Treats For You!
From now until February 15th, order $100.00 in Annemarie Borlind from Germany products and
get a FREE pack of Cosmetic Sponges and
a Hand Cream too! 

Offer good while supplies last.

So nice to wash your
FACE with a Sponge!
2 Sponges in a pack.

So nice to have a Hand Cream in your Purse!
(1.7 oz.)

The Annemarie Borlind products are made with only the finest natural extracts, including the use of non-GMO, organic and wild crafted ingredients. The water in the products comes from a natural spring located in the spa region of Germany, an area protected by national law from the use of synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals that could pollute the groundwater.

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Who needs an excellent Night Cream?

Absolute Night Cream

   Biolifting Night Cream

Absolute Night Cream - Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extract, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Safflower Oil and Vitamin A.
The skin becomes smoother, firmer and more elastic. 
$110.00 (1.69 oz.)

Biolifting Night Cream - Contains: Hyaluronic Acid, White Truffle, Algae Extracts, Vitamin C and Tiger Grass to repair skin cells while you sleep. Increases the production of Elastin and an active Extract from Lupine stimulates the production of Collagen.
$255.00 (1.69 oz.)

Still don't know what to get for your Guy? Click on the image below to read about Truefitt & Hill, the oldest Men's Shaving Line in
the World!

Established in 1805
in London, England.
"Grooming Men For Greatness."

The eShave Badger Brush and Stand makes shaving so nice!

More exciting news!
Coming SOON...
Diego Dalla Palma Professional Nail Polish!

Base Coat - $16.00
A hardening base coat to prepare for the Nail Enamel.

Top Coat - $16.00
A transparent Top Coat
to prolong the duration of the Nail Enamel.

There will be over
25 fabulous colors to choose from!

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