VMC celebrates National Family Wellness Month

We all strive to find the right balance of work and family. May is National Family Wellness Month, so during this month of rejuvenation, take some time to make small changes to your life that may very well have long lasting effects on you and your family. 

How is diabetes connected with heart health?
by Susan Smith, Ph.D., CDE
Susan Smith, Ph.D., CDE

The longer a person has diabetes, the more damage is being done to the vessels.  Our blood vessels carry glucose (blood sugar) and also carry blood fats or lipids (cholesterol).  If a person has diabetes and heart disease in their family history, the chances of developing both diseases is greater.

We know ways we can control the blood sugars.  Taking appropriate medications as prescribed by the healthcare providers, making healthy choices in foods and eating appropriate portions of food contribute to better blood sugar control.  But don't forget two of the most important factors to control blood sugars:  daily physical activity and weight loss (if necessary).

Ironically, the same factors are the treatment for heart disease. Medications, healthy food choices and portions, physical activity  and weight loss can also benefit the progression of heart disease.  Read full article.
Pictured above; X-Ray Technologist Kika Collins points out a skeletal fracture and the importance of a good image.
Visalia Unified students take a tour of VMC

Mt. Whitney High School Academy  of Health Science students poured from buses and  were escorted through various clinical and ancillary departments at VMC.

Students were able to meet with providers and staff  from VMC and see behind the scenes of the departments and practices. Students interacted and asked questions  as they received up-close instructions and demonstrations regarding   prosthesis  and physical therapy in orthopedics, Ultra- sound  images , MRIs and CT scans in radiology, diabetes education  and  blood sugar levels, proper foot care in podiatry  and more.
Did you know.....

VMC's radiology department exams
are fully digital, with reports available online allowing a quicker turnaround. STAT exams can be available in as little  as 30 minutes after an exam. A completed typed report for routine exams can be ready as soon as 2 hours.

Same-day appointments are generally available for routine CT exams. Next-day appointments are generally available for MRI and Fluoro exams. STAT appointments are generally available for CT, MRI, Fluoro and ultrasound exams.  For more information contact us at 738-7500 or visit us online at