VBS Summer 2016

Friday, June 17th, 2016

VICTORY! : Becoming Champions for Christ

God has given us so much to keep the faith alive in our hearts.
Mary (our Blessed Mother) and all the saints are great Champions of the faith and have won the victory.
It's our turn to follow Jesus' example and become a saint in our own special way.

When we aim to become Champions for Christ, we also have a prize waiting for us! It's better than any GOLD MEDAL or shiny, big trophy we could ever receive! It's the
VICTORY prize of eternal life with God in HEAVEN!
Today at opening ceremonies Coach Jesus (Father Nathan) encouraged his "Team" onward to reach Heaven.

What we did today at the 5 FAITH STATIONS: 
Virtue Of The Day : Justice
We learned about the virtue of justice; how we should treat everyone equally and giving God and others what is due to them.
Coach Ferguson using a science experiment to demonstrate the Virtue.
Ask your child about the Egg!

  Saint Of The Day: St. Anthony of Padua

Our saint of the day is St. Anthony of Padua.
Ask your child why he is always pictured with baby Jesus.

Today's Bible Verse:
"I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."   Philippians  3:14

At faith station, our team went over highlights of the week.
The kids interviewed a special guest! (see picture)
Ask your child what they talked about.

Lord Jesus, we open our hearts to you. Thank you for blessing us with a fun and faithful week of Cathletics VBS. Help us to remember the lessons we learned and practice living them each day.

All songs were learned and the kids got to show off what they had learned today. Casey and her team got a few moments to sit back and be entertained.

Two more fabulous shows from the 1st grade at opening, and the Pre-K Kids at closing.

  Be sure to keep playing the Music CD of the songs they learned.

Students listened to a poem and assembled the fruits in order of the poem into a pear shaped craft.
Learning about the fruits of the holy spirit helps us assess if we are living a spiritually healthy life.


It was the hottest day of the week, but the kids could not get enough of the bounce houses! Lots of water and extra snacks kept them going.   
Amy, Patti and their Games Volunteers stayed strong playing outside all week in the heat!
Snack today was cheese sticks and graham crackers.
Quentin,Tracey and Molly were the snack and water crew.
Shawna Davidson came to check in on everything.

Today we talked about victory in Christ.  What better way to talk about victory than to study Jesus' resurrection....his victory over death!  We watched a really funny video about the Roman guards who were watching over Jesus' tomb and then we listened to a talk about the proofs of Jesus' resurrection.  it's hard not to believe in Jesus after you hear all the facts!  We enjoyed one last silly skit and found out the winner of our Get REAL Olympics.  We then headed outside for ice cream sundaes to end our awesome week together! 
Thank you to Michelle and Kristin and the Babysitting teams that looked after the volunteers kids this week. (ages 3 and under )



Today we collected 163 boxes of cereal!!
Total items of food collected this week 920!!!!!!
Gold Medal Winners -3rd and 4th graders 223
Silver Medal Winners - 2nd graders 198
Bronze Medal Winners - kindergarten - 93

Great showings from Pre-k 135, 2nd grade 111, GetReal 93

All items collected will go to the food bank Monday,
Don Puchalla was our guest presenter, and advised that most of the food will be gone by Noon.
Keep supporting this charity through the regular drives at the church.

We collected a total of 165 items for our "buddy Parish."
Sure there will be a lot of smiles when they see everything!

But the real winners are the PARENTS!
Thank you for the generosity throughout the week.

Parents are  the first and foremost Catechists of their children...both a huge honor and responsibility!   Help your child(ren) to get the most out of their VBS experience by following up at home or in the car with a couple of these sample questions:

Tell me one thing you learned about becoming a Champion for Christ?
Who was your favorite saint you learned about this week? And why?
What is one thing about this VBS that you always want to remember?
What was your favorite part of the VBS week?

Parent to Parent note FROM THE DIRECTORS
Lisa Comfort and Jessie Mallicoat 
This week the children were taught ways to strengthen their spiritual muscles (spending time in prayer, reading the Bible and living out the Beatitudes and Fruits of the Spirit).  We challenge all VBS families to continue supporting your child's training to be a Champion for Christ by spending less time watching TV, or playing video games and more time strengthening their relationship with God.  We hope your family has enjoyed this VBS week and walk away with a deepened love for Jesus and our Catholic faith.  Have a safe and wonderful summer!
May God bless you and your family,
Jessie Mallicoat & Lisa Comfort
The directors Jessie and Lisa, along with Monica Lane and Kathy Dey. Keeping everything running smoothly throughout the day.
At the Closing Ceremony

Thank you's were given to Shawna Davidson, Coordinator of Religious Ed and Debbie Rehling for all their exceptional work.

Father Prayed over the VBS directors Lisa and Jessie
Then all the students did an enthusiastic, energetic, final performance of "Champion for Christ" for their parents.