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"As we head into our 12th year of using VBS Reachout Adventures at our church I want to say 'Thank you!'  I was first exposed to this outstanding material as a seminary student and I am impressed with how you have kept the material fresh without compromising your Biblical and Reformed commitments. The Gospel is clear, the means of Grace are clear, the emphasis on man's chief end is clear--and it is a tremendous amount of fun for everyone.  Praise God for such a valuable resource!"


Pastor Rob Looper, Penasacola, FL

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Why VBS? 

 Back by popular demand!


Share this eye-opening Reachout article with your church and inspire others to minister with you at Upward Bound this summer!


If you are doing VBS, you likely know that children are especially receptive to the Gospel message. But do you know just how much and why? 


According to author and researcher George Barna, the probability of a person embracing Jesus as Savior is:

            1 in 3 between the ages of 5 and 12 

            1 in 25, ages 13-18

            1 in 16, age 19 and above*


God has primed the hearts and minds of children to understand the Gospel message! This has great implications for ministry to children.


Vacation Bible School (Bible Adventure Camp, Backyard Club, or whatever you choose to call it!) is: 

  • an amazing opportunity to immerse kids - many of whom have never been to church - in God's Word for a concentrated amount of time
  • provides a unique chance to present kids with the Gospel
  • teaches them profound truths of the Word
  • gets them memorizing Scripture, worshipping, building relationships, and having fun together - all in one incredibly memorable week.

Not only does VBS impact children from churched and unchurched families, it also impacts parents! In fact, one of the ultimate goals of summer Bible outreach programs is to bring whole families into the church. Says Barna, "Every year, tens of thousands of parents are brought to faith in Christ because one of their children was so changed by his or her own relationship to the Lord that the parent could not ignore the power of Christ any longer."**


Upward Bound is a fantastic investment of your church's energy and talents! If you've been on the fence about VBS, it's not too late to beginWe're still taking orders and can get your materials out in 1 to 2 days. Just place your order online, or call us at 1-866-468-2772 and we'll happily walk you through it!


*George Barna, Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions (Ventura: Regal Books, 2003), p. 34.

** Barna, p. 49. 

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