This month's Eagle was launched a bit late but for good reason - there was so much to input from October and for November!

We started November with one of our favorite times in San Diego - choosing a new San Diego County Veteran of the Year to represent about 240,000 military veterans! We have a new winner of the Will Hays Lifetime Achievement award and new nonprofit and corporate winners too. Big thank you to all who attended our largest luncheon ever and to those who submitted nominations. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

Now on to the rest of November. Please join us on Veterans Day for a FREE open house and FREE patriotic concert. Then come back Saturday to make a holiday card for a hero and to see the opening of "The Photography of Gordon Parks and a Special Tribute to African American Troops." And lastly, on Nov. 19 and 20, please visit the museum for a benefit concert, "All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914." 

To all those who have served and continue to serve so we may live free; "Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country." 

Captain Sheldon Margolis 
USN (Retired) 
President and CEO

What's going on at your museum? (Museum events or museum partners)
  • All November to Dec. 15 - Toys for Tots (drop off location at the museum)
  • Nov. 11: Veterans Day - Tribute by San Diego City Guard Band  (2 p.m.)
  • Nov. 11: Veterans Museum open house - Free Admission to concert and museum (all day)
  • Nov. 11: San Diego Veterans Day Parade (11 a.m.)
  • Nov. 12: American Red Cross "Holiday Cards for Heroes" card-making event (10 a.m. to 3 p.m. - Open to the public)
  • Nov. 12: Grand opening of "The Photography of Gordon Parks and A Special Tribute to African American Troops" (4 to 7:30 p.m.)
  • Nov. 19: "All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914" a benefit concert for The Veterans Museum ( 7 p.m.)
  • Nov. 20: "All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914" a benefit concert for The Veterans Museum (2 p.m.)
  • Nov. 24: Museum is closed in observance of Thanksgiving
  • Nov. 26: United Veterans Council meeting (9:30 to 11:30 a.m.)
  • Nov. 26: San Diego County monthly veterans memorial service (noon)
  • Nov. 29: Giving Tuesday - How will you give?
  • Dec. 2-4: Save the Date for Balboa Park's December Nights
This month 
San Diego County Veteran of the Year!!

This month we were incredibly excited to announce our 27th Annual Veteran of the Year! The 2016-2017 Veteran of the Year is Nadirah Sahar from the Veterans Village of San Diego. Sahar is a Navy veteran who served from 1980-1990 and has worked for VVSD for 18 years. Her work ethic and attitude of servitude and sacrifice begin with the work she does to help homeless veterans, veterans with felonies, substance abuse problems and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her work load far exceeds those who work in comparable positions and this is simply because of her compassion for her fellow veterans. Sahar also works hard to ensure her fellow veterans receive the best re-integration she can provide by training veterans to enter the civilian job market more effectively.

The Will Hays Lifetime Achievement Award 
was awarded to Richard "Sunny" Ferrand,
coming from the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 472, San Diego. Ferrand is an Associate of the Chapter and Air Force Veteran. He moved to San Diego in 1995, entering the city with no money, job or place to stay. He had been robbed on his way out west and was homeless for many days upon his first arrival. He eventually found the Interfaith Community Services Shelter who gave him food, room and board until he could get on his feet. Soon he had his own room he was renting and he was on his way. Ferrand now continues to work with the Shelter, helping fellow veterans who have fallen on hard times get back on their feet. He has served in many positions within the American Legion and works exclusively with the Wounded Warrior Battalion for the Army and the Wounded Warrior Transition Unit here in San Diego.

The Meritorious Support Award  goes to BRAVE-Business Recruiting Allies for Veteran Employment. The mission of BRAVE as a for-profit corporation is to help Veterans and spouses find employment with companies that are optimum for them. It is their business to place great Veteran talent with great businesses who can best use them to their fullest potential.

The Veterans Allegiance Award went to US4Warriors Foundation this year.
This organization is a volunteer-only program dedicated to supporting troops, veterans and their families. Established in 2013, this org helps vets in every capacity they can think of. From flying home an Army Soldier to see his terminally ill father to helping veterans buy groceries and pay rent, US4Warriors strives to have no boundaries when it comes to helping our nation's heroes.

Each year, The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park looks to find the best of the best veteran examples and bring them forward to receive the recognition they deserve for the selfless service they continue to provide their community even after the uniform has been taken off. It is our duty to continually hold our veterans to a stellar example and reward them when it has been more than achieved. Our Veteran community is a powerful and exemplary force and we are proud to award one special someone the title of Veteran of the Year in which they will represent 240,000 fellow veterans within the San Diego community. We commend our community's heroes and thank all who nominated their favorite veteran and we thank all those who were nominated.
Photography of Gordon Parks - Opening Night!
Saturday, Nov. 12 (4 to 7:30 p.m.)

Join us at The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park on November 12 at 4 PM as we partner with the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art in celebrating the Opening Night of The Gordon Parks exhibit by attending the screening of the film "The Anderson Platoon" winner of the 1967 Academy Award for best documentary. A panel discussion will follow the film. Join Vietnam Veterans, Joseph Anderson, President/CEO Tag Holdings (featured in the film); Robert "Bobby" McDonald, President Orange County Black Chamber of Commerce; Hakim Alaji, Co-Founder Community Preparatory School and Mr. Norris Charles, Retired Professor Mesa College.

This will be the first event for The Gordon Parks exhibit, a month-long program, which will include elements photography, writing, music, and film. We'll explore the power of art to illuminate and spark discussion, and invite you to join us for the journey! 

SDAAMFA gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Bayview Baptist Church, California Endowment, The Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center at SDSU, The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park, San Diego Gas & Electric and San Diego State University (Office of the President).
Veterans Museum Benefit Concert
"All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914"
Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. 

The Veterans Museum at Balboa  Park is very happy to jump in "two feet" for a season of performing arts! We are pleased to be joining forces with Bodhi Tree Concerts to present "All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914".

On the battlefields of Belgium, during the early months of WWI, thousands of men, opposing in forces, laid down their weapons and the left the protection of their trenches to celebrate the season without death and fighting. They exchanged gifts of chocolate, liquor, played soccer, exchanged pictures of loved ones and helped each other bury their dead. Eventually, upon orders from above, the men returned to their trenches and began to fight each other once again. 

Bodhi Tree Concerts performs random acts of kindness by presenting music events, donating 100 percent of its profits to charitable causes. The group hires exclusively local artists, to inspire community engagement, philanthropy, and enlightenment through music. This concert marks the opening concert of Bodhi Tree Concerts' sixth season. The organization has already presented over 20 concerts and donated thousands of dollars to 20 charitable organizations including Mama's Kitchen, Voices for Children Erase Poverty, and Foundation for Women, just to name a few. Bodhi Tree Concerts won a coveted San Diego Bravo Award in 2013, a Best of Fringe Award in 2014, a Best of 2014 and 2015 from SanDiegoStory.com, and most recently a Critics Choice Award in 2015 for their SD Premiere of Tears of the Knife.

To purchase tickets, click  Here!

Cat Chiu Phillips, "Artist In Residence" for November 

Cat Chiu Phillips is no stranger to interactive workshops and art installations at The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park. She has hosted workshops this past August, September and October and held events outside the museum, using them as ways to cultivate more interest within her veteran-focused projects. Phillips' work is currently on display at the museum and is called "Entwined". The installations are made completely from re-purposed, recycled materials. These two pieces in particular are made of different types of electronic and digital media. Cassette tapes, Video Tapes, and then a center piece of rotating photographs featured on a digital picture frame. The photos are of veterans who shared their photography with Phillips as a way to capture different moments in their life.

Phillips says her take-away from the project is the fact that there is such a need to build a supportive community for veterans. She also said, "It made me reevaluate the initial purpose of my project and even how it looks conceptually." She says she feels like this is just the tip of the iceberg and is just the beginning of something much larger, more developed and more engaging as a way to further reach out to veterans and their families. Phillip's official opening will be on November 11 from 1 to 3 p.m. 

We encourage art lovers to attend and find out more about our art program, how you may partner with Phillips in the future or how you may learn and partner with the museum in the future towards a creative endeavor
Toys for Tots Collection Site until Dec. 15!!

For the second year, your  Veterans Museum will host a donation box to collect Toys for Tots for the US Marine Corps Reserve annual drive.  Come down and bring a new unwrapped toy for a boy or girl and drop it in our box until Dec 15.

For more information about Toys for Tots or to see other drop off locations, Click Here!
Last month 
Roberto Limon's Classical Guitar Concert

The m useum was beyond honored to feature internationally acclaimed classical guitarist, Roberto Limon, onto our stage this past month. Limon played a solo concert October 29, bringing to the stage notes that held the flavor of Spain, Uruguay and Puerto Rico. Limon has performed extensively in these countries, but has also performed in Greece, Portugal, Korea, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Costa Rica and of course the good ole' United States! 

As a concert soloist, he has appeared with the Leningrad State Chamber Orchestra, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, the Lithuania and Czech Republic National Symphony Orchestra and the San Antonio, San Diego and Pacific Symphony Orchestras. Alongside his incredible resume of bringing beautiful music to all corners of the world, he has an academic background that includes 12 years as Academic Chair in Guitar in the "Escuela Superior de Musica del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes" in Mexico City, as well as Master Classes in several universities and international festivals in Europe, US, Asia, Latin America and Mexico and currently has opened a guitar studio in San Diego! 

Limon is also a distinguished recording artist and was even nominated in 2001 for a Latin Grammy Award and won Best Album 2001 by the Union de Criticos de Musica y Teatro in Mexico City. Limon has been the champion of our 70 works. His incredible talent was highlighted and accentuated by the museum's unique acoustics within its Main Hall. Limon's ethereal music was rightly matched by the nostalgic ambience of the museum. As a San Diego native, we hope to host Roberto again in the future. 

Stay tuned to the Eagle to find out when this highly talented musician will grace our Main Hall once again!
Historic Aircraft Wrecks of San Diego County 
Grab a copy of Macha's new book at our museum store.

The museum was honored to host local author and aircraft wreck analyst, G. Pat Macha, for a book signing and special presentation Oct. 9. Macha kept the crowd enraptured as he told the tales of aircraft wrecks from across San Diego County and beyond. Macha's innate ability to decipher how an aircraft wreck toppled from the sky was displayed in its full light during an emotional afternoon of science-backed storytelling. Macha's presentation, Mysteries Mitigated, presented several of Macha's favorite and most mysterious aircraft wrecks to date. The distance between airplane parts on the ground, the parachuted pilot and the actual body of the plane, are all taken into consideration as Macha puts together the story of how a plane comes crashing from the sky.

"Given how far apart the plane wing was from the body of the rest of the plane, we can tell that the wing was shot off at what approximate speed and what approximate altitude," said Macha, during his presentation. 

Therefore, the stories of these mangled air wrecks are able to take on life while they were still in the air, with Macha regaling the crowd with details such as how fast a pilot was traveling when he was hit and what a pilot may have watched as his plane was engulfed in flames and parts of his aircraft began to peel off and fall to earth. Many of the mysteries Macha shared are still unsolved, for instance, that mystery of (woman), WWII fighter pilot who disappeared during (this time). For decades Macha and his fellow professionals have looked for the remains of her and her aircraft, only knowing at what approximate point she ceased to fly and communicate with those on the ground. Over the years many different wrecks have been found that could have been hers, but in the end, her specific wreck has yet to be discovered. 

Want to learn more? Come to the museum and grab a copy of Macha's latest book, Historic Aircraft Wrecks of San Diego County!
Ex-POW and Pearl Harbor Survivors Meet for Display Day 

The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park was especially proud to host its annual Ex-POW Display Day on October 11. The day was made even more special with the addition of Pearl Harbor Survivors who brought their own archived items from their time serving in Pearl Harbor and from the fateful day when the Japanese attacked on December 7.

Members of the Ex-P.O.W.S. invited the Pearl Harbor Survivors to this joint display given many of their stories are so connected. On Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, but were also attacking American bases in the Philippines and dropping bombs on the capital of Manila. American service members and families were being taken prisoner at the same time those who had survived the Pearl Harbor attacks counted their dead, assessed damages and prepared for retaliation.

For one such Ex-P.O.W., Tom Crosby, it was an unforgettable childhood experience. Captured with his family in the Philippines, Tom spent three hungry and emotionally taxing years in a Japanese prisoner camp until February of 1945, when President MacArthur's 1st Cavalry began a mechanized attack to rescue Tom's prison camp. The Cavalry unit worked to rescue the members of the camp before the Japanese could carry out orders from Tokyo to kill all military and civilian prisoners. Crosby and his family were some of 220 prisoners held hostage by 65 Japanese as hostage negotiations were made at this time. After tense negotiations, the Japanese on the ground agreed to hand over the P.O.W.S. in exchange for their safe escort to the front of enemy lines. The rescue was a success, but the Japanese still bombed the camp for four more days, which Crosby and his family amazingly survived. Crosby was eventually able to return to the United States, regained his health, continued his education and eventually joined the Navy.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Ex-POWs this year for the loss of their Commander, Frank Burger, who was a WWII Prisoner of War in Germany. Frank was lost on the day before the event to a terminal illness. During the event the museum chose to dedicate their Fallen Soldier Table to Mr. Burger for his service, his sacrifice and the his continued love and camaraderie he provided his fellow POWs following his time in the Armed Forces.
"Each year we become fewer and fewer," said Crosby. This year the invitation of the Pearl Harbor Survivors was in response to a dwindling of ranks among the Ex-POWs. Keep your ears open for upcoming events in which we are able to feature our WWII veterans.

It's never too early for Christmas - "A Christmas Carol"  

The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park jumped 
into the Christmas spit on Charles Dickens' reimagined classic "A Christmas Carol" as part of the theatre's military-inspired grant initiative "Cygnet Serves". The production debuted on Thursday, November 3rd. This classic was uniquely staged in true Cygnet form, with creative stagecraft and live sound effects. The adaptation and lyrics were by Sean Murray, the score by Billy Thompson and the overall production by Sean Murray. This classic tale of redemption featured new music and even puppetry! Yes, we said puppetry!

This production was a Cygnet initiative to give back to the military and veteran community as part of "Cygnet Serves". The program, made possible in part by a James Irvine Foundation Exploring Engagement Fund Grant, was designed to give back to those who serve and have served both abroad as well as on the home front. Admittance to the show was free to active duty, veterans and their immediate family.

The heartfelt show pulled in a packed house for each night it showed and all who attended provided rave reviews. The standard of Cygnet preceded them and it was an easy thing to fall right into the Christmas spirit only a few days after Halloween. Keep an ear and eye out for more Cygnet Serves productions in the future, we are a proud community partner of this contemporary theatre and hope to bring you more from Cygnet in the future!    

Katie Turner - "Artist in Residence" for October 

Last month the museum got a real treat as it hosted Katie Turner as its "Artist in Residence" for the month of October! Turner has just earned her PhD in Drama and Theater and decided to bring her incredible host of talents into our fray for a month. Turner named her program "Improv for All" and hosted an improve workshop in the lower level of the museum on Tuesday evenings under our Arts Director, Anthony Lobue.

Turner began acting in high school and continued into acting education, earning a Bachelor's in Theater from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. She trained mostly in comedic arenas, mainly with Durango Dot Comedy. She then eventually went on to pursue her Master's in Theatre History at the California State University in Northridge and then her PhD in Drama and Theatre. While still attaining her education she founded the the Clairemont Act One Community Theatre, a 501(c)3. Katie served as President and Artistic Director for three years before moving on to San Diego where she worked at local landmark theaters like The Old Glob e and The Cygnet Theatre. This month she's dedicated her EXTENSIVE amount of skill to help veterans and civilians alike find their inner actor! Turner's workshop just recently ended, but we hope to have her back to work with us on other projects! So keep your eyes peeled, stay tuned and get ready to find YOUR inner actor!
Museum News
Giving Tuesday is Nov. 29!   
#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.  Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

How will you give this year? Will you give your time, will you donate your service artifacts and uniforms, will you renew your museum membership or will you give financially? 

With many worthy organizations, why the Veterans Museum? The museum is doing its best to support and honor veterans and their families of San Diego County. Many programs and exhibits are sponsored through the museum. To keep the programs going and to keep exhibits new in 2017, please consider giving to the museum.

The museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and therefore your donations are tax-deductible.   To make a donation, you can send a check or donate online by clicking:  Here!

Amazon Smile!! 
Did you know that you can support the Veterans Museum every time you shop online at Amazon.com by signing up with AmazonSmile?  It is a simple and automatic way for you to support the Veterans Museum at no cost to you. By signing up and shopping at smile.amazon.com, you'll find the exact same low prices with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to the Veterans Museum.
To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to smile.amazon.com from the web browser on your computer or mobile device with your existing Amazon.com account or create a new account.  You will need select the charity of you choice and we encourage you to type in and select the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center.  Amazon will remember your selection and then every eligible purchase you make at smile.amazon.com will result in a donation to our museum.
You may also want to add a bookmark to smile.amazon.com to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile.

Shop Amazon Smile  Here!

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Every Tuesday
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"ENTWINED" E-waste Tapestry
SD City Guard Band (SDCGB)

AA "Tony the Vet" LoBue
Arts Director
Cell: 619-806-2075

Stories from the Archives
Life in the pre-WWI Destroyer Navy:
How a sailor washed his clothes and himself  aboard a 1915 era Destroyer
USS McDougal (DD-54) c. 1916-17 
Charles Blackford joined the Navy in May 1916 and served aboard the destroyers Paulding and McDougal during WWI. He left the Navy as a Quartermaster in 1919 and joined the merchant marine rising to Master. During WWII he was commissioned in the USCG and participated in several invasions in the Pacific theater. He was recalled by the USCG in 1951 and served an additional 2 years.
In an excerpt from his book: Torpedoboat Sailors, Charles outlines how the enlisted destroyer sailors kept clean and washed their own clothes aboard the USS McDougal (DD-54) in 1917.
 "It was difficult even to wash clothes. Although we had "free water" (unrationed), it was not always easy to get. Water was pumped by hand from a storage tank, but before any of it reached your bucket the gravity tank that supplied both the galley and officers' country had to be full, for what you got came through the overflow pipe. If the tank happened to be nearly empty, or an officer was taking a shower, you might have to pump from ten to twenty minutes before getting a drop of water."
   "After you filled your bucket, you carried it from the break of the forecastle to the washroom aft, a space about eight feet by twelve feet that had to serve about sixty men. There all hands had to bathe, and in cold weather wash their clothes. The procedure was this: first tuck your clean clothes on the pipes overhead, then undress. Next wash your teeth in cold water, then place the bucket under the steam jet and warm it to bathing temperature. Then shave, then wash from face on down.
 After you were soaped and scrubbed, you rinsed off under a salt-water shower."
   "In cold weather you dressed next, in warm weather you remained nude, and reheated the bath water for washing clothes. You washed underwear first, next whites, blues or dungarees and socks last, rinsing them all in salt water. When you finished, if there was water left, you dumped it into a keg in the corner of the washroom for the black gang to wash their steaming clothes in. Despite these primitive arrangements, each man washed himself and his clothes daily, except in the worst weather."

Museum members can visit our Military History Research Library and read the entire book, call number VK140.B53 A3. 
In 1940 sailors were still using buckets and scrub brushes to wash their laundry by hand.  Photograph : ancestorpictures.blogspot.com 
Recent Donations to the Museum
October 2016

Anonymous Donor: D onated Christmas Cards from MAC-V in Vietnam.  The cards have both English and Vietnamese wishes inside.
MACV Xmas CardMAC-V headquarters Christmas card from the Vietnam War with wishes in both English and Vietnamese.
MacArthur Stamps A plate block of 6 cent General Douglas MacArthur stamps issued in 1971.
James Anderson of San Diego  donated a collection of military themed stamps.
Carol Amundsen of Poway  donated a two sets of Army uniforms.
Ed Berger of Poway  donated his Navy uniform with 13 button bellbottomed trousers, jumper and flat hat.
Patsy Downs of Oceanside donated a collection of 30 POW stories from the Seattle Chapter of the American Ex-POWs and a book by her father, Jim Downs, World War II: OSS Tragedy in Slovakia. 
Mark Elder of San Diego  donated 9 photographs of the 5000th B-24 to come off the assembly line at Consolidated Aircraft in San Diego. The plane was signed by every man and woman who worked on the plane, and it kept those signatures through its combat missions in Europe they were still on it when it came back to the US in 1945.

Consolidated workers install a tail turret.  Note the signatures on the plane.

Worker installs a propeller on the 5000th B-24 off the line.

Workers escort the 5000th B-24 off the San Diego line and onto the apron after it completed it trip through the assembly line.

B-24 "Grand V" sits outside the Dearborn Plant after its European combat missions in 1945.  You can still see the signatures of the workers on the plane.
Jack Ensch of San Diego  donated a small collection of Navy plates and dishes from the Naval Training Center, San Diego.

Despina Geotas of Encinitas donated a WWII Japanese bayonet and Arisaka rifle brought home from the Pacific by her husband, Stephen Geotas after WWII.
Diane Germain of San Diego donated two books on military cartoons:  The  Sad Sack, 1944 edition , by Sgt. George Baker, and  G.I. Joe, 1945 edition by Dave Breger.
Susan Gilbert of San Diego donated two photograph albums with photos and mementos of Europe during WWII and post war Japan and two Japanese samurai swords, one army NCO sword, and a civilian short sword in a leather scabbard obtained by her father, Charles F. Gilbert, who served in the Army in Europe and the Pacific in WWII.


A souvenir franked tamped envelope from USS Okanogan (USS-220)marking the day of Charles Gilbert's arrival in Japan on 25 Sep 1945. 

Gilbert-4Charles was billeted in the bridal suite in the Hotel Gamagori ,which was turned into a rest center, in Okazaki, Japan, c. 1945-1946.
Gilbert-5Photo of Ken Cornell, Miss Yamamoura & Charles in front of the hotel.  Miss Yamamoura had attended USC in Los Angeles before the war and was one of the few who spoke english at the hotel.
Gilbert-2 Gilbert-1Two Japanese swords brought home by Charles after the war. 
James Hamilton of Encinitas donated a Navy Dog Tag with the name "Randall L. Walker" that he found.
Bill Huie of Wildomar, CA donated 75 command ball caps from various shore, squadron and ship commands he visited during his career as a Navy Master Chief.
Sarah Lublin of San Diego donated her father's foot locker personalized with a WWII department insignia painted on the top of the box.

This unknown logo shows an eagle with what appears to be electrical fuses in his talons and may represent an electrical department or section on a ship or aircraft carrier.  The motto: Usus Ubique could be interpreted to mean  "used everywhere" and certainly can be related to electrical fuses, which are used everywhere. 

G. Pat Macha of Orange Co. CA, donated a signed copy of his book:  Historic Aircraft Wrecks of San Diego County to our library.
Patrick Murphy of Coronado donated a picture of his step father in a 1912 submarine class at Point Loma and a 1917 edition of the Navy enlisted  Blue Jacket's Manual .
US Sumbmarine Class, San Diego, California, 1912.  Photo appears to be taken at Point Loma.  Pat Murphy's father-in-law is one of these sailors, but unidentified.
Marjorie Riley of Vista  donated her Father-in-law's squadron's photo, VB-3B, taken in 1938 at Naval Air Station North Island.  AMM1/c J. R. Riley is second from the left in the front row.  The plane behind the personnel is a Great Lakes GB1 dive bomber, the last of the biplane dive bombers.  It was phased out in 1938 before WWII.
VB-3B, NAS North Island
Bombing Plane Squadron Three-B, NAS North Island, c. 1938
Karen Schulze-Hall of Chula Vista
donated her father's (QMCS Schulze) Navy UDT/SEAL photo, Korean era Frogman Recruiting Poster, and uniforms from Korea through Vietnam eras.

QMCA Schulze was a Navy Frogman, UDT and SEAL serving in the Navy from WWII to Vietnam.  He was an instructor at BUDS and in the lead swimmer in this 1950s era recruiting poster to the right.  This photo was on the instructor's board at BUDs school in Coronado.

"To  be a Frogman, see your Navy Recruiter or Career Counselor.  If you're going to be something, why not be something special." c. 1950-58 

Glenn Tierney of Ramona  donated a collection of recruiting posters.
Barb Vidal of Poulsbo, WA,  donated a collection of twelve group photos of her uncle's entire 396th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment stationed in Hawaii in the 1930s with each man identified in each of the photos.   Her Uncle is in the Battery A photo.  Additionally, two guidons, one for the 183rd Artillery DET and the other for the 363 B Medical unit.
Sgt. George Holland is the first on the left in the second row of this group photo of Battery A, 396th AAA Regiment, c. 1936.

The 396th Anti-Air Craft Artillery Regiment's medical department with their ambulance c. 1936 

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