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                                          May 2013

Beautiful Blessings 

I continue to be challenged with the portion of the monthly newsletter that speaks to you in my own words. Channeling the Angels message comes easily to me, it's simply tuning in and taking dictation. But coming to you from me, in my own words, is much more difficult.


It isn't always easy to be authentic, to know how much to say, or not to say, about anything. Of course the easy way out would be to simply send the Angels message and not my own, but that somehow doesn't feel right to me. I want to connect with you myself as well, and not on a superficial level. But after all this time of being "out there" with what I do, I still have that pinch of anxiety left over from a childhood of being seen as "different" and not fitting in. 


Therefore, the Angels message today, is as is often the case meant for me as well as for you. When I read what they said, initially I read it as a message meant for others, then it slowly dawned on me that it was a direct hit for me as well. 


After a little squirming I realized how much I really needed to heed these words myself. I had been doing a bit of blaming recently and hadn't realized till now how much it had robbed me of energy, both physically and spiritually.    


In my case the blaming included a lot of "I just don't understand why......". As if my making logical sense of it would heal the hurt, instead of turning it over to the Angels and the Divine in trust. So as you can see, this evolving business is not a one time and you're done deal.    


It takes continued practice and refinement, but each time you dust yourself off and begin again, you realize how far you've come and just how valuable your lessons have been. This doesn't mean the lessons can't or won't become easier, it only means that you honor those you've chosen, and your life as well.  


Empowered feels so much better than helpless, sovereignty feels so much better than slavery. So honor yourself today and every day.


I honor you as well 


Lily Grace






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                                  The Angels Message 



We Come to Invite you into the magnificence of miracles


When we speak of Self-empowerment and sovereignty we mean that you will honor you, your life and your connection to All. You will take responsibility for your responses to everything in your life. If you often feel hurt and frequently blame others for your feelings, you are giving away your power, and you are giving up your sovereignty.

By letting go of others criticisms of you and your judgment of them, you allow trust to flourish within you. Know fully and truly that despite appearances, the Divine is always working for your good. When you realize this and embrace it, you release victim-hood and become sovereign.



When you are unempowered you draw to you those individuals that you will find challenging, who in actuality only echo your own level of self- doubt. If there are many individuals in your life that are critical and judgmental of you, you will know that you are largely operating from an unempowered state of being. By letting go of their criticism, you come into a state of sovereignty and find self-value.

Empowerment leads you to connection and enables you to see the judgmental opinions of others as a reflection of their own fear and a call to love. You answer the call by realizing your connection to these other spiritual beings clothed in a physical body.


 Although the behaviors of some others may be difficult for you, as you begin to empower you, you will not see yourself as separate from them. You may disagree with them, or challenge their behavior if it is offensive to you, or move out or their physical presence if necessary, yet you will not lose sight of your shared spiritual essence.  


Refuse to be enslaved to anyone or anything external through blame or judgment. The energy dissipated in such ways is similar to a steady leak trickling from a pipe, you are steadily drip drip dripping your energy away, until the pipe finally bursts. Stop leaking your power away. Trust that we, your Angels, will always guide you through the grace of the Divine on your best path.


There will be times that you may need to lean on us when the path is bumpy and uphill. There will be other times you will walk steadily. As you progress, you will learn to run, leaping over obstacles on the way, and eventually, you will fly. You are becoming the luminous hominus angelicus, an earth angel, moving into an evolved state of being.


As you move into your power, you will begin to explore new spiritual geography, you will inspire others and find that those that want to join you will be less restrictive, and judgmental themselves. As you become a model of sovereignty you will serve as a blessing to those in need of experiencing their own power.


As an earth angel you become attuned to celestial perception, seeing things not as they appear in the world, but perceiving the invisible blueprint that lies within them. This essence is part of a greater field of limitless potential just as you are.


 As you let go of the limitation of blame and invest in your power, this field of potential becomes more accessible to you so that you can now avail yourself of opportunities of which you were formerly unaware.


Investing in this wider, more expansive vision allows you to see the narrowness of concentrating your attention on those small things you once found disturbing. Your narrow focus has expanded so much that the judgments and slights that once challenged you are no longer of any concern, or disappear altogether.


You are becoming and becoming and becoming, and yet you already contain all that desire to be. Though it sounds incongruous, it is, therefore allow for it to be so.


Embrace the belief in miracles

The creation of miracles

The celebration of miracles


We are your Angels Always








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