Friends of ALIPAC,

We are endorsing Sharron Angle for US Senate because she says she will oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens while Harry Reid supports Amnesty and is encouraging illegal aliens to vote in the 2010 elections!

Today on the liberal daytime show called "The View," Joy Behar condemned Sharron Angle's latest campaign ad about illegal immigration saying...

"I'd like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx. Come here bitch, come to New York! I'm not praying for her! She's going to hell! She's going to hell, this bitch!"

Yes, Joy Behar and The View have made television history by becoming the first show in America to call a female Federal candidate a bitch.

Please watch both videos below and consider contacting ABC to ask that Joy Behar be fired for using such inappropriate language on television and for threatening a Federal candidate with some kind of taunt about being in physical danger of assault if the commercial were seen in New York City.

Clip from the view

Angle's full commercial

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