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Welcome to Millner Heritage Winery

Good Morning:  

Well I started to write this yesterday, I got writers block. Instead of struggling further Mary and I went to the Meeker County fair. In a sense we were returning to the scene of the crime, Wednesday evening five of us from the winery including Mary and myself were judges for the wine competition at the fair. We had a really fun time it was a good experience. In the end on selecting the grand champion wine we had a fair amount of discussion and after we selected it turns out that the same person made both of the best to wines.
Meeker County Fair - 
AUGUST 3-6, 2017
     Returning on Thursday with the fair opening for traffic we were very impressed by the Projects submitted by the children, primarily 4-H and FFA. We started with lunch at the 4-H building, with the kids doing very much of the work even the littlest ones. After going through the exhibits and the animal barns we ended with a magic show, he was very good entertainment for the kids. 

This is a chicken

Just taking a nap.
The Magician

And the Flowers.


It has happened!

     The grapes are now going into Veraison, beginning the color change and forming the sugars and the flavor compounds. With this change, this morning Phil is now applying bird repellent and this afternoon I will be starting up the bird of prey speaker systems. We are all excited to see this change happening given the heavy crop low this year.



Harvest will be here Soooooon!

        Again I invite you to sign up to be a harvest volunteer. It's always a fun time and nice clean work with a good company. See old friends and make new ones.Being a harvest volunteer means working four hours in the vineyard cutting clusters of grapes into 5 gallon pails and dumping those pails into bins in the field. The bins hold 500 and 600 pounds of grapes, it's really nice work and does go quite fast. It goes quite fast, we have had a crew harvest to 1 1/2 tons per hour, 6 tons in 4 hours. After the fieldwork then comes the party. A good meal and to drink whatever wine you'd like, plus we send to bottles of wine home per person. It is a fun real world event, these grapes do make our wine. 

     To volunteer email to our store manager Cheri at cherilaughton@gmail.com with the subject line "harvest".  Include your name, phone number, number of people in your group, and the days of the week you can be available.


Freizeit is Back!
     This dry white wine is back on our shelves bottle just yesterday. I have to say that generally the dry white wine market is a very small number of people and this labelLabels-freizeit.jpg has not been a real big seller. Welcome to change! On this vintage Jon has made a major change by using the La Crescent grape. This has introduced a very nice amount of fruity character and made this wine very interesting. It is only a small vintage try it now it will sell out.


Related image

Upcoming events to put on your calendar!

September 16 is our 
Hungarian Festival and Grape Stomp

Besides the Hungarian foods and culture we will again be grape stopping.

October 7 and 8th is our 
Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp

We will again this year have two bands of music, grape stomping both days, and as always wine tasting.

Image result for photo of Hungarian Grape Stomp

  If you'd like to be a vendor at the "Rockin Stompin Grape Stomp" follow this link below.
Free Wine!

     Last week I put out a request to critique the painting below. There is no question that "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder ". I did receive quite a large number of responses and I'd like to thank everyone for their input. I found it interesting reading each person's view. Overall more were positive than negative, that's the eye of the beholder. And the winner of this week's bottle of wine drawn at random from all the entries is Joan Rennie, congratulations.



More Free Wine!

     Now that you are all art critics, here are two new drawings that came in this week from our four-year-old granddaughter in Houston Texas. This is Lisa's work, the first one is her drawing of "Daddy's Hairy Foot "and the second one is "Her Self Portrait".
If you'd like to critique these two send your feedback to donmillner@gmail.com
with the subject line "Lisa likes pizza not Mona Lisa". I'll draw a winner at random.

Our Music Season
 is back on 
Saturdays and Sundays.

      One thing we have changed this year is that the performances are now normally 1 to 4 PM, but of course you can stay all the way to closing time.

Our music this Saturday & Sunday 1 to 4 pm is
Jake Braking

Performing a variety of old and new rock, Jake Hagedorn.


Happy Hour Yoga

This is at Millner Heritage Winery

to reserve contact AnnaliciaLynn@yogaandpilatesonline.com

Looking for a Job,
 an Occupation,
 a Career?
     We are looking for a few good people to work in the retail part of our winery. Including wine tasting and sales in the store plus assisting guests with our weddings and other events. This year we are are presenting 17 weddings, with wine and cider our production is now at 17 to 18,000 gallons per year, and myself as senior partner it is time for me to slow down some. We need some help.

     Whether just part-time work is right for you or you are up for a career and lifestyle change, please give us a look. Feel free to email your resume to donmillner@gmail.com and call me at 320-237-1958.

Thank you
 Don Millner

April through December Open: Thursday 11 - 7 pm.
Friday 11 - 8 pm.
Saturday 11 - 8 pm.
Sunday 11 - 6 pm. 
Tours 1:30 and 3 pm on Sat. & Sunday
Tours Thurs. & Fri. by Appointment 6 person Minimum.

Try Our "Keek's" Pizzas
You'll come back for more, handmade locally.

Thank you for your time! 
Don and the Millner Family.  

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