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We had a very good week here at Vibrant Life last week. Thanks to all of you who bought our products! See below for a wonderful testimonial! I have included in this newsletter Part 2 of our Blood in the Stool. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.


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Blood In the Stool

Part 2

USUALLY this comes from a tear in the tissue of the rectum, or from hemorrhoids (also sometimes spelled hemorrhoids), and would normally be combined with constipation, straining to have a bowel movement, and the consequent bleeding from the rectal tissue or hemorrhoids. 

Here is what the FDA has to say on this subject of hemorrhoids: According to the National Institutes of Health, about half the U.S. population over 50 have hemorrhoids.

"Hemorrhoids are one of the most common complaints a physician must evaluate," agrees Lee E. Smith, M.D., director of the division of colon and rectal surgery at the George Washington University Medical Center, Washington, D.C. 

The FDA advice, in this instance, anyway, seems sensible: "If you see blood, it's probably hemorrhoids," says Smith. Hemorrhoids are the most common source of bleeding from the rectum and the anus. However, if the bleeding lasts for more than a couple of days, it's important to see a doctor for an exam. Smith stresses that a "thorough physical exam, not just talking about the symptoms" is essential.

If you have a symptom like this you might be unlucky enough to stumble onto a web site where the source looks to be "official" or "non-profit" (therefore accurate?), and you would find something called the "irritable bowel syndrome." 

The true solution is -- change your diet and/or add fiber to your diet. Stewed or dried prunes are a wonderful way to regularize your bowel movements.

For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration is allowing a drug to go back on the market after it was removed for safety reasons. The drug, Lotronex, a prescription treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, will be available again in several months (this article written in 2007).

Lotronex was taken off the market in November 2000, less than 10 months after it was approved, because it was linked to severe intestinal problems and several deaths.

GlaxoSmithKline, based in Britain, withdrew the drug voluntarily at the F.D.A.'s request when the two could not reach an agreement on marketing restrictions intended to reduce adverse reactions.

Most people in the US, if you looked into their toilets, would have "sinkers rather than floaters!"  In other words, if your food and digestion are proper, the stool will float in the toilet water, will be light in color, will be soft, but well-formed (not watery) and will NOT have a foul smell.  How many people do you suppose have "proper stool?"  The FDA estimate is that 50% of the population, at least, has hemorrhoids -- so that means even more have problems with their stools.      

The most common reason for "poor stool" would be the lack of fiber in the diet and the excessive use of processed foods, particularly sugar and bread.

For the large part our pets never have constipation, and certainly wild animals virtually never have this problem.  Wild animals, of course, are eating almost exclusively what nature intended for that animal. Pets are often stuck with the food from their owners, but even so, dogs and cats can generally digest everything they eat, and if you look at their stools you hardly ever find anything other than well-formed stool.

When the animal IS sick, or has eaten something bad, it usually shows up as runny stool in short order.

So, if your stool is dark, sinks in the water, and requires a strain to eliminate -- you are a candidate for constipation, and then for bloody stool.

How to fix?

It is simple, but seldom will people get serious enough about doing anything to solve the problem.  Instead they wait until it is much too late and then ask the doctor for a remedy.

For the general run of symptoms the usual doctor will either suggest a drug, or even rush you to the hospital.  You should realize that your insurance won't cover a doctor's visit, usually, unless the doctor finds something wrong that is "solved" by a drug or hospital visit.  If he says to you, "You just need to eat better and take some bran," he may not make a penny on the office visit.

So, instead he prescribes some drug.  The most usual drug is a suppository, and although "natural" handling would be far better, the suppositories are certainly not a class of "drug" as bad as most. 

"The obvious solution lies in the area of diet."


Vibrant Life is blessed indeed to have you shepherding customers through the maze of products and their use. In my opinion, the wonderful thing about VL (one of them) is the limited menu of items that cover all the important aspects of health. "It's Edward from Canada,

I stood in water in summer of the late 90's minutes before the end of building a dock's completion, at 37 or 38 years of age, six foot two well over 200 pounds toned and strong. 

I was holding up the end of that quite heavy dock to lower one metal end leg support to the lake bottom. There was an audible snap from my back that I felt in my spine, as I let go lowering that dock slowly I relaxed into the water not yet realizing the years of disability that would follow.
I was placing pillows under my legs using pain drugs for the first year and more, hoping to get a full nights sleep once in a while, when I could finally stand up for 3 to 5 hours per day, sometimes my back would go out, which consistently kept me in my bed or chair for six weeks each time this happened.

The first year was just continued pain and I decided quickly to force myself back to a positive attitude and do something, even with the constant feeling of a blunt nail being pushed between two of my spinal vertebrae.

I thought I would never labour again, being a tradesman I decided to teach myself all things computer and did this day in and day out for most of three years.

During the third year I discovered and quickly became immersed in reading many several thousand pages trying to interpret and discern the amount of truth or fact to Karl's writings. 
Since the internet was fairly new though established I was able to do my own research about EDTA and discover that trials testing and medical usage had been well documented and available for view, reading and video with histories and result percentages that were astounding and undeniable.

The cumulative evidence spoke against naysayers.

I ordered the Life Glow product. Then, six months later I was on my feet with some confidence I took on a labour job and continued to exercise, one and a half years later I was able to lift 150 to 200 pounds repeatedly. I was able to go dancing again. The experience of being disabled was humbling. Running, dancing and riding a bike is pure elation.
Very many thanks to Karl and Karl's family and friends whose intentions and perseverance were a major part of my life coming together again. I have at least forty more thoughts I could write as to the positive effect of Life Glow product elements.

My body was acting younger, the humor and bubbly positive was overflowing again. I found a gal who loves me, were still together.

A positive attitude, some prayer, friends and family help and truly, Karl Loren's product, found by chance, was the fastest recovery agent I could hope for.  
I can't say enough,

"Edward from CANADA"



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