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Climbing evergreen perennial native to the Mediterranean and southern Europe. The plant is a classic element of the Medieval garden, completely unique, wending its way along the ground or draping on fence or trellis. The yellow, star-like flowers are produced in the second year after which the roots may be dug.

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(Skullcap, Baical; Huang-qin) Herbaceous perennial. Native to the shores of Lake Baikal, Mongolia, Siberia, and the Chihli and Shantung provinces of China. The purple flowers are like schools of dolphin breaking through green waves in a summer sea. The part used in traditional Chinese medicine is the dried root.
(Kashmir Sage) Herbaceous perennial giving rise to loose racemes of large, deep throated blue flowers in second year.  The plant flowers over a longer period of time than most sages. Salvia hians is a particularly robust sage, with resinously sticky foliage that gives off an enticing, fruity aroma, even at a distance.

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