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Folks, we have been busy at the museum! November is a big month for The Veterans Museum and we are in full throttle! Last month we focused on bringing in as many nominations as possible for 2017's Veteran of the Year, which we announce below. We were so pleased to bring in DOUBLE the number of nominations of last year and the most nominations of any year in the past. Thank you to all who nominated a deserving veteran. It is important to us to continue to highlight the great work veterans are doing across the county. Each year this program gives us a good snapshot of how dedicated, hard working and innovative San Diego's veterans are within their communities. 

This month we've already had a lot happen. We proudly partnered with Lambda Archives for an LGBT event in honor of Veterans Day, we hosted our first "Music Night at the Museum" and we had a great Veterans Day show with PGK Dance Project. We've still got a full month to go, too! Scroll down to learn more about Cygnet Theatre's "A Christmas Carol" and Bodhitree Concert's "All Is Calm". You can find the links to grab tickets for those on our website. 

As always, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all our volunteers and staff for the work they do to ensure our continuing success. 

We hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween! We look forward to enjoying the holidays as the weather gets cooler, still! We hope all our patrons, members and subscribers have a great month and we'll see you at the museum! 

Captain Sheldon Margolis 
USN (Retired) 
President and CEO

What's going on at your museum? (Museum events or museum partners)
  • Nov. 17, 18, 19 - All is Calm with Bodhitree
  • Nov. 25 - A Christmas Carol with Cygnet Theater 
  • Save the Date: Dec. 1, 2, 3 - December Nights at The Veterans Museum 
  • Save the Date: Dec. 8-10 and 15-17 - Shirley Lauro's "A Piece of My Heart" 
  • Save the Date: Dec. 9 - Bridging the Generations
Congratulations to Robert Muth, 2017 San Diego County Veteran of the Year! 

Robert Muth, 2017 VOY
   Motivated Military Movers
Gary Rossio
Honor Flight San Diego 
Congratulations to the winners! This year's Veteran of the Year is  Robert Muth, USD Law Professor. Will Hays Lifetime Achievement Award winner is Gary Rossio, former San Diego VA director, nonprofit winner is Honor Flight San Diego and for-pr ofit winner is Motivated Military Movers

W e have to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who turned in  nominations this year! This year marked the most nominations ever submitted, with DOUBLE the nominations from last year, 27 being the final number. A big thanks to all those who nominated a deserving veteran, to all our panel of judges (who faced the difficu lt decision of picking just ONE vet) and most importantly, to our veteran nominees.  The example our ve t erans s et within their communities speaks to their training and discipline

We would like to say thank-you to Nadirah Sahar, 2016-2 017 VOY,  w h o represented our veteran community in many ways  throughout  the last year. Her professionalism, candor and work ethic are an example to all around her. We are a proud veteran community full o f incredible service members, past and present! 

This  Month

Our partnership with Bodhitree Concerts continues with second annual showing of All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914 - Dec. 17, 18 and 19

We are so proud to once again partner with Bodhitree Concerts, SACRA/PROFANA and the San Diego Opera to showcase some of San Diego's most talented voices in the powerful musical, "All is Calm" on Nov. 17, 18 and 19. This is the story of American, French and British Soldiers during Christmas on a battlefield during World War I.  These war-worn souls find themselves dug in, facing their enemy, with a stretch of "No Man's Land" between the fighting trenches. . This story shares what happens when the two opposing sides lay down their arms on Christmas, and creep from their foxholes to find common ground in "No Man's Land". There they collected and helped each other bury their dead.  Then, both sides shared candies, rum, stories and even photos of their families. 

Not only does the storyline pull at the heart strings, but the talent of the men singing this musical are some of the most talented in San Diego. Poignant, sad and powerful, All is Calm, will enjoy its second year at the museum. Times for the shows are: Nov. 17 - 7 PM, Nov. 18 - 2 PM and Nov. 19 - 7 PM. Our first year hosting this play drew large audiences and we look forward to having a large audience again in the name of the arts. These shows may fill up fast, so we suggest getting your tickets sooner rather than later! We look forward to sharing this special event! 
Grab tickets now!! >>>GET TICKETS

VMBP partners with Cygnet Theater again for "Cygnet Serves", showcases  A Christmas Carol 
Nov. 25 - 2 PM 

Join us at the museum on Nov. 25  at 7 PM for our annual showing of Cygnet Theater's rendition of "A Christmas Carol". This old classic is presented with the same lovable characters, the same familiar dialogue between Scrooge and Cratchet, but with the added element of puppets. Are you dying to see what we mean? Come to the museum for this showing and see why Cygnet has the reputation for being one of the most unique theaters in our great city! 

Thanks in part to a James Irvine Foundation Exploring Engagement Fund Grant, the theatre was able to launch a program to connect and engage with San Diego's service members, aptly named "Cygnet Serves". We hope you will join us for this FREE event! Seating is limited, therefore we will honor first come, first serve. 

For more information contact the museum at 239-619-2300 or call Cygnet Education and Outreach Director Director, Tim West, 619-569-0031. Come see a new spin on an old, beloved classic! 
Earlier in November
VMBP proudly hosts Lambda Archives for "Veteran Tales: Serving Without Fear, Transitioning Out of Don't Ask/Don't Tell" - Nov . 2 

We kicked off this month with a joint event with Lambda Archives on Nov. 2. In honor of Veterans Day, Lambda presented "Veteran Tales: Serving Without Fear Transitioning Out of Don't Ask/Don't Tell". This special event featured a panel of LGBT Veterans who were an important part of raising awareness around Don't Ask/Don't Tell and of its repeal. 

We were honored to open the event with our official poet laureate, Alyce Smith Cooper. We were also honored for Congresswoman Susan Davis to send words of strength and encouragement, which were read at the event. We pride ourselves on welcoming all veterans to the museum despite color, creed, gender or sexual orientation.
Music Night at the Museum; some of San Diego's best musicians honor vets - Nov . 4 
We were proud to Host a music night at the museum with 5 different groups coordinated by Louis Lacayo.  A wonderful and raucous night of music and song was belted out in the main gallery of the museum. 

Steve Ball (violin) and Bill Pretzer (Double Bass).

Mike Alverez (electric cello) and Dave Humphries (guitar and vocals).

Bob Pruitt on guitar and vocals.

J. D. Crawford (guitar and vocals) with Steve Ball (violin).

L-R: Bob Pruitt (guitar), Steve Ball (violin), Steve Bates (drums), & Louis Lacayo (guitar and vocals)

L-R:  Steve Webster (guitar), Steve Bates (drums), Louis Lacayo (guitar), and Valery Fight (guitar and vocals).
Mike Alverez & Dave Humphries - If Not For You 
Mike Alverez & Dave Humphries - 
 If Not For You

Alyce Cooper Smith, museum poet laureate read two poems, one of which she wrote in the moment while listening to the stories and music of the musicians.   A big thanks to all those who came out to the museum to enjoy this special evening.   Keep an eye out for our next music night,  tentatively scheduled for January 2018.  
Save the Date 
Welcome to the Holidays! VMBP joins the holiday fun of Balboa Park's December Nights 
Dec. 1 & 2

Folks, you heard it right! For the first time, your museum will participate in December Nights! We hope you join us on the nights of Dec. 1 and 2 for Balboa Park's biggest event of the year. Each year, thousands upon thousands stream to this cultural hub to enjoy how their favorite museums, performance venues and art shops do Christmas! We are a proud part of what Balboa Park has to offer and look forward to becoming part of their big holiday event! We'll have photos with Mrs. Claus, exhibits, entertainment and snacks! Join us at 3 PM starting Dec. 1! We hope you join us in just a few short weeks for some Christmas Cheer! 

VMBP and American History Theater partner for 
 "A Piece of My Heart" funded by California Arts Council 

We are proud to once again bring local nonprofit, The American History Theater, onto our stage to showcase the classic Vietnam play, "A Piece of My Heart". This play chronicles the lives of 6 women as they travel to the Vietnam War. This important play shares the heartache endured during war and exposes readily the scars which can remain. This play was made possible by a California Arts Council grant. The show is directed by Hal Berry, AHT founder and president. With 45 years of theater experience, Berry has his all into directing this play, which is near and dear to his heart. Starting Dec. 8, this show will run for two weekends. TICKETS are already on sale at >>>>GET TICKETS!

Check out to learn about special recognition nights! 
Museum News!
Bridging the Generations coming to your museum! 
Dec. 7

Please join us for a unique opportunity to hear from a selection of our nation's finest heroes from WWII, Vietnam, and the OEF / OIF generation of Warriors. 

The event is on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7 from 10:30 AM to noon. The event is free to attend and open to the public. Get your free ticket by going to: RSVP!

You can also RSVP directly to
Become a part of our growing arts program! Open to the public! FREE! INSPIRING! 
3-5PM OPEN FORUM: Arts Programs & Fundraising

Main Hall FREE! PUBLIC! 
Craft Kits, Make-A-Card for VA Patients, Puppetry, Storytelling & more!!

Intro to Screenwriting: 6-Week Workshop
6:30-8:30 PM - Tuesdays
24 October - 28 November
Lower Level/Library (West side entrance off driveway)
$5 fee per session (waived when you help out with the workshop)
Bring laptop computer and/or pen, pencil and paper.
Five students max. You must qualify for enrollment.
Contact: Darryl Vickers
Artist in Residence: Filmmaker

PGK Dance Project  
San Diego Ballet
San Diego Symphony orchestra
The Old Globe Theatre



Complimentary dance, music, poetry and theater tickets are available from time to time.
Join my sign-up list now.

AA "Tony the Vet" LoBue
Arts Director
Cell: 619-806-2075

Welcome back to our Poet's Corner! This is the second month we are featuring the poetry and sharing poetry news for those who love the the beauty of the spoken and written word! This section was created as part of the museum proudly gaining its first ever, poet laureate. Alyce Smith Cooper now performs in this role, and we could not be happier. Each month we will feature work by not only our own poet laureate, but we'd like to hear from YOU! If you would like to have a poem featured in the Poet's Corner, simply email to see if your work would be a good fit for our newsletter! We hope to hear from some of you soon! 

Stories from the Archives:
 Allan Cook c. 1919

Allan Frederick Cook

Allan Cook first enlisted in the Navy at age 17 during WWI, and served aboard the USS North Dakota for three years as a Seaman 1/c.  He was an gun pointer on a 12-inch gun and also served as orderly to the ships Executive Officer.  At age 42, he re-enlisted again in December 1943 and rose to Bos'n mate 2/c serving aboard LCI-1067 (Landing Craft, Infantry) that participated in the Battle for Okinawa. 

USS North Dakota steaming in the Atlantic, photo US Navy c. 1912.

Allan (left, second row) with 4 friends standing by a 5" gun  aboard a Navy Destroyer, note the pontoons of a float plane on rack above the gun.  C. 1919

In a letter home to his folks he stated: "We invaded Okinawa Easter Sunday morning at dawn.  We came in during the night and our escort planes shot down three Japanese planes.  I am a gun pointer again, only this time on a 20mm, some difference from my big 12-inch fun on the North Dakota.  That poor old ship is no more, but I would like to have been aboard her during the war.  "We made five rocket runs on the beach and by that time it was noon, so we moved down the coast in time to see the Marines go ashore.  Some gang, believe me, never a backward look or step.  What men!  It was plenty hot, too."

Allan, standing on the upper deck, and the crew of USS LCI-1067.

Two LCIs at the water's edge after offloading infantry troops.

When his LCI crossed the Equator, Cook was King Neptune in the crossing the line ceremony as he was the only shell-back aboard.  He appointed his own court, and after they had initiated the crew, the crew initiated the court. 

Born in Victoria, British Columbia, he was raised in Connecticut.  Between the wars he was a lineman for United Electric Company.  Allan, his wife and two daughters all made their home in San Diego.  After the war Allan returned to San Diego and resided here until he passed away in 1951.
Recent Donations to the Museum
October 2017 

Estate of CAPT Duane Guftason, DC, USN/Ret of San Diego donated fourteen Navy Command Plaques and 5 command ashtrays from his Navy service.
John Johnson of Fishers, IN donated a 1/72nd scale model of the USS Carbonero (SS-337) a Balao Class submarine that his father served on.  The model also has the Loon guided missile it tested in the early 1950s.

Mrs. Ilene Mattmiller of San Diego donated a WWI photograph album from her father, Allan Cook, who served in WWI and WWII, and photographs and documents from her husband, son and a friend who all served with the Marines in WWiI, Korea and Vietnam.
Tami Oleson  of Valley Center donated her father's WWII Seabee uniforms.
Mrs. P. A. Pollard of Morongo Valley, CA donated a collection of photos taken by her husband, SGTMAJ William Leroy Pollard, during his service in China and Korea, including the Chosin Reservoir evacuation.
Ken Robinson and the USS Dixie Reunion Association, donated a handmade wooden model of the WWII USS Dixie (AD-14) made by Dr. Bernard who served aboard her during the Korean War including a complete set of 1/16" blueprints from the USS Dixie that he used to construct the mode.  Additionally, a scrapbook of photographs and documents pertaining to the USS Dixie and the making of the model.

William Romer of San Diego donated an Enlisted Sailor's White Hat, signed by Crew Members of USS Hoel (DDG-13), and presented at the 5th Reunion of USS Hoel (DD-533) in Oct 2017, San Diego.

USS Hoel Commemorative Hat signed by crew members, 2017

Display set of  US Air Force, Navy and Army Medals of Honor rescued from a trip to the dumpster by Warren Savage.

Warren Savage of San Diego donated four display copies of the Medal of Honor for the Army, Navy and Air Force that he rescued from a neighbor who was cleaning out his house and planning to toss them out. 
Daniel Shillito of San Diego donated two Chinese rifles used by the Viet Cong,  presented to his father, then Assistant Secretary of the Navy during the Vietnam War.
Susan Spoto of Poway donated artifacts from her father, Joe Chambliss, CAPT, USN/Ret, including his notes from torpedo school prior to WWII, and 36 books, pamphlets, and manuals for our library.
Joan Tilley of Lakeside donated a WWI scrapbook of newspaper clipping from the local San Diego Newspapers.
Joanna Worster of Santee donated artifacts from her husband including books, Uniform prints, three US Army sabers, including one from the civil war, a Civil War Veterans cane, a pair of WWI German binoculars, two WWI Army uniforms, overcoat, and campaign hat, a collection of military hats, and a Model 1892 Army Bugle, prints, and two knives.

Above:  Top to bottom are US Army Sabers:  1913 Patton Saber, 1902 Army Officer's Dress Saber, 1860 Union Civil War Cavalry Saber.
Right: WWI Army Uniform.

WWI German binoculars marked: "Der Koenig Chinn Baretta" 8x, WACHT 

Model 1892 US Army Regulation Bugle with a drain valve. 

Joanie West of San Diego donated a collection of photos from the artifacts of Emmanuel Yalowitz, USMC, who served in WWI, China, and WWII.

Have you heard about Homeland Magazine?

We are fortunate to have wonderful community partners and one of those is Homeland Magazine. Their Veteran Day issue truly honors our military veterans. 

Homeland is a San Diego trusted resource reaching over 200,000 San Diego veterans, active duty, military families & 3.5 million nationwide.

T a moment to get to know their magazine as it features resources, support and inspiration to active duty, veterans, and the families who keep it all together. You can read their current and past issues by clicking: Here!

Their magazine is promoted and visible through collaborative partners (The top veteran & military organizations in the country through print, social media, newsrooms, TV, Radio, summits & conferences). They are honored to share the work of so many committed and dedicated people and organizations.

For more information email:
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