top 40 percent on average would receive a tax cut. The bill would increase the deficit because of the substantial tax breaks it would provide to the wealthy and to foreign investors who own stocks in American corporations and who would therefore benefit from the bill's corporate tax cuts.