Today, October 12, is your vegetable share delivery from Vermont Valley Community Farm!  
Next Thursday, October 19, is your FINAL delivery of the Main Season. You may extend your CSA deliveries with our Storage Share options - see below! 
2018 Membership will be open next week! You will receive an email with sign up information. 
Changes for 2018 

Something New

We have been doing this CSA thing for 23 years and counting. Every year this or that is tweaked a bit. Sometimes we make bigger changes. It has been our challenge and goal to fill each and every CSA box with an interesting variety of vegetables every single week. And for all 23 years it has been a struggle to keep it exciting and new during a few weeks in June and July.

So, we are trying something new in 2018.
We are going to change up the period of our 20 week season to match those weeks we can make your share the most exciting, delicious and bountiful.

Belonging to our CSA fa
rm means you make a commitment to pick up your share. We recognize that means a trip to your pickup site. We always want the week's harvest to be great, giving you lots to go home with.

That first crisp head of lettuce in early May is heaven sent. The summer bounty of tomatoes, beans, corn and the like is eagerly awaited and celebrated; but that doesn't happen until the end of July. The fall bounty in Wisconsin is incredible, we barely have enough room in the box to squeeze it all in.

In 2018 we are encouraging everyone to experience what only a select few of you have, the real spring season . Our Spring Share members have tasted the best of what early spring offers. We grow the earliest crops under protected structures; making deliveries possible in late April/early May.

This first part of the 20 week season is the Spring Season    ; a 6 week delivery period May 3 to June 7; you can choose weekly or biweekly deliveries.

Our second season will coincide with the bounty of the summer and fall, Bounty Season   ; a 14 week delivery period July 26 to October 25; you can again choose weekly or biweekly deliveries. This is when it gets fun eating, with so much variety.

We plan to include lettuce/salad mix throughout this season. In the past we have backed off on greens since that is most of what you got in June and July.

Given our new mix, we are discontinuing the Large Share option.

The Storage Share option will be the same as prior years.

The Fruit Box option will change due to the change in the delivery season. We will miss the July blueberry and cherry boxes, although they bumped up the cost of the share. If you have not tried the fruit box, you may want to consider it, it is delicious.

To sum it up we will be offering three seasons:

Spring Season: May 3 - June 7
Bounty Season: July 26 - October 25
Storage Share: November 15 and December 13

*There will be a six week break with no deliveries between the Spring Season and Bounty Seasons
We very much want to hear what you think of our changes. Soon our website changes will be completed and we will ask you to sign-up.
We will offer a 5% discount if you sign up this fall.  
~ David and Barb

Changing How We Eat, One Season at a Time
Winter squash, sweet potatoes, pie pumpkins, ruby heart radishes, carrots, celeriac, beets, cooking greens, potatoes all define how we eat in the fall. And what do all of these foods have in common? They keep very well. Think about it, before Wisconsinites had grocery stores, they had gardens and root cellars. The food that was harvested in the fall had to keep all winter and be enjoyed for many months. This time of year is our opportunity to do just that.
When we started this farm 23 years ago we made the big leap into full-on seasonal eating. If we aren't growing it, we're not eating it. We make it through the winter with a handful of vegetables which we have learned to love and be creative with, or not, sometimes it's the same old, same old. Truly, it's really easy and fun. Easy because I know what I have to cook with and that's that. No fancy recipes using all kinds of imported vegetables. The ultimate CSA experience.
These last few deliveries have been getting heavier and heavier with storage produce. And then there is the Storage Share in November and December. If you haven't signed up yet, this is a good time to think about what it means to eat seasonally in Wisconsin and have some fun with it. -Barb Read More
This Week's Harvest:  

Sweet Peppers
Chinese Cabbage
Green Cabbage
Ruby Heart Radish
Sweet Potatoes
Swiss Chard

Storage Share 

Extend your seasonal eating experience into the winter!
Nov 9
Dec 7
3 purchasing options
Email us to sign up for your Storage Share! 
Ice Age Trail Alliance x REI
Farm To Table Dinner Success!  
Read Jonnah's article for Madison Magazine about the amazing event host by Ice Age Trail Alliance and REI featuring Vermont Valley produce. This was the kickoff dinner for a year-long series of outdoors focused retreats for women.
Know your farmer, know your food.
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