Vibe Fit Studio News - December 2017
Give the Gift of Fun and Fitness - to You and your Crew! 

- N eed a gift idea?  Customizable gift cards to  Vibe Fit Studio are  now available! Get yours at the studio from one of your favorite elves or email

- This time of the year is busy and stressful, no doubt. We hope you take time for YOU - we're here to help you de-stress with some fun & good 'ol sweat! We even have quick 30-minute Sculpt classes, Mon, Wed & Fri, for those busy days.
Reminder: No Classes on Dec 25 or Jan 1. No Yoga on Dec 27.

- Rock Your New Year Resolution: the next  5-week Small Group Training Session will run Monday at 10 am from January 8 - February 5. Cindy  will help guide you to a stronger - leaner - healthier you using circuit training with stability balls and weights (and modifications when needed).  Enroll for $38 or drop-in for $10 any time. VIP gets 10% off.

-Please note Zumba Kids/Kids Jr. classes will be wrapping up December 2 and will be on hold until next Spring. We are excited for Jade and her husband who will be welcoming baby number four in January!

- WE NEED YOUR INPUT!  We're evaluating our 7:30 pm class schedule and would greatly appreciate your feedback. 
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* Healthful Holidays *

No matter how hard we try to relax, we all feel the stress of the holiday season. As the weather grows colder and the dark descends earlier, we can feel sluggish, unmotivated and sad.

Winter is a time of relaxing, being cozy and quiet. This is difficult to achieve with the pressures of the holiday season. How can we find more time to relax, rejuvenate and take care of ourselves?

The Danish people have a special tradition called "Hygge" which is the art of comfort, contentment and connection. They practice rituals in their home such as lighting candles at mealtime, wrapping up in a cozy blanket and drinking hot tea, sitting by a warm fireplace, wearing fluffy slippers etc. They create a sanctuary in their homes and incorporate these rituals in order to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder). The Danish must have something right with "Hygge" since Scandinavians are rated the happiest people in the world.  

So, this holiday season, I will be talking each week at yoga class about how we can cultivate more "Hygge" in our lives. Just showing up to your mat is a time to connect to your body, breath deep and de-stress. If you are looking to give someone a gift idea for you this holiday season, ask them to get you a yoga blanket.

Bring your blanket to class, use it at home and wrap yourself in warmth during relaxation yoga postures! Remember legs up the wall pose at night  with your new blanket to slow down, find comfort and connect to your center.

In Health and Hygge,
Charis Calender-Suemnick, Yoga Teacher RYT200

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The "MINDBODY" app is available for your iPhone or Android. You can check-in for classes and keep track of your class purchases. 
Open App and follow these steps:
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- Login using the same email you gave us in class

Vibe Fit Studio is located at 9101 Allen Road, Allen Park. 

Parking is available on both sides of the building and on the side streets if needed. Please do not park at the gas station or Rebecca's.

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