February, 2017

February Hours


Note: We will be closed this week Wednesday and Thursday, February 8-9, as our gardening and landscaping experts attend the ProGreen EXPO. 

Monday - Saturday: 10:00a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Sunday: CLOSED.

Join us: 
Feb. 11, 1:00-2:30pm

WHEN: Sat., Feb. 11,  1:00-2:30pm
WHO: All ages welcome; Children must be accompanied by an adult.
WHAT: Learn about and build kokedamas, a beautiful form of Japanese string gardening!
WHERE: Wildflower Farm's farmhouse & gift shop in Edwards, 33601 U.S. Highway 6, Edwards, CO
COST: $25 per person, includes materials and instructions.

**Spaces are limited, so please call us at ( 970) 926-5504 to reserve your spot today!**

Get your hands dirty in this workshop as you learn the Japanese art of kokedama, the unique cultivation of a plant encased in a ball of moss. After learning about the history of kokedama and watching a hands-on demo by the instructor, you will pick a houseplant to repot in a moss ball and spend the rest of the workshop perfecting your craft. 


Each participant will go home with a new kokedama planter to add some unique greenery to your home!
Valentine's Day Goodies

All year long, our rustic farmhouse garden gift shop is full of unique gifts that people of all ages love: books, jewelry, kids toys, art, and antiques included. 

But for Valentine's Day, we've created a special section in our store, full of gift ideas for this special holiday. 

Valentine's Day Plant Gift Ideas:  

4" Orchid Plants just arrived and should be near full bloom for Valentine's Day.

A new shipment of houseplants will arrive the Friday before Valentine's Day. 

Stop by to get ideas and gifts that will make your sweeties smile this Valentine's Day.

Plus, our eBay store is a great place to shop for great deals on gardening supplies and gifts from wherever you are. 
February Sales

We've got some great deals 
this month, including:
  • Select 50% off pottery
  • DeWitt gardening tools 35% off
  • Other garden tools 25-50% off
  • Many home decor and gallery items, including collectibles, on sale at 20%
Come on by our farmhouse gift shop in Edwards, and be on the lookout for RED SALE TAGS to discover more great deals!

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Tiny Plants Make Great Gifts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and for those who love nature and gardening, tiny plants make great gifts at any time of the year. Plus, during the winter season-when we don't see much green outside in here in the Vail area-tiny plants can brighten up a home and bring life into any space.

Get inspired to give the gift of a live plant with these tiny plant design ideas:
Many varieties of succulents come in small sizes, and the detail and shape of these plants makes them exciting gifts. We like arranging succulents in small glass containers or jars layered with rocks to add some texture. One common mistake with succulents is over-watering, so water sparingly-especially in the winter months-and place in an area where the plants can receive bright, filtered light. Rocks placed in the bottom of a container can help facilitate drainage, which is a good thing, as succulents thrive in well-drained soil. A succulent-specific soil is a good choice.
With their prickly exteriors and iconic shapes, cacti are beloved fixtures of the western landscape, and tiny cacti make fun gifts. Get creative with pot layers and texture pieces to make a stunning plant design. Cacti look great when planted in rocky soil within clear glass containers such as hurricane planters. Choose different types of rocks and soils to highlight the layered effect, but make sure that the cactus is planted toward the top and in the type of soil that's most suitable for its growth. Like succulents, cacti prefer well-drained soil, and cactus-specific soils are available for purchase.
Air plants:
Because they thrive on air and don't need soil to grow, the options for tiny air plant gifts are endless. These Tillandsia plants take up the water and nutrients they need through their specialized leaves, and since air plants use roots only to anchor themselves to objects in their surroundings such as rocks and trees, they can be placed freely in eye-catching containers or arranged in other creative live designs. Ideas for gift designs include placing air plants directly on a driftwood arrangement to create a natural interest piece or placing an air plant in clear glass container that can be suspended from a window frame or ceiling.
Tiny Ferns and other Mini Plants:
Tiny ferns and other mini plants are more readily available due to a swoon of interest in fairy gardening, and these kinds of plants also make great gift items. Look for varieties that have good leaf texture and color. Choose a simple pot so that the plant itself remains the focus in designs that incorporate blooming mini plants.
February Gardening & Landscaping Happenings
Don't abandon your love of gardening and landscaping during the winter months! Stop by Wildflower Farm to stay in touch with these things that you love all year. Here are some updates, ideas, and happenings to help you stay connected: 

GET GROWING: We have seeds, seed-starting supplies, and grow lights. Now is a good time to grow easy things likes lettuce, some herbs, or sprouts. We've got herbs started right now in our greenhouse, and you too can grow herbs and sprouts in your kitchen in a warm, sunny window or in an area with a grow light fixed to the underside of a cabinet. 

FEED THE BIRDS: Help out active birds in your landscape this winter by providing seed or suet. Stop by for birding supplies, feeders, and bird books. 

EXPLORE THE GREENHOUSE: O ur greenhouse is open and stocked with tiny, two-inch plants up to small indoor trees. Come by and relax on a cold day, or to pick up something green for your windowsill.   

REPOT HOUSEPLANTS: While outdoor gardening may be on a hiatus, now is a great time to repot houseplants large and small.  We have an assortment of potting soils, fertilizers, and tools for these tasks. Plus, we have an assortment of pottery on sale at 50% off!

PERENNIAL PURPOSE: We are busy right now planting up new and old favorite Perennials so that we have many exciting and beautiful plants to choose from in mid to late May.
Western Art & Antiques

Our farmhouse and gift shop in Edwards is also full of Western flair. Come check out our unique gallery space that's chock full of Western art, antiques, and Colorado-inspired home decor.