Last month was truly spectacular as we hosted the annual Spirit of `45 National Day of Remembrance. We are so very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers and staunch supporters in order to make this day special for our Greatest Generation. THANK  YOU to everyone who helped make this event a success!

As we get into the fall, there are really interesting events coming up the next few months. The GI Film Festival San Diego starts in less than two weeks followed by Operation Dress Code and a Salute to WWII Flying Tigers shortly thereafter. Additionally, our staff and volunteers are hard at work making preparations for the 27th Annual Veteran of the Year Recognition Luncheon which is Friday, Nov. 4. This event is special for us for many reasons and I encourage you to nominate a veteran or organization who goes above and beyond in service to their community.  It is very exciting that this will be the first year nominations can be submitted online and registering for the event is a few clicks away.

Thank you for all you do support military veterans and their families. I look forward to seeing you the next time you visit YOUR museum! 

Captain Sheldon Margolis 
USN (Retired) 
President and CEO

What's going on at your museum? (Museum events or museum partners)
  • Sept. 6: Yoga for Vets (9 a.m to 10 a.m.)
  • Sept. 6: Arts for Veterans (2:30 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m.) 
  • Sept. 13: Yoga for Vets (9 a.m. to 10 a.m.)
  • Sept. 13: Free Tuesday admission to the museum for San Diego County residents
  • Sept. 13: Arts for All (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and Arts for Veterans (2:30 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m.)
  • Sept. 14-18: GI Film Festival San Diego (various locations)
  • Sept. 17: Entwined Art Installation Workshop (10 a.m. to noon)
  • Sept. 20: Yoga for Vets (9 a.m. to 10 a.m.)
  • Sept. 20: Arts for Veterans (2:30 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m.) 
  • Sept. 20-Oct. 7: Operation Dress Code donations being collected
  • Sept. 24: United Veterans Council meeting (9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.)
  • Sept. 24: San Diego County monthly veterans memorial service (noon)
  • Sept. 27: Yoga for Vets (9 a.m. to 10 a.m)
  • Sept. 27: Arts for Veterans (2:30 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m.) 
  • Oct. 1: Salute to WWII Flying Tigers in China (2 to 4 p.m.)
  • Oct. 15: Save the Date for Operation Dress Code Boutique "Shopping" Day
  • Oct. 22: Save the Date for Massing of the Colors and Service of Remembrance 
  • Oct. 29: Save the Date for the 27th Annual Women's Military Luncheon
  • Nov. 3-6: Save the Date for "A Christmas Carol" play
  • Nov. 4: Save the Date for 2016 Veteran of the Year Recognition Luncheon
  • Nov. 19, 20: Save the Date for "All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914" a benefit concert for The Veterans Museum
This month 
Second Annual GI Film Festival San Diego is here  Sept. 14-18 
The GI Film Festival San Diego is back for a second year from Wednesday, Sept. 14 through Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016. The annual GI Film Festival San Diego will feature a variety of films for, about, and by service men and women, preserving the stories of America's armed forces through cinema. Festival organizers say this year's selection of films depict incredible stories that have gone under the radar. Themes range from the experiences of prisoners of war to living with survivor's guilt. Major wars covered in the films span from World War II to the present day conflicts.
The film festival opens with the 2016 documentary, "USS Indianapolis: The Legacy." This thrilling retelling of the fate of the World War II heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis exclusively uses first-person accounts from more than 30 survivors of the devastating torpedo attack. The film took 10 years to make with more than 104 interviews completed. Local filmmakers, Sara Vladic and Melanie Capacia Johnson, will be there opening night as well as several USS Indianapolis survivors! This film is nearly sold out for opening night, so a second showing will be offered on closing night.
There is something for everyone, including family night with special release of   Storks. Some of the films will include Q&A with the directors or a panel discussion. Tickets must be purchased in advance.
To view the entire schedule of films and events and to purchase tickets, Click Here! 
Last month 
Spirit of `45 - Honoring WWII Veterans

This year we had a fantastic event at the museum for Spirit of '45 Remembrance Day. This year the national recognition day was on the exact day the Japanese officially surrendered to the fighting allies of World War II - August 14. We were so fortunate to have a line-up of VIP's in attendance, to include Stu Hedley, president of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association and Navy LT (RET) James Downing, the second oldest Pearl Harbor survivor in the world. At 102, Downing joined us from Colorado to support our local Spirit of '45 veterans. Also in attendance were members of Honor Flight San Diego, and many more VIP's of our Greatest Generation. 

Each year the  mission is to encourage our younger generations to reach out to our World War II generation and learn about what their contributions to our great history have been. Members of the local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were on hand during the day, many of them tentatively approaching World War II veterans to ask them, "Where were you on August 14, 1945?"

We want to send out a big thanks to the WWII re-enactment groups who brought their authentic WWII historical relics for static display and dressed up just like the gals, Sailors, Soldiers and Marines of yester-year! Throughout the day we featured the big-band inspired musical stylings of The American Fly Boys Orchestra and their handful of heavenly songstresses. And to top it off, swing dancing exhibition! 

Sadly, our WWII generation becomes smaller each year. We look to deeply honor their legacy for as long as we can during this special, nation-wide remembrance event. Join us next year to help keep the Spirit of '45 Alive!
Another big THANK YOU goes out to Honor Flight San Diego and their team of volunteers who called over 500 WWII veterans to attend Spirit of `45. 
Your museum hosted the VIP kick-off party for the GI Film Festival San Diego!
Last month we proudly hosted the GI Film Festival VIP kick-off at the museum. The event was put together by KPBS San Diego, who has hosted the GI Film Festival for its second year running. The museum was filled with the creative and hard-working teams behind each of the chosen films for this year's festival.

Attendees were treated to previews for each of the films, along with great food, great company and champagne. Special guests included the masterminds behind the documentary, " USS Indianapolis: The Legacy". The two women, Sara Vladic (director) and Melanie Capacia Johnson (producer) have worked on the documentary of that fated ship and its survivors for a full 15 years, conducting over 100 interviews with survivors, family members of those lost and more. Vladic began to dream of telling the story of the USS Indianapolis at only 13 years old. Now, all these years later, she has been selected as part of this wonderful event. We hope to continue to work with the great team at KPBS as a part of future GI Film Festivals and we hope you will join us in applauding all who submitted films and all those who were selected. The stories of our nation's service members are what keep the grand legacy of their hard work and sacrifice standing proud. 
Museum News
Salute to WWII Flying Tigers in China - 
Oct. 1 at the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

Please join long-time museum member, supporter and WWII veteran, Harry Kaplan for the opening of the Flying Tigers Photo Exhibition and discussion.    

To RSVP for the event, email: info@sdchm.org or call (619)338-9888. To find out more abut the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum, Click Here!
Second Annual Operation Dress Code - Sept. 20 to Oct. 7

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to clean out your closets for Operation Dress Code." The clothing drive will occur Tuesday, Sept. 20 to Friday, Oct 7 and the goal is to collect items for female veterans who are transitioning to civilian careers. Operation Dress Code is supported through CalVet, Courage to Call, 211 San Diego, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and the culmination of the event will be hosted at American Legion Post 731.
Pink Dress Code bins will be available throughout the San Diego area where supporters can drop off new or gently used professional women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and handbags.  The professional attire will be available to women who have served or who are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, during a Dress Code Boutique Event on Saturday Oct. 15, 2016. Female veterans can pre-register for the event to receive a FREE, personalized shopping experience by Clicking Here!

Your museum is proud to support female veterans and a clothing bin will be located inside the front door of the museum. There will be many more bins located throughout San Diego County and they can be located by Clicking Here! 

BREAKING NEWS - After 26 years, the San Diego County Veteran of the Year registration and nominations are all online!

Prior San Diego County Veterans of the Year congratulate the 2015 VOY selectee, Ed Berger
Calling all veterans, supporters, nonprofit organizations and corporations - Have you submitted a nomination for that Veteran who has continued to serve after service? Or have you nominated your organization or corporation for for all YOU do for Veterans? If not, please  Click here to see how easy it is to nominate and submit the application. The deadline to submit nominations is Oct. 1, 2016! 
Once you have nominated your Veteran, organization or corporation, it is time to make your reservation for the Veteran of the Year luncheon, where we recognize all these Veterans and nominated organizations for their contributions.  This luncheon is on Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Mission Valley. The menu provides you a choice of chicken, beef, salmon or vegetarian dishes.  The cost remains at $40 per person. To register electronically,  Click here!  The deadline to RSVP is Nov. 1, 2016.

You will be able to purchase individual tickets, a table of 10 seats or you can sponsor a table of ten persons, at the level of gold or platinum. We are also soliciting for one title event sponsor. With sponsorship comes benefits of priority seating, annual museum memberships, listing your logo in all VOY marketing and media, and posting to our website and on social media. To be a sponsor, contact the museum at (619)239-2300 or log on to  https://voyluncheon.eventbrite.com
RSVP for the 27th Annual Military Women's Luncheon - Oct. 29, 2016!

With over 240,000 military veterans in San Diego County, Veterans Day is a special time to honor each and every one, so we start with our female veterans. The kick-off to Veterans Day week each year is the Military Women's Luncheon where military women from every era from WWII to today's active duty attend this luncheon. 

The luncheon is held at the MCAS Mi ramar Officer's Club and more than 100 women will be in attendance. Doors open at 1100 and lunch is served at 1200 with a program to follow. The keynote speaker is always a trailblazer in the military community and this year is no exception. 
Tickets are $25 and can be purchased by Clicking here. For questions, please call the MWL information line at: (858)636-3609 or send an email to: specialevents@veteranmuseum.org

The deadline for reservations is Friday, October 21, 2016.
FREE Creative Arts for the public - Drop-ins welcome!

Stories from the Archives
Ann Carlson - teenage production worker at the San Diego Convair Plant

Ann Carlson 
What happens when a lonely serviceman stationed far from home discovers the name and address of a mysterious girl?  What does he do?  He writes to her.  When RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force), RAF (Royal Air Force), and AAF (Army Air Force) crewmen opened a panel on the side of their B-24 Liberator bomber and discovered the address of Ann Carlson, that is exactly what they did.

Ann was a teenage production worker at the San Diego, CA Convair plant.  As the B-24s rolled by on the assembly line in plant 2, Ann put her name and addres s on each airplane, a secret kept from her supervisor, "Grapes" Vineyard.

Ann developed a global fan club.  Letters and pictures came to her from all the war fronts.  Three liberators were named for her; two 15th Air Force  "Able Ann" plus another in the RAAF in Australia.  After the war she  continued to receive letters and Christmas cards.
Reprinted from the Spring 1977 edition of the Journal of The International B-24 Liberator Club, donated by Paul Guenon of San Diego.
August 2016
Robrta Akin of San Diego donated a museum quality 60"x9" wooden model of the USS Missouri (BB63) in a walnut & glass case built by her father, Robert R. School, Jr. between 1985-1990.

USS Missouri Battleship model built by Robert R. School, Jr.
Rae Bery of Carmel, CA, donated a Soviet Flag she obtained while traveling in Russia at Khabarovsk in Siberia when the second Russian revolution occurred on August 18, 1991.  Additionally she included artifacts from the home front during the Vietnam War including a POW Bracelet for Ariel Cross which she wore and fliers, posters, stickers and documents from that era.
One of the few remaining Soviet flags from the city of Khabarovsk that survived the second Russian Revolution of August 18, 1991, the rest were all burned in the streets by revolutionaries.  Rae Bery was in the city that day and was able to rescue one flag.
POW brochure
A POW brochure for ordering a POW bracelet with a letter to send to your congressman and a bumper sticker.
POW Bumper Sticker

Mary Jane Cascino of Skokie, IL donated a WWII draft card and post card notice of Classification from Board 70, Chicago, IL for Jerone F. Cascino who was 1-A effective Jan 13, 1943.

Norman Christie of Port Hadlock, WA
donated 11 recon photos from Vietnam with descriptions from his service as a photo interpreter.

Photo showing: #1. Locomotive, #2 squad of North Vietnamese Soldiers, #3 Shadow of Air Force F-4 Photo Recon plane taking the picture, c. 1969.  donated by Norman Christie of Port Hadlock, WA.

Paul Guenon of San Diego
donated 33 copies of the Journal of the International B-24 Liberator Club covering 1977 through 2003.
Diane Germain of San Diego donated 23 WWII editions of Yank Magazine from 1944 - 1945.
Jim Kaumans of San Diego donated a April 20, 1972 edition of the San Jose Mercury with a story on the USS Buchanan (DD-) that was hit by North Vietnamese shore battery fire.
Judy Moerschell of Santee donated WWII Navy jumper for Herbert H. Moerschell, MM1(MO), USN, a Merchant Marine Khaki Jacket with CDR shoulder boards, two Pilot Flight Record and Log Books for R. J. Neibaur, ribbons, and photos of American P-38s, Wrecked B-24, B-25, and Japanese wrecked planes, and one photo book for the library.
David Moore of San Diego
donated photographs, documents, sheet music, a book and a WWI Composition Doughboy Doll from his uncle, Lief C. Romsdahl who served in Co. D, 314th Inf., 79th Division in WWI.

USS Leviathan in Dazzel paint, c. 1918

David Moore's uncle, Lief Romsdahal served in WWI and traveled to France aboard the USS Leviathan, an interned German Passenger Liner used by the USS Navy, and sent home this Doughboy Doll.

Douglas and Barbara Schartzer of Carlsbad donated artifacts from Ivan O. "Stan" Stanberry who served in WWII in the China-Burma-India theater, including a Gurhka knife, medals, insignia, buttons, ribbons, photographs, and a Grade School Certificate of Honor from the Kern County Library for 1927-28 for reading six books during the school year: "Call of the Wild, Guns of Bull Run, Tree of Appomattox, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Loan Star Ranger, and Riders of the Purple Sage.  

Ivan O. Stanberry, c. 1944-45
China-Burma-India shoulder patch, 4th Army Patch (stayed in continental US during WWII).

Capt. Inf.
Capt. bars and Infantry Corps badge.
Stanberry BS
Stanberry BS
Stan was awarded the bronze star; his name, rank, serial number and Infantry are etched on the reverse of his medal.

New and Renewing Members

Robert Brown, Jr.* 
Nancy Evans 
Leon Extrand *  Barbara Hall* 
Shraddah Knight Family Daniel Lieu Family 
Gabriel Mayandia*  Janet Ochi-Fontanott Family 
Nathan Prine*  Ralph Schierholt* 
Holly Shaffner  Tom Slaughter 
Larry Smith Family  Robert Smothers* 
Dennis Sullivan Family   
                     * Life Member                           
Honor Flight San Diego is ready to launch the fall Tour of Honor Flight - but they need your help!
The next Tour of Honor Flight with 80 veterans will depart on Sept. 30 for a whirlwind 3-day experience to Washington, D.C. to visit THEIR memorials. In order for these veterans (WWII and terminally ill) to go for free, Honor Flight must collect donations. This fall there will be two fundraisers to help raise enough money for the trip. The first one is Callahan's Pub and Brewery where they will donate 15% of every bill to Honor Flight. You must have this flyer with you (just click on the picture, save it and print it).

The second fundraiser is the Aloha Run on Sunday, Oct. 9 at Mission Bay. Proceeds from the run will directly support Honor Flight San Diego. Volunteers are needed to make this run a success. To volunteer, contact MaryLou Scott at (619)405-1150 or via email at: 4mlscott@gmail.com.

To learn more about the run or to register, Click Here!

If you can't make the fundraiser but want to donate to Honor Flight San Diego, Click Here! Honor Flight San Diego is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.
S eaWorld San Diego offers FREE admission to military veterans (and up to 3 guests)!

SeaWorld® San Diego is honoring the men and women who have previously served as members of the U.S. armed services with a special admissions program.  Now through September 5th, veterans can log on register for complimentary admission for themselves and up to three additional guests. Tickets must be redeemed by December 25, 2016
Veterans must register online at www.WavesofHonor.com in advance, and verify their proof of service through the ID.me qualification process.  SeaWorld is working with ID.me to provide an online verification of former military personnel in a secure and privacy-enhancing manner.

Once veterans and their guests have registered online, they can bring their e-tickets directly to the park's entrance turnstiles. 
To register for your free tickets, Click Here!
Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) and Massing of the Colors - Oct. 22, 2016

The Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) is a patriotic service organization who believe in America and live by the motto, " It is nobler to serve than be served." They are a group of patriotic US Federally commissioned officers (active, retired and former) from all uniformed services, our spouses, and descendants. They are passionate about continuing to serve our nation and all of its people. They do this through outreach programs, which include memorial, patriotic education, support for Scouting and JROTC/ROTC, and recognition of public serve.

The 60th annual Massing of the Colors and Service of Remembrance will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2016 from 10:30 -11:30 a.m. at the Spreckles Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. The event is free and open to the public.

This traditional ceremony honors the flag of our country and those, living and deceased, who fought to gain and preserve our freedoms. The ceremony is also designed to instill and foster patriotism and love-of-country. Please come out and join the celebration with members of our armed forces, veterans organizations, law-enforcement agencies, civic and youth groups.
Color Guards are needed and wanted! Register today with your contact information and color guard name at www.SanDiego-MOWW.org
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The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park, 2115 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101
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