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Thirteen Years of Gratitude
and a little help from my friends
cutting to the chase:
*Sandwhich Closes in September*
Me and my no-longer-toddler, having braved SC traffic to see that magnificent eclipse. I'm grateful for all I've been given. Please go here to donate to relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. If everyone gives $5, just imagine...

Hurricane Harvey
I don't know how to write this letter to you and forget what's going on a few states over. 

Please, as you read this, maybe pondering what you'll eat the next time you come to Sandwhich, remember that our neighbors in Texas and other gulf states are suffering. It is so awful there -- heartbreaking stories. Sandwhich is closing, that's very sad! But the sadness is, in part, because of the abundance we have enjoyed, and, on the sadness scale, it is dwarfed by the Hurricane Harvey situation.

Here is a link to wonderful site called Charity Navigator that can help you choose a worthy organization for your $5 or $25 or $50 contribution. Thank you!



normal hours
Sun & Mon 11 - 4
Tues-Sat 11 - 9
We will have normal
business hours until
mid-September when
we will close our 
doors permanently.
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A few More Shoutouts
I must name a few more, always with a terrible certainty that I am leaving someone out. Every single one of you has helped in some way.

Some of my suppliers: the world-class bakery at Weaver Street Market, Danan Farms, U.S. Foods, Flat River Nursery, The Bread Shop, Martin's, and Bruno Arricastres, Erik Petersen and Chad Underwood, my beverage guys, Imagine That Gluten Free, Martin's, to name just a few. 

There are investors: Catherine and Norm Taylor, and Doug Richards, all three of whom offered valuable financial investment as well as good advice and feedback when it was most needed. 

There's my mom, Catherine Ragland, and Hich's mom, Naima Ejjouf, both of whom offered endless, but endless, amounts of support, ideas, and warm meals after a long day. The rest of our families and friends. How do I thank you all? How do I make sure I didn't leave anyone off? But this is not a complete list, it can't be, and I will thank you in person when I see you. 

But...really, see how blessed we have been? So much that my mind is bright and my heart is racing, and I can no longer write down names. It's too much. You guys rule, all of you. What would we have done without you?
August 30, 2017

It is with a heavy heart, but also a grateful spirit, that I announce that Sandwhich will be closing its doors permanently mid-to-late September (final date and time TBA). It's bittersweet: we've had a wonderful time on this crazy adventure, and we're proud of the food we have served, and service we have been able to offer for so many years.

Over the past 9 months, my energy and efforts were being increasingly required in areas where I lack expertise, and increasingly pulled away from areas where I have ample expertise. This is the nature of the beast with operating an independent restaurant, but it is draining. Despite my survivor-like enjoyment of many of these challenges, especially the technical ones, where I got to "geek-out" on plumbing, or some other area of knowledge, I could feel myself needing a change. In the past few months, I began, gently, searching for a sound exit strategy, and found one faster than I had thought I might.

The solution I found feels like a good choice for me and my family. I won't talk just yet about the new restaurant coming into my space, but I will say this: the food, although totally different from what we serve, is yummy, and is made from scratch. I plan to be one of their best customers. As people, they are totally my style, and, since they are local, they already love this wonderful community. Finally, and most importantly: they are good employers. This is key - they have offered jobs to any of my staff who would like to stay on. That last bit means so much to me.

If you think Sandwhich is a good place, let me assure you that the attention to detail on the part of my wonderful employees is the main reason. Whether they are offering a smile when your order is placed, painstakingly slicing potatoes that will eventually become our homemade potato chips, artfully preparing your food, or even just making sure you find a clean table beside a clean window, my employees take their jobs seriously, and they work their tails off. I work very hard, I do, but they work a hundred times harder. They deserve a huge round of applause. I have been so fortunate to have gotten to spend 2017 working with Jheira, Widman, Humberto, Brenda, Camilo, Cozy, Bryana, Cassie, Kendell, Melissa, Adam, Brandon, Rocio, Caleb, Kyle, Lindsey, Diego, Jaime, Hugo, Alicia, David, Amanda, Lester, Rolando, Emelie, Leo, Gaby, and Nadia. I have scores of other beloved employees from previous years that I'd love to mention, but I'll stop there. You guys are amazing -- thank you!

From the first day my former business partner, Hicham Elbetri, and I opened our doors in 2005, in the lovely space in The Courtyard that is now home to Vimala's magnificent Curryblossom Cafe', we have been blessed. First of all, to Hich, my co-conspirator: no one could have brought more expertise-mixed-with-magic than you -- that's a blessing in itself -- thank you times 3000 for the great food, the humor, and for all the support these last two-plus years since I took over operations. (Hich is now at Bar Virgile in Durham -- I highly recommend it!).

We have also been blessed with an amazing community in which to operate -- the Town of Chapel Hill, the Downtown Partnership, Orange County, my alma mater, UNC, The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber, Harrington Bank (now Pinnacle) -- all these entities, and others, offered support and patronage as our business grew from a tiny one into a bigger one. There are business contractors: Kim Ray, Michelle Partis, Heather Benjamin, Ted Thornton, and many others who came to the rescue so many times. There are mentors and advisors, and good listeners, like Lex and Ann Alexander, Mary Rocap, Tim Jezisek, Badi Bradley, Gretchen Lang, Jamil Kadoura, Buck and Kay Goldstein, David Harris, Noel and Jon (the alcohol spiel!), Marielle Hare, Aaron Nelson, Jon Mills, Sam Smith from USFS, Will Morris, David Sutton, to name just a few from a large group. This is Janet writing -- Hich would have just as large a list (Paul Kartheiser, Brian Plaster, Leo Gaev, and many others). If your name is not here, it is because this paragraph cannot tolerate being any longer, and I will thank you when I see you.

Finally, we have a group of customers that is diverse, interesting, smart, funny, and kind. Some of you are regulars -- I daresay we are the "dining hall" for a few of you -- THANK YOU, REGULARS!!!! You have bankrolled the whole thing, you know you did. Others among you come less frequently, but with just as much gusto, and your business has made a huge difference. Some of you prefer to order for take-out, others are the beneficiaries of office managers placing catered luncheon orders, and the rest of you like to dine in, perhaps on our patio. But however you have come to enjoy what we do here at Sandwhich, let my appreciation for your patronage be made loud and clear: I am, and we are, so thankful! I have been surrounded by amazing and generous people, in all kinds of roles, for these almost-thirteen years of success. I couldn't have done it without you.

That's all I'll say for now. Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page, and perhaps another email or two, if I can write another. These are hard to write -- there's too much to say and I don't know how to say it, but it's all from the heart.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you very, very much.

With love,

Janet Elbetri
 The amazing SC sunset on eclipse day. Wow!