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Construction Update for our Burlington office:

Our Burlington office is at the center of a significant construction project and our front entrance has moved as a result.


Our address remains 187 St. Paul Street, but you can get to us through adjoining 183 St. Paul Street. Check our Facebook page for updates!

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Warm Holiday Greetings from Vermont CARES!


We have been sending out our annual holiday cards to thousands of our supporters across Vermont and the U.S. through the last week, and responses have been so generous. 


Thank you for considering a year-end gift to support Vermont's HIV/AIDS resources.


If you're not on our paper mailing list, or if you would like to spread our year-end thoughts to friends and coworkers in your email rolodex, we're sending an e-version of the card this year.


You can make a secure online donation by clicking on the "Donate" button on our website.  We gratefully accept online donations through Network for Good (link in the lefthand column of this email) as well as PayPal.


We offer our tremendous thanks to Board Member Dok Wright and ContraFlux for image, design, and printing support.


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This year marked the quarter century anniversary of Vermont CARES. Without you, HIV care and prevention would not be possible across the most rural and most urban corners of our state. To be frank, this is not an anniversary our founders anticipated reaching. In the early days of the AIDS crisis, it was unimaginable that HIV would change so much.


Today, the virus is treatable. We know how to prevent new infections, and social stigma is - slowly, desperately slowly - changing. You make Vermont a leader in HIV care, treatment, and prevention.


We do not currently expect Vermont CARES will be around for another 25 years. Our HIV positive leaders and volunteer Board of Directors have outlined a vision in which CARES may not be needed if we find a cure for HIV, a successful vaccine, or other medical advances that stop AIDS forever.


In the meantime - as we see more Vermonters come through our doors in need of free testing, in need of housing if they are HIV-infected, in need of medication, or just in need of someone who can listen to and understand what they're going through - we will be steadfastly their consistent support.


Your contribution, your volunteerism, and your conversations about HIV in your social circles all make the world a better place for our neighbors, friends, and loved ones affected by HIV/AIDS.


With all our sincere thanks,


Peter Jacobsen

Executive Director