Granny Baskets
Granny Baskets
The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project
During this time of holiday generosity, we thank those of you who have already made an investment for 2012. You are our champions!  We still have over $55,000 to raise before year end to support our students and grannies. 
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Today is Graduation Day!  


These pictures, taken moments ago, are just for you!  The graduation ceremony is taking place as I type this, full of pomp and circumstance...


Kutamba Grads Lined Up  

We're thrilled to have just graduated our first class from  

Kutamba Primary School thanks in large part to you!


If you're like us, you are totally overjoyed to also see our pioneer graduating class of students entering into their last two years of high school!


Are you over-the-moon that our Nyaka Primary School just graduated its fifth year of students?




Senior 4 Graduates  

We continue our 2012 Story-A-Week with the graduation celebration you have all been waiting for.


The ceremony took place near Kutamba Primary School 

(map it).






Graduates Waiting to Be Called Up  


Staff, students, grannies, families, community members, dignitaries, and the graduates themselves had to navigate rainy washed away roads to attend.  Nothing worth anything is ever easy, is it?  


Aren't these smiles worth it?  Aren't their achievements inspiring to you?


You made this possible.  Pat yourself on the back (we mean it - take a moment and pat yourself on your back!).


Kutamba Graduate Lifting Cap  


Your dedication to our students has given them the most precious and useful gift - an education.


This year, YOU have helped provide a free education to 584 students.  Today you helped 74 of those students graduate!


Throughout their educational journey, your generous investment has ensured that each one of these students has also been provided nourishing meals, school supplies, proper learning facilities, and a loving and supportive community.


You are so awesome!  We are so grateful for your unwavering support.  


Please take a moment to renew your gift in their honor if you haven't yet had an opportunity to do so.  They are depending on your love, care, and support again in 2013.


 It is a holiday season of firsts for us, and we are so thankful to you for all of your support.


With gratitude,       


Janis and her grandson, Jacob


Janis Simon

The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project Board President

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Banana Farmer

Next week, find out why this banana farmer visits the  

Blue Lupin Community Library



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