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It's always better to give than to receive. Well, that's what they say anyway and  9-year-old Josiah would probably agree.

Josiah and Malik bonded over the experience of getting a new bike together. They became fast friends!
Several years ago, Josiah received an adaptive bike. Over time, he outgrew it in both size and ability. Instead of leaving it in the garage to collect dust, Josiah donated the bike to Variety to make sure that another child could get the opportunity to ride. Little did he know that he was going to receive a bike in return. He got a new bike to replace the one he donated and it fits his needs perfectly! Josiah is excited about testing his new set of wheels on the paved bike trail near his home. He can now join his siblings and friends in riding around his neighborhood cul-de-sac and safely navigate hills.

A s if giving and receiving a bike wasn't exciting enough, there was yet more fun and excitement to come. The same day Josiah got his bike, 13-year-old Malik received his very own adaptive bike too! In fact, it is the very first bike Malik has ever gotten. 

Riding a bike will be a great way for Josiah to get exercise, improve endurance and participate in social experiences with peers. 
I'm a Variety Child 
-a story written in the perspective of a Variety child, by Bob Menefee

I'm not very big, yet.  My parents want me to bike with others.  My Mom said that I should try.  I'm in a wheelchair sometimes, really most of the time.  I like to be outside when I can.

I'm in a store, I can smell new paint and rubber, I think.  Wow, so many colors, the helmets are really cool.  Will I get one?  He wants me to stand up, pull on his hands.  There are more people here than I thought.  So how long are my legs, my arms, I don't know.  He writes the numbers down.  This is okay, my Dad is smiling.
Cameras?  Why the cameras?  It's a little warm in here.  What did he say?  Can I stand again?  Sure I can.  Does he know I can't stand for very long?  I wish my sister would get out of the way.  She gets a lot of attention.  At least I got out of school early for this.
Most of my cousins have bicycles.  One of my friends rides his bike to school.  I can't ride my older brother's bike, we tried.  I think I might fall off of it.  My grandfather tried to help me but that didn't work out.
What color do I want?  I'm not sure yet.  I've looked at a lot of bikes in the newspaper advertisements.  Can I really choose the color?  That would be nice since I can't even choose the color of my shirt each morning.  I think they think I am still a baby or something.  Well, I am not a baby any more.
Time to leave?  What about the bike?  How do I get one of these?

I'm a Variety child.
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January 2017

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Birthday Wishes

While most children think of their birthday as a time to receive, 11-year-old Leah made her special day into an opportunity to give. 
As Leah was getting ready to pray before bed, she reminded her dad Nick about continuing her family's tradition of "birthday giving". Her desire was to give to "kids with special needs".  After a bit of research, she decided to give to Variety kids! Leah donated $1 for every birthday wish that she received between phone calls, cards, and her lunch room singing to her at school. 
Leah is an absolutely loving, thoughtful, and compassionate person and we are so grateful for her. We thank her and her family for their generosity and for making Variety kids a priority!
If you'd like to wish Leah a happy birthday and donate in her honor, please visit .

Donor Spotlight
We would like to express our deep appreciation to Wisconsin Roofing Contractors Association for choosing Variety to be the benefiting charity of their annual contractors meeting. With a very generous matching donation from Spec Products, WRCA raised more than $12,000 for Variety kids! 

We send a special shout out to Jeff Beiriger who is loyal friend and past Board of Director President for inviting Variety to be a part of the meeting and raising awareness about the needs of Wisconsin children with physical disabilities.

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Monday, July 17, 2017
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