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TWO RAISES in Budget!
                       February 26, 2013
TWO Salary Increases for State Employees!
Great news from the close of the General Assembly session! In addition to the 2 percent across the board salary increase already in the biennial budget for all state employees in good standing, VGEA has delivered another "salary compression" raise to be paid out in 2013!

The 2 percent raise - which we've been telling you about for a year - will be paid out starting July 25, 2013. The second salary increase is to address "salary compression" which is an issue that arises when newly hired employees are making higher salaries than those who have been doing the same job for many years. This often happens when the starting salary for a position needs to be raised to compete with the private sector, but those already working that same job don't
VGEA members visited with Delegate Lacey Putney (center) on Legislative Day, Feb. 18.
get that increase.

Last Monday, VGEA hosted Legislative Day, an annual event held to enable members to meet and talk with their legislators. VGEA Board Member Kathy Nemeth (giving the "thumbs up" right), explained this situation to her delegate, Lacey Putney, "I've been doing my job for 30 years and a new person will be hired. I'll be training them and here they are making more money than me!"

Delegate Putney answered, "That's sure not right. We have to do something about that."

Well, Putney and the other members of the Budget Conference Committee certainly did. if you've been reading your eNews lately, our last report said state employees were slated to possibly receive $50 per year of service if they had five years of continuous service, with a maximum of 30 years to be paid. But with the encouragement of the VGEA lobbying team and VGEA members, the legislators actually sweetened that deal to $65 per year of service! That means that if you have 30 years of service, you can receive the maximum salary increase, which is $1,950. It goes into effect this July 25, and the total amount of the annual increase is divided by the number of pay periods (24) and each paycheck is then increased by the resulting amount.

This table shows some examples of how this raise will affect state employees:
  5 years or less state service
Employee Salary/year (example) $20,000$40,000$60,000
July 25, 2013 Increase $400$800$1,200
  Compression Adjustment    
Subtotal $20,400$40,800$61,200
% Change 2.00%2.00%2.00%
  10 years state service
Employee Salary/year (example) $20,000$40,000$60,000
July 25, 2013 Increase $400$800$1,200
  Compression Adjustment $650$650$650
Subtotal $21,050$41,450$61,850
% Change 5.25%3.63%3.08%
  20 years state service
Employee Salary/year (example) $20,000$40,000$60,000
July 25, 2013 Increase $400$800$1,200
  Compression Adjustment $1,300$1,300$1,300
Subtotal $21,700$42,100$62,500
% Change 8.50%5.25%4.17%
The amended budget and bills passed by both chambers now move on to Governor Bob McDonnell for his signature to be finalized. See the article below for the disposition of some of the other legislation we've been tracking.         

While we do our best to explain these legislative issues, we realize they may be confusing. If you have questions or concerns, please email VGEA at and we'll strive to get you the answers you need as quickly as possible. 
What Happened to That Legislation? 

For more information about each piece of legislation, please click the bill title below. The link will take you to the Virginia General Assembly Legislative Information System website ( which will provide you with all the details. If any link malfunctions, go to the LIS site listed above and enter the bill number to go to that page.
SB701 State government employment; nondiscrimination


HB1393 Fleet management; DGS to issue guidance documents to govern use of vehicles in state fleet (Passed Senate and House)   


HB1769 Health insurance; plan management and rate review


HB1422 Interchangeable biosimilar biological products; permits pharmacists to dispense  

HB1532 Virginia Retirement System; benefits for certain local employees

(Passed Senate and House) 




SB995 VRS; technical changes regarding retirement plans

(Passed House and Senate)


 HB2138 Health Insurance Reform Commission; established, report (Passed House, reported from Committee in Senate)  

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2013 VGEA Regional Meetings

Northern Virginia (NoVa) Regional Meeting

April 8, 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Olive Garden, 14405 Gideon Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192



Southwest Regional Meeting

April 18, 6-8 p.m.                       

SW VA Higher Education Center, One Partnership Circle, Abingdon 24210



2013 Spring Summit Meeting

May 11, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.                       

Roanoke Sheraton, 2801 Hershberger Rd., Roanoke 24017



Southside Regional Meeting    

July 18, 6-8 p.m. 

316 Cibo Restaurant, 316 Main St, Danville 24541



Shenandoah Regional Meeting  

August 22, 6-8 p.m.                       

Frontier Culture Museum, 1290 Richmond Rd., Staunton 24401



Annual Meeting

September 14           

Holiday Inn Koger Conference Center, 1021 Koger Center Blvd., Richmond, VA 23235                                                                                                          



Tidewater Regional Meeting  

October 10, 6-8 p.m.           

1st Landing State Park - Trail Center, 2500 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach 23451