The WineSellar Wine Clubs...
...because there may be no better way to say "I adore you" than with a few bottles of beautiful wine to enjoy together!
The WineSellar Wine Clubs have been an integral part of The WineSellar & Brasserie for over 13 years, with wines hand-picked each month with our loyal members in mind. Our members have the opportunity to enjoy selections that arrive at their door each month (or can be picked up at the wine shop), along with the insightful and sometimes humorous tasting notes written by Gary Parker, who provides a keen, descriptive insight into what you may be tasting and experiencing as you enjoy your wines. Your confidence in wine tasting will build effortlessly as your wine vocabulary and awareness grows.
Due to our buying power, we are able to negotiate prices for our WineSellar Club wines well below what the general public may pay. Typically, you'll be paying 10-40% less than the suggested retail price for the wines.
In addition to your monthly wine club selections, members enjoy a 10% discount on almost all wine purchases in the store, $5 off our weekly Wednesday tastings, and a monthly wine tasting of all club wines chosen for that month at no cost to our club members. There is also a custom recipe sent to you that is designed to pair with one of the selections, along with an article in our monthly online newsletter, The Wonderful World of Wine, relating to food, wine, and travel. What more could you ask for?!
The WineSellar offers three wine clubs, suitable for everyone from the novice to the most studied oenophile. The WineSellar Club also makes gift giving easy, by offering three, six, and twelve month wine club gift packages.

-Choose From One of Our Three Wine Clubs-

WineSellar Club
One red and one white wine selected for exceptional taste and value from around the world. This is a great way to gain exposure to the full breadth of the world of wine. Learn about what you see, taste, and smell! 
$35.00 per month plus shipping and sales tax where applicable.

Two-Rouge Club
Our Two-Rouge Club features one bottle geared toward youthful consumption paired with a hard-to-find, cellar-worthy companion. 
$50.00 per month plus shipping and sales tax where applicable.

The Gary Parker C

Named for our founder, the Gary Parker Club is geared toward the serious collector. Selections are some of the most highly sought after releases from all corners of the globe. 
Monthly cost averages $90.00, depending on selection, plus shipping and sales tax where applicable.

"Our experience, knowledge, and passion bring the finest wines to your door each month."
Get your his & her gift baskets!
We've received such wonderful feedback with our handmade gift baskets over the holiday, that we've decided to put a few more beautiful baskets together with Valentine's Day in mind! These baskets are sure to bring a big smile on the face of the one you adore! 

The contents of each basket are high quality and can be enjoyed by all. Each basket itself is also exceptional and can be used after enjoying all the goodies inside for many uses and for years to come. These baskets include such items as a beautiful bottle of sparkling Ros´┐Ż, Champagne flutes, chocolates, candles to set the mood, a beautiful frame for you to frame your love, and more! You'll be all set for that wonderfully intimate evening with your Valentine. It's a moveable romantic feast!

Prices range from $79 to $99. However, you can also customize your gift basket by replacing the wine selection included with that special bottle of wine (or choose from our selection of domestic craft bottled beers) hand-picked by you with help with our expert wine shop staff. Prices are subject to change when customized.

**Made with love for the one you love!**

Orders for wine club packages or gift baskets can be made in-person, by email, or by simply giving us a call. or 858.450.9557
Made with Love...

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