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VanDerBrink Auctions will work with you and all your auction needs from settling an estate, farm sale, a barn packed with vintage parts. Gas engine, motorcycles, antique tractors, fabulous private collection, or liquidating an older Salvage yard to a beautiful classic vehicle collection.







We have some more updates for you on our auctions. First Some Exciting News! The History Channel will be taping the Lambrecht Collection Auction! We have been working with them since in August- It's very exciting. I want to address a couple rumors that have been circulating about the Lambrecht Auction .
1. There is no Charge for Admission
2. There is no Charge for a bidding number, BUT YOU MUST QUALIFY. It is not hard and these are the payment options. US Funds Cash, Credit Card only to 10K and with 4% ADM fee, A personal or Business Check ONLY with proof of funds. This can be a letter from the bank, statement, phone, ATM slip,  you just have to prove you can write that check.
3. There IS a 5% ON-SITE Buyer's premium and there is an 8% ON-LINE buyer's premium. Payment in FULL DAY OF SALE- EACH DAY you settle up at the end of each day in full.
4. Parking is on personal property and there will be a charge for parking. IF the beans get out- yeah!
5. VanDerBrink Auction will have FREE Truck and Trailer Parking at the Fairgrounds with shuttle service.
Here are the places to Park or call for reservations to Park-
Lynn Moeller- 402-750-4824 also camper parking
Pierce Community Golf Course- ON Website under Bidder info
Rick's Repair- 402-329-4650 (also camping)
The Riedels- Parking-Camping- 402-329-6387
Rooms for Rent- Pierce, NE-4023-750-5863
The Youngs- Camper Parking- Pierce, NE 402-329-4466
Room/Home for rent in Pierce, NE- 402-841-8064
Holly & Ed- Camping-Pierce, NE- 402-329-6774
The Steele- Camper Parking and Parking in Pierce, NE- 402-679-2470
Apartment in Randolph, NE and Camping- 402-369-2326
Campers & Hook -Camping- 402-992-0814
Jerry's Campers- rent new campers and help you- 402-371-1306
Parking- Ron 402-329-4637
There is more at Kelly's Storage Units
Bed & Breakfast in Pierce, NE- 402-649-2254


 Click Here for Day 2 Lambrecht Inventory!  


1. There are NOT a lot of parts and they WILL be sold on the first Day at the beginning of the auction and at the end of the first day.

2. The Gates open at 6:30 for Auction Days.

3. Preview is Sept. 27th from 8:30 till 8PM 

s, memorabilia, special items, MSO cars, and start of projects.  

5. Sunday we will start with Specialty tools and sell the remainder of the vehicles.  

6. You may remove parts from your cars and leave the bodies-be clean. You can also take the whole car- we encourage that. YOU MAY NOT buy or try to buy parts off cars that may be sold to the crusher. Once they are declared SOLD they are SOLD. If you want parts- you must by the whole car.  

7. Loading will be available Sat. Sun. after the auctions are over each Day.  $20.00/ car to load.  

8. NO EARLY PREVIEW prior to Friday Sept. 27th, 2013!!

9. There will be food and porta pots.  

10. Parking will be at private places like the Pierce County Golf Course, Rick's Repair, and 2 other neighbors and Truck and Trailer parking at the Fairgrounds-FREE. We will shuttle you. IF THE BEANS ARE OUT- WE HAVE PARKING ONSITE!! 

Handicap parking available onsite- WITH TAG- or best is call the Golf Course- they have best and closest parking. Pierce Community Golf Course is right next door.


 There is on-site and on-line bidding available on all auctions. for online bidding.  

 We hope you all have fun and see you at the auction.  


We are selling the Saturday in the order listed. The Cameo is the First Vehicle to Sell!!!


See you there! 


I also added another amazing auction with Fords, Cords, and Gangster Era Cars- 10-19-2013 in Farmington, MN. 1932 Ford an RARE 1936 Cord Phaeton Project- Wow! Check it out!



A peak at the Arneson-Miller Collection!


We also have a nice assortment of Approx. 125 Gas Pumps and along with Signage 10-12-2013 in  

Sauk Rapids, MN on the edge of ST. Cloud, MN


We also have the Walker Collection  10-26-2013 in Spencer, IA with Beer Collectibles and Collector Cars.Pink Caddy Conv. and more!


I just took a phone call for a North Dakota Auction 11-2-2013! Let's hold off the cool- Working with estate- approx. 130 collector vehicles for project parts.  


WE are also selling a Hog Barn in Rock County on Nov. 7th- It's a Finishing Barn. Luverne, MN.   


See you at the Auctions! Well Gotta Run!


Yvette VanDerBrink

VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC




Upcoming Sale!

9-14-2013- Hafker Collection- Donnelly, MN 10am

9-28 & 29-The Lambrecht Collection- Pierce, NE 9:30 each Day

10-12-2013- Sauk Rapids, MN-Gas Pumps, and More! The Feneis Collection
10-19-2013- The Arneson-Miller Collections Farmington, MN 10am

10-26-2013- The Arnie Walker Collection-Spencer, IA 10am

11-2-2013- Collector Cars- ND

VanDerBrink Auctions works 100% for our Sellers no matter the size of the sale. VanDerBrink Auctions conducts on-site and online auctions. VanDerBrink Auctions works personally with our Sellers as a team to customize an auction plan specifically designed for their successful auction. VanDerBrink Auctions is a Broker and successfully sells land and other real estate at auction and privately in South Dakota and Minnesota. We take pride in our auctions and look forward to working with you!




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