August 2014 Newsletter
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Vendor Classification
Coherent Approach to Vendor Classification

During the Shared Assessments August Member Forum call, Donald Williams, Senior Consultant, Churchill & Harrimandiscussed a coherent approach for categorizing vendors for the purpose of determining what type of, if any, risk assessment to conduct.  The role of risk assessments within an overall vendor management program to include additional vendor risk components was provided. The presentation concluded with some pertinent thoughts on logical next steps to take once vendors have been categorized.  This month's feature article discusses drivers and an approach for the categorization of vendors for risk assessment purposes within the context of an overall vendor risk management program congruent with the current regulatory environment.


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Commonly asked questions asked and answered


I send out a substantial numbers of SIG questionnaires to service providers. It is very time consuming to review all of the responses to determine if they meet our company's requirements. Is there a more efficient or automated way for me to evaluate their responses and determine if their answers meet my requirements for IT security and data protection?



We developed the SIG Management Tool (SMT) to specifically address this issue. The SMT provides and efficient and effective way to evaluate SIG responses from service providers.


The first step in using the SMT is to create a Master SIG. When creating a Master SIG you complete a SIG by answering the questions to satisfy your corporate IT security and data privacy requirements. Once you have created a Master SIG it can be used by the SMT to compare the SIG provided by your service providers to the answers in your Master SIG.  The SMT compares the answers from your service provider and generates a report showing where the answers don't match. The report also provides the evaluator the ability to leave comments and recommendations on how these issues should be addressed. Thus, the SMT comparison report provides an efficient means of generating management reports on assessment activity and results.


Additional information on how to customize the comparison report and other uses of the SMT can be found in the SIG Issuers Guide.  




By Donald Williams
Senior Consultant, Churchill & Harriman

With the publication of OCC Bulletin 2013-29 as well as numerous recent breaches involving vendors, a perfect storm of awareness has arisen not only in the financial services industry but many others as well.  The inevitable result will be emphasis within organizations on better management of the inherent risk realized from utilizing services from third parties.  With regards to the axiom that no organization has unlimited resources a critical question arises - How do I categorize my vendors so as to maximize existing resources while identifying and minimizing the greatest risks. 

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